Trump pushing me to be Democrat

I see … so, you have a huge lead over Biden, is it? You are definitely going to win? Okay fine … then you obviously, don’t mind me writing in favor of poor Biden, do you? Let me help out the poor old guy a little bit. Lol. Why are you so surprised and concerned at my support for Biden?

What you should understand is that … you are the one who is making me a Democrat. Actually, we work party independent. Even right now itself, I am showing the flaws and issues with the Obama-Biden Administration. But if Democrats are the ones who secure me … if you will not coordinate with me and I have to work with Democrats … the obviously, I will have to create leadership and victory opportunities via Democrats.

You won’t work with me and you are pushing me to work with Democrats … which means that …

  • All leadership opportunities will be designed under Democrats
  • All policies will be given to Democrats
  • All routes of victories will be designed for Democrats
  • Democrats will take America into a new era
  • Democrats will get higher chances of victories in the House, Senate and the Presidency
  • Democrats will be responsible for a stable and progressive America

You are yourself telling me to do this … you are telling me to support Biden and Democrats and put everything in their favor. Why do you worry when I actually do it? When you reject coordination … then your loss will be their gain. When you reject coordination then you are the one who is saying that …

  • I don’t care if hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying
  • I don’t care if trillions are leeched from our country every year
  • I don’t care if a criminal Establishment is looting the American people
  • I will not change anything … I will not reform anything
  • America is great … I am great … everyone should love me, respect me and keep on giving me victories … despite the fact that I won’t do anything or change anything

This is your stance when a second wave of Covid is coming … cases are spiking in Europe … another Covid disaster is possible this winter. Your people are dying Mr. President … these criminals are killing your people in broad daylight … your own American citizens by the thousands are being killed in plain sight. How much more death and disaster do you have to see before you do something?

The only thing that you talk about is … “Biden should not win … I should win … I am better than Biden … I should get re-elected.” Your re-election is all that you can think about?


Yeah, I got the report that Trump is pressing Biden not to coordinate with me directly.

Well, the thing is … when I write the entire Ocean comes into action … all SM Groups start aligning and creating ways to take the country forward based on the planning that I show. Now, if Biden coordinates with me … then obviously, a huge segment of SM groups move in favor of Biden. This is what Trump might be trying to stop.

He might be protecting himself and stopping Biden from winning … but in doing this, Trump is holding America hostage. The country is literally burning in debt, a thousand people are dying per day and millions of acres of American soil is being burnt down as we speak … in this situation … if Trump is not taking any action and he is also pressing Biden not to coordinate to do something about this … then he is literally wanting and allowing America to burn.

He might be thinking that it is a smart move to get re-elected … but trying to get re-elected … by pushing away others who can actually do something about it … and allowing America to burn endlessly … this is just nuts. Are we giving these guys the White House to save America or to burn America?