Biden endorses Trump

New Shocker

Some SM Groups are asking … “what the hell is going on?” … well, here’s some interesting news. We got the info from one SM group saying that … “Trump is pressing Biden and Democrats not to work with you”. Then another group reports … “no, no … Trump is actually paying Biden and Democrats not to work with you”. Trump raises billions in the name of taking action against the Establishment … but he generally injects them into his own accounts or finances a few of his own operations. But this time it seems … he is splitting the funds with Biden and Democrats … on the condition that … they don’t work with me. Lol … just when you thought that things couldn’t get any more interesting … and voila!

BG Information
Here is some background information of what has been happening. When I write in favor of Trump … the Ocean treats him very nicely … things become easy … he gets a lot of support and victories. The closer you work with me … more the support and victories that you get. Now, if Biden works with me directly … then a huge segment of SM groups will move in favor of Biden … potentially giving a loss of the Presidency to Trump.

Trump strikes a deal with Biden and Democrats
As per the report that is … Trump strikes a deal with Biden and Democrats … to split the funds with them. He generally raises around a billion or more in funds … God knows how much each was offered. Apparently, these were the conditions of the deal:

  • Security. Democrats were adamant on my security … that in no case, any harm should be done to me. That is very sweet of the Democrats, by the way … thank you. I love you too.
  • No Biden. Biden and Democrats should not connect with me … they should not work with me … until this election is over.
  • Only Trump. Only Trump gets to work with me, if he wants … otherwise, no one should work with me.

Biden endorses Trump
Working with me gets the Presidency … to a great extent that is. Biden accepts the bag of cash … and accepts not winning the Presidency. Biden accepts not working with me and gives Trump the advantage to win the election. Biden directly himself endorsed Trump.

Pro-Dem Groups are baffled … what the hell??!!
Pro-Dem groups got the info first … the info is spreading rapidly across all groups … and everyone is like … what the hell is going on?? Lol. Its that easy? That easy!? With just one bag of cash he gives up the entire project?? Lol. Ow … Jesus.

Shock and fury among the entire SM Network
There is shock and fury among the entire SM Network for this deal … they are shocked and rattled by both the candidates. Lol.

Fury against Trump
Everyone is like … “dude, you were chosen to work on the Establishment crises in America. You change nothing and instead inject funds into your own accounts. Now, you are paying off Democrats not to do it? You have broken records of all shockers possible.” Lol.

Fury against Biden
Since months Biden has been tweeting … “We are with you! … We can only do this together! … Let’s do this … Let’s change America!” And the first guy walks in with a bag of cash and you are like … “ahh … screw this … who is interested in this anyway? Let’s hold him off … how much do I get?” Lol.

Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden! Seriously?? SM Groups are pissed off at Trump for this misuse of funds … and I am trying to cool them off … saying that I don’t care, it’s a petty amount. And this is your status?

Structuring the Ocean
Relax … my job is not about judging, punishment or execution. I am the strategy guy … we give strategies to the President as well as to the entire SM Network of how to design the country to take things forward. We study all elements … with ground level facts and real time action … this includes the Establishment, its malice, its network and also the politicians. With the politicians … we see their good points and also the baggage that they come with. How many skeletons they have in their closet? What are the issues that we have to manage? And how to help this candidate do great things for the country. These are a few things that SM does … in structuring the country … along with hammering the Establishment.

If you look at America’s leadership’s current status … on one side we have … President Trump … who dodged a lot of disasters but didn’t change anything. He raises funds and misuses them … doesn’t show keen interest in fixing any crises. On the other side we have … Ex-VP Biden … one guy walks in with a bag of cash and he is ready to drop everything. Lol.

In the current multiple Establishment crises that has taken us into a total debt of $82 Trillion … these are the two best candidates we have from both parties … that is, after we have flushed out Establishment puppets. Right now, you two fine gentlemen are the best leaders that America has in this crisis. And our job is to design America’s future under your wonderful leadership. Lol.

