Trump’s issue - Coordination | Biden’s issue - Policies

The difference between Trump and Biden is … coordination and policies. Trump will win the election because he coordinated with us online to dodge all wars and socialist disasters … thus he keeps America safe and he will win the election. Trump may also lose the election because he did not coordinate with us directly to fix main crises in the country. So, Trump will win or lose because of coordination.

Biden will lose the election because he has the wrong policies. But Biden may win the election if he agrees to transition away from his wrong policies. Biden will win or lose because of policies. Everyone knows that Democrats will coordinate with us … coordination is not the problem with Biden.

That’s why we are telling you to coordinate … so that, you don’t lose the election because of coordination issues. And we are pulling Michelle Obama in the game so that Biden doesn’t lose because of policy based issues.

SM groups are closely watching which configuration is going to fall into place … as we have the policies to take America forward in this crisis. They are keenly watching which team is going to work with us. November 3rd may not be the final decision. It may take a few days or weeks until the result is finalized. I am trying to setup the right teams until then. Anything can happen in the last moments.