Trump and Biden Both of them are SM Horses

Working on both sides?

Trump and Biden must be wondering … why I am writing a few pages in favor of Trump and a few pages in favor of Biden. “Are you working on both sides?” Lol … no, its not like that … actually, both of you are on my side … both of you are SM horses.

Presidency – A horse race
It works something like this … the Presidency is something like a horse race. Our key objective in the first phase is to … root out Establishment puppets or candidates who will create disasters because of their lack of knowledge or experience. We don’t support such candidates and we directly root them out. We already won the race when we rooted out Warren and Bernie. One candidate didn’t know anything and another was a hardcore puppet.

The moment we got Trump and Biden in the finals … we already won the race. Both candidates are Establishment independent candidates … America can move forward under both candidates. So, in the horse race … if the top 2 horses belong to you … then doesn’t matter who wins … you win either ways.

We are party independent
I keep saying this again and again … our work is party independent … and we work exclusively for the people under God’s light … rest everything … the party, the candidate and all associated factors are put into place as per the requirement in each action and policy. We are the Ocean … we are the Nation … we are the People … politicians are only the means to do great things for the people.

Open Coordination
Since there is no direct coordination … right now, we are in an open coordination mode. It means that … we evaluate both the candidates and bring out the best of both the candidates. We analyze the issues that have to be fixed … the baggage that should be managed … and show how the skills and talent of the candidates will result in good things for the country.

Best Configurations for America
The key purpose of this is … to create the best candidate, best leader, best policies, best implementation and the best results for America. Currently, America is in an $82 Trillion crisis … the total value of the entire country is $98 Trillion. We have a debt that totals to about the entire value of America as a whole. Which means that … if you sell the entire country of America … then you just pay off the debt. This has been done thanks to the debt based systems of our lovely Establishment.

As of now, none of the candidates fully understand this problem … let alone having solutions for this massive crisis. None of the policies of Trump or Biden address this crisis. In fact, we are just going more and more in debt under Trump … and the same will happen at a faster rate under Biden’s current policies … because he has about $10 Trillion of additional new spending in his policies.

The SM Network doesn’t actually expect the candidates to understand these crises or have solutions for the same. Just to explain the problem statement … we had to write more than 4,000 pages. Its not something very easy … nor do we expect the candidates to have solutions for the same. But what we definitely see is the “potential” of the candidate to play his “role” to solve this crisis.

I cannot solve this crisis on my won … the President cannot solve this crisis on his own … nor the SM Network can solve this crisis on their own. All of us have to work together … everyone has a role to play. So, the only thing that SM looks for is … the best guy that can play his role in this work. Someone who can …

  • Dodge Establishment malice in several spheres in whatever form they may be
  • Dismantle Establishment’s abusive and exploitation systems in several spheres in whatever form they may be
  • Create new systems and policies to create a better people centric America that will be great for everyone

These are the 3 main steps that we look for in any Presidential candidate … and this is the main reason why Establishment puppets are rooted out from Presidential races. Because they would never follow these 3 steps. The best candidate that can do this … that can carry out these 3 steps … he gets the Presidency.

Give us one candidate to support

Actually, in the previous elections … I supported only one candidate. The SM Network knew exactly which candidate should be made President … and they structured everything in his favor. They asked me the same thing in this election … they said … “please give us one candidate to support” … so that, it is clear for them who to make President.

But in this election … we have Establishment independent candidates on both sides. If it was Bernie, I would have simply supported Trump … in fact, all of America would have. But since we have Trump and Biden … America can move forward under both candidates. And until and unless there is direct coordination with us … this crisis in America cannot be solved … as no one understands this crisis, no one addresses this crisis nor can they solve this crisis.

So, we told SM Networks … to keep an eye on the candidate:

  • That works with us directly
  • That runs the right policies to fix this crisis and
  • That shows the talent and skills to successfully implement the same

And that candidate is your President.

Constant evaluation with fact based verifications

Since no candidate has started direct coordination yet … as we speak, SM Groups are constantly evaluating both candidates with fact based verifications and simulations … to check who would be the best candidate to take America out of this crisis. Who should be given the support … who can rise above party and Establishment puppetry to do what is right for the people and the country? This is constantly being evaluated.

Supporting the Chosen Candidate
In this crisis, the moment SM chooses you as President … then you immediately get rock solid protection, support and promotion. This is not done just because you are the “President of the United States” … it is done because you are chosen to be an integral part of a massive project that addresses a crisis of $82 Trillion that affects the lives of 330 million people and working on this project will take America into a new era. This is how the President is chosen and this is why he is given rock solid protection, support and promotion in every people centric action that he takes.

Evaluating Issues – Consolidating your candidacy
The issues of the candidates are evaluated … not to punish you or abuse you in any way. SM groups love both the candidates … they love Trump and Biden. Yes, the leadership might be a little bit weak … the progress might be a little bit slow … but as of today, we are at a historic election in America where we have Establishment independent candidates on both sides. This is a fantastic accomplishment of the SM Network … to tactically root out Establishment puppets from both parties … and present only people centric candidates for the American people to choose from.

You are loved and supported because of the phenomenal progress of America that is possible under your leadership. It is because of the grand and fantastic future that can be created under your leadership … that’s why you are loved and supported … not totally because of your current actions or policies.

Trump and Biden – different type of issues
If you see the issues with Trump and Biden … then they are totally different type of issues.

  • Trump – Personal Issues. Trump issues are mostly surrounded around security and flips. These are personal issues … of one candidate and me. It’s a one on one issue. It might be an issue … but it can also be very very easily fixed … because only one person is involved on both sides. And if you see Trump’s implementation in the work … then he has already dodged all Establishment disasters in wars, Socialism, financial catastrophes and several other spheres. Trump has already passed level one of dodging Establishment malice.
  • Biden – Systemic and Policy Issues. On the other hand, if you see the issues that Biden has … then they are systemic and policy based issues. Security is rock solid with Democrats … but Biden still has to show that he can rise above party politics and Establishment misleading which Trump has already done. Secondly, Biden’s current policies create an additional debt of $10 Trillion … which again need to be fixed and molded. A way to fix these issues with Biden is … via the lovely, Michelle Obama.

The issues with both candidates can be fixed provided, we put in the right efforts for the same.

SM will decide based on ground level facts
I have also said this before … I don’t decide on the Presidency … it is SM who decides on the Presidency. I am just the strategy guy … I show the way … I direct the waves … the actual power resides in the Ocean. The Ocean decides who will be President. They evaluate via ground level facts … as to which candidate is most suited to implement the strategies. My work is at the guidance and strategy level … the actual implementation is carried out via two forces … SM and Politicians. SM is your ground level force that works with you … supports, protects and promotes you in getting things done. The Politicians initiate, direct and manage the work from the top. 

So, for the President … we look for the candidate that can integrate, understand the work and who can initiate, direct and manage the work from the top. We all work as one … all of our objectives are one … we just look for the right Commander in Chief … who can direct and manage it from the top. That’s the guy who is given the Presidency.

As far as I am concerned, I can only boost the chances of one candidate’s victory. SM does the ground level research and evaluation via simulations to determine which candidate can implement it best … as per the inputs they get … they will decide if it should be Trump or Biden.