Saving Trump from humiliation

See … this is what will basically happen … either you are going to win or you are going to lose. There is no third option. Let me show you how it will work for you in both options.

As of now, nobody likes you … because of your inaction, America’s crises, using our funds, blocking Dems from working with us and bla bla bla. The major issue that Democrats have is that … they are not in power right now … so their access to financial resources are limited. Since you have power … as of now … you have an upper hand to pull finance for our work.

Get Re-Elected
Let’s assume that you pull finance for our work and you also get re-elected. You will move on to a track of being the Founding Father of Modern America … you will immediately start working with the Obama Coalition in hammering out the Establishment’s malicious routes in the pandemic to end this crisis. You will revolutionize healthcare … and move ahead with great reforms for the country.

This is one track … if you get re-elected.

Lose the Election
The second scenario is that … you will lose the election … Biden wins. Even in this scenario, if you are the one who pulled finance for our project … then you will be the key founders of our project. President Donald J Trump will always be known for financing our work that revolutionizes America and the world. Even if you lose the election … you still become an important part of the project … because you were the key person who pulled finance for our work and because of your support we were able to do so many things in the world.

In both of these tracks what you get is … a lot of respect and recognition. Everything good that we do in our work … you get to take credit and be a part of the work. Irrespective of winning or losing the election … you will always be the key person who helped us start the project.

Democrat financing
Let’s assume … if you lose … then Biden finances the work … or even if you win … Democrats are pulling funding for the work from other sources … then it greatly backfires on you. There is already so much anger owing to your inaction. If you exit the Presidency without doing anything … then you will always be known as an impeached President who left the country with the highest debt, death and crises ever. And even if you are holding power … and Democrats are doing all of the ground work of financing and coalitions … even then you will be seen in very bad light.

This is what the Establishment is marketing for you … horrible treatment for Trump because of inaction in these multiple crises in America. Why do you have to allow them to justify this for you? All you need to do is … pull some strings and things start falling in your favor.

On one hand, you can get a sweeping re-election and become the Founding Father of Modern America … and even if you lose the election … you will still be a key element who helped us start the project. In both ways you get respect and recognition.

When you finance our work … you are not technically buying the Presidency for yourself … it definitely helps … but the important point is … you help in the launch of a key project that works on largescale crises and changes lives for billions of people around the world. Whatever accomplishments we get … you will be a part of that.

Becoming a key part of our project … not only gives you a lot of success … but it creates protective shields for you … it gets a lot of respect and recognition for you. Look at Obamas, how they are loved and respected. Why do they get this love and respect? Because they protect us and do everything that they can to help us in our work. Obama has zero accomplishments … America was stagnant and people were tired of Obama during his Presidency. But the moment we pulled them in top politics … created a role for them for coalitions and security in the project … the love and respect for them has been skyrocketing. They literally top the world for being the most admired people.

I have been getting alerts about bad treatment for Trump since a few months now. The best solution for that is … to create a hero out of Trump and help him break Establishment monopoly. But we all know that Trump is not going to break monopoly … why work on something that is not going to happen. But just pulling strings for finance is tic tac toe. Its an incredibly easy thing to do.

In one way or the other … if I create an important role for you … then I can easily pull respect and recognition for you.