Scope of the work, Problems and Solutions

Scope of the work

There are several parameters and spheres involved in the work … but using the debt … you get to know the scope of the work in actual numbers. We will be working on dismantling debt based systems and establishing new systems that will be highly people centric. If you look at the debt in a few different spheres of life then you get to know what we are actually dealing with and what our politicians have done regarding this.

  • Student Loan - $1 Trillion. The student loan debt has crossed more than $1 trillion. Did Bush, Obama or Trump do anything about this? Nope. Does Biden have any plans of doing anything about this? Nope.
  • Credit Card Loans - $1 Trillion. An average American relies on at least 3 credit cards to pay his bills and get along in this economy. The credit card debt has crossed more than $1 Trillion. Did Bush, Obama or Trump do anything about this? Nope. Does Biden have a plan to do anything about this? Nope.
  • Home Loans / Mortgage - $3 Trillion. The loans for homes and mortgage have crossed more than $3 Trillion. Did Bush, Obama or Trump do anything about this? Nope. Does Biden have a plan to do anything about this? Nope.
  • National Debt - $27 Trillion. The National Debt is more than $27 Trillion … did Bush, Obama or Trump do anything about this? Nope. Does Biden have a plan to do anything about this? Nope.
  • Total US Debt - $82 Trillion. The total debt in America is more than $82 Trillion … that is $82,000 Billion. Did Bush, Obama or Trump do anything about this? Nope. Does Biden have a plan to do anything about this? Nope.

Change? What actually has been done

This is basically what happened from Bush to Obama to Trump.

  • Bush got a total debt of $5 Trillion … he added $5 trillion more to it.
  • Obama got a total debt of $10 Trillion … he added $9 trillion more to it.
  • Trump got a total debt of $19 Trillion … he added $8 trillion more to it … in just one term and we have a total debt of $27 trillion as the National debt.

That is just the National Debt … the total US debt is 3 times higher at $82 Trillion. Did anyone solve the problem? Nope. And Biden is coming up with an additional of $10 Trillion of “new spending”. So, based on Biden’s current policies … nothing is going to change in America … but it is going to double the debt and take us into a $50 Trillion debt crisis.

The crisis itself shows the scope of the work that we have at hand … and it also shows that nothing has changed since the past 3 Presidents.

What are our lovely politicians doing right now? Bitching against each other … fighting for power … pulling each other’s leg to take his place … talking about this scam and that scam … he did that and I did that. And this is after we have pulled down Establishment puppets … these are the best leaders that America has as of now.

New Massive Force – SM – The Ocean
Thanks to the Big Guy … I guess He really loves America and He wants to save America. He has helped in the creation of a fantastic on the ground force of the SM Network. It is functioning beautifully to manage critical issues, stop disasters, control disastrous decision making of our leaders and actively working for American stability and progress. They are beautifully working as one medium … as one Ocean … for the good of the country and the people.

We got peace in the world … that’s one good thing that we have accomplished … but many many crises still exist … owing to which we have the unstoppable massive debt crisis in the country. Since the past 4 years these are the major problems that we faced and also mentioned are the solutions for the same.

Problem 01 – Political Lag and Friction
From the Democrats, the coordination was extremely slow. Obama took 8 years to stop the wars … Warren didn’t listen to anything and actually opposed us … owing to which she was removed from the game. Trump is doing online coordination to some extent … which is resulting peace and stability in America … but it is still not enough because none of the crises have been solved yet. The coordination still lags with both parties.

We are bringing outsiders and giving them the Presidency so that they can do great things for the people and the country. But sometimes the President sits on cloud nine … probably, misguided by his advisers … and enters a mode of “who are you? Why should I listen to you? I am the President.” Then we have to pester His Royal Highness to show some concern to his people who voted for him and who are living in multiple crises. Lol. Sometimes, we are even getting friction from the White House … wanting to shut down our work, take away our clients and bla bla bla.