So what we have to do is … we have to see … your good and bad … flaws and skills … how it is going to impact the country … how it is going to impact the work as a whole in this crisis … and what are the tools we can put into place to hold back the drawbacks and bring the best out of you. The White House is not given to hammer you … everyone already knows the good and the bad about you. The White House is given to you … to support, protect and promote you in doing great things for your people. The moment you are chosen President … support, protection and promotion is guaranteed for you.

Trump was playing smart
If you look at this issue from Trump’s perspective … he was doing it to win … to win the election. He tried to buy the winning cards and control the winning moves. He was focused on his victory. That’s why he agreed to our security and also kept an option to work with us. So that, if victory happens … then it happens through him. It was not a great move … but it was smart.

What’s your excuse Mr. Biden?
But what was your excuse Mr. Biden? Just for one bag of cash, you agreed to lose? You agreed to give up your Presidency? Trump would never agree to be on this side of the deal. Why did you so easily agree to be on this side of the deal? Does cash dictates your moves?

If you see … who is Trump … he is just one hotel owner. Just one hotel owner is able to influence your decisions and what you will do for the country … what is going to happen if you actually become President? How will you manage the pressure that comes from hundreds of politicians, thousands of media outlets and the misleading from the media, party politics, intelligence, military & political advisers? How will you manage the pressure coming from these thousands of entities from several different directions?

The scope of the project is about $82 Trillion … this is just within America. This project will be implemented all across the globe in every country possible. When we are dealing with change that addresses a scope of $82,000 billion … do you know how many “bags of cash” will line up to make sure that you don’t make any change at all? Will you decide in favor of your people or in favor of your bank account? This is a very big mistake that you have made. You should have never entertained this proposition at all.

Good news … ready to change
Well, I am already getting the info from SM groups that … you guys are ready to change and nullify this deal. Thank you … that’s a good thing … and quick change.

Because of Trump’s inaction … all hopes are on Democrats
Keep this in mind … Trump has been horribly treated since 4 years and he may also lose the Presidency … because America is burning and he didn’t take any action on the Establishment. The Establishment elements themselves go around promoting this among SM groups to turn them against Trump.

Because of Trump’s inaction … all hopes are on Democrats. “Dems protect Active Democracy … Dems will dismantle the Establishment … Dems protect Active Democracy … Dems will dismantle the Establishment”. This is the hope among the majority of SM groups because of Trump’s inaction … and this is one of the main reasons why you will be given the Presidency. At least, they were thinking of giving you the Presidency and they get the information that … “Biden has flipped with the first bag of cash. Lol. That too, the bag of cash was not from the Establishment … but it was from his Republican opponent, Donald Trump”. Lol.

Do you know what will happen if you flip due to cash?
In order to make you President … we have to remove Trump from the White House. This means that … we lose a guy that we trained for 4 years and lose thousands of pages of work along with him. We lose all of the Republican votes. And when you flip due to cash … it means that we will lose Biden and Democrats as well along with Trump.

It means that … we would have lost every Establishment independent candidate in the game from both Republican and Democrat sides. We lose everybody in the game.

Trump strongly protected
This is one of the main reasons, why Trump is strongly protected by Pro-Trump groups, doesn’t matter what … except for security issues. They don’t want to lose someone who has already learned, experienced and kept America safe … who can give us 100% Republican votes. Everyone is “precious” who has learnt about Establishment malice … Trump has not only learnt but he has successfully dodged a dozen disasters. They don’t want to lose anyone in the game and maintain everyone in the game to create the strongest coalitions in the work. Every Establishment independent candidate is precious.

This is why Obamas are kept in the loop and maintained in the game. This is why Obamas have been given a central role in leading Democrats from the backend.

If we remove Trump and you flip due to cash … then you can screw up everything that has been done since the past two Administrations. When we lose all key candidates due to your flip … your flip can lead to America’s disaster. Removing Trump and giving you the job … is putting America into a “do or die” situation. Either you will save America or America will get screwed … that’s the phase we will enter with your Presidency … if it begins that is.

This is something of serious concern for all groups … I think, you should know as well.