Horrible treatment for Trump a new campaign of the Establishment

Not being treated fairly? Lost in the court? Yeah, about that … here’s what you need to know … the Establishment is campaigning for two things among SM groups for Trump:

  • Complete removal from the White House
  • Horrible and humiliating treatment or both

The Establishment cannot do much on their own to the President … SM has several shields to protect the President. So, they have to go through SM groups. The Establishment is using your inaction to campaign to remove you from the White House … and if they don’t succeed in that … they want horrible treatment for Trump … or both.

Yes, yes … the media treating you horribly … even the moderators in the debates treating you horribly. Its all a part of this … this is how they got the approval for it.

Pro-Dem groups are pissed off at your inaction … that’s why they are Pro-Democrat. They totally agree to this proposal … as it gets evaluated via facts and logic. They say … “yes, why should we respect someone who is allowing America to burn in debt, death and chaos? He is treating America horribly … we will treat him horribly as well.”

Pro-Trump groups like the stability that you are maintaining in America and they like how you have dodged all wars and Socialist disasters. They don’t mind the horrible treatment … but their concern is that … it should not lead to any real damage to the President or his family or his Presidency. So, it will not be like you will be tossed in jail or something. It is just plain horrible treatment … because everyone thinks that Trump is treating America horribly and not fixing any of its crisis.

This is an ongoing campaign of the Establishment … they have been running this since a couple of months … and it is catching up among SM groups. The Establishment has learned the game of “facts and logic” … and they are using facts and logic to justify this horrible treatment of Trump.

This is one of the reasons that we told you … get Obamas on your side and make yourself an important part of the project … so that, we can shoot down such misleading of the Establishment. When you don’t take any action and also stop others from taking any action then the Establishment’s use of facts gets justified.

However, the good news for both Trump and Biden is that … the final election result may not be on November 3rd … it may get stretched a few days or even weeks before we get the final results in. Which means more time for integration … to show SM groups who wants to lead America in the right configuration. As of now, SM groups are divided but anything can happen in the last moments. This is why we are showing Michelle Obama the issues in Biden’s policies and what she needs to do about them. Biden could still get a few weeks to transition and show the right team with the right policies for a win.