Wasting the entire Presidential term

What’s basically happening in this is that … it is wasting the entire Presidential term. By the time Obama learnt everything … his Presidency timed out … by the time Trump is coming into action, his first term has already timed out. Now, how many years or terms is Biden going to take:

  • To understand the crises
  • To understand Establishment malice
  • To understand the misleading from the party, Establishment, advisers, intelligence and the media
  • To understand how to avoid disasters and do what is right

After learning and understanding … the question comes … will he actually work on it or he will simply time out … leaving the country in double the debt with nothing changed? Political lag and friction is the biggest problem in the work … not the Establishment or any other element.

Solution: Coordination and Coalitions
The Presidency lasts for only 4 years … we don’t even know if Trump is going to get another term. In this limited time, the President has a truck load to understand, learn and implement. This “know-how” is extremely important for the right leadership of the country. Not only we need the coordination of the current President … but we need to create coalition forces … that remain in the game forever.

Obamas leading American stability and progress
This is why we are pulling Obamas in the game. Once they learn and understand about the crises, solutions, Establishment, SM and what to do about it … it becomes very easy to support the next President via a coalition. And if the next President is created from the coalition … that is even better … he can hit the ground running.

This is something that we had told Warren immediately when she launched her campaign. She had two years before elections … if she had learnt and changed … then she could hit the ground running. She wasted her time … didn’t learn and didn’t change … she lost her opportunity to lead.

If we create a stronghold for Trumps among Republicans and a stronghold for Obamas among Democrats … then doesn’t matter which party the President is from … he would do what is right for the people and the country. We don’t need to waste the entire term in just learning and training.

We don’t know how much Trump will lead the country … but Obamas can lead America for life. Doesn’t matter a Republican or Democrat President … this work is as such that they cannot lead without proper backing and know-how.

Problem 02 – Sex based junk information
The second major problem that we had in the past 4 years is … sex based junk information … owing to Establishment malice or donor contacts. The fact that we have to talk about sex activities … this itself is disgusting, intrusive and should be unacceptable for any member in the team. This topic should not even be on the table for discussion.

It comes under discussion because every Tom, Dick and Harry put around me … comes up with all of the sexual junk that his brain can hatch up … and dumps it in our way. And I have to sit and analyze … who did what … what happened … what was made up … what is true and what is false. This is also complete total bullshit waste of time.

Solution: Reverse application to identify the malicious ones
The simple rule with sex based activities is that … illegal should not be allowed … and that is assault or rape. If I am going around raping someone … then please let me know or kick my ass. A simple reverse application helps us identify the malicious ones. For something that is totally normal and legal … if someone is pretending that the sky has fallen down or the Earth has broken apart … then that is your malicious guy. If someone is hatching up information … making up stuff … continues to just talk about sex, sex, sex … then he is the malicious one.

Such malicious ones will do no good for the work in any way. They are just looking for reasons to stall, create negativity and oppose the work. A simple reverse application of “people who obsess with sex based content” helps us identify the malicious ones. Our work has no room for such nonsense or people obsessed with such nonsense.

Problem 03. Funding Scams – Friction Attempts
On one side Establishment elements tell Trump that … “I am a Democrat. Democrats investigated and impeached you. Don’t work with him.” And on the other side, I am informed that “Trump is using your work as a scamming tool. He pulls funding and injects them into his own accounts. He is defrauding you.”

This is nothing but an attempt to create friction and stall the main work at hand.

Solution: We don’t care
The solution for these scams is … we don’t care. The most basic projects start from $1000 billion of student loans and credit card loans. The home loans is about $3000 billion … the national debt work is of about $27,000 billion. And the work at the complete US level is of about $82,000 billion.

Now, in this project where the total is of more than $82,000 billion only in America … if the President moved one or two billion here or there … then what does it matter? Where is one billion and where is $82,000 billion that we have to work on?

I don’t care if one guy took a cookie from the cookie jar … I will give him a few more cookies. We need to focus and move the work for the entire country and 330 million people. The resultant benefit for the country will be of more than $82,000 billion.

The only thing that I will say is … Mr. President … stop feeling guilty … we have no time to feel guilty. Just stop playing with petty things and get it together. It doesn’t matter … provided you work on fixing a few crises that your people are facing.