Basic Sex-Ed for Politicians

The politicians that I work with … they are in their 50s, 60s and even 70s … they have children and even grand-children. But I have to give them some basic sex education … not because they don’t know about sex … but because it is a malicious route used by malicious elements in this work.

These are some of the elements that use sex related information for malice and misleading.

  • Establishment Elements – Mental Voodoo. These elements use sex related information to stall, derail and obstruct the work. Its plain mental voodoo activities.
  • Donors – Cheap and Cheesy. Some donors use sex to own and control the work … and some cheap and cheesy donors use sex related information not to separate themselves from their money.
  • Residence Managers. At the previous place, they wanted commissions from the work … they made up a lot of false information related to sex.
  • Team Trump. We also get the information that there are members from Team Trump that use sex related information to flip and not work on the project.

3 categories of sex based activities
So, let me just classify … sex related activities … into 3 categories … so that, everybody knows how to respond to sex related information.

Category One. Normal and Legal Activities
We are working with people in their 50s, 60s and 70s … I don’t think that sex should be a taboo subject. It should be something very normal and understandable. Sex is something very normal … that’s how, human beings are a species of 7.5 billion people. If we didn’t have sex then we wouldn’t exist … this is something that happens in almost every household and homes all around the world … in every country, every culture and in every race and religion. Lol.

The moment anyone gets any information related to sex … doesn’t matter how trivial it is … they start jumping up and down as if the sky fell down or the Earth broke apart. I think they should stop being … I don’t know … what’s the word … hmmmm … “stupid” … I guess. Lol.

Here are some normal and legal activities:

  • Consensual Sex. Two adults having consensual sex … is perfectly normal and legal in almost every country of the world.
  • Online Content. Some people have been raising a lot issues about online content as well. You should know that even online adult content is perfectly normal and legal in most countries of the world. There are just some countries that restrict online adult content. The countries where I live and move around … there are no such restrictions.

My Statement
The statement that I made was … “I don’t date” … that’s it. I never said that I will never have sex in my life. I have not made it illegal on myself. So, I will date in the future … whenever I want to. I don’t date right now.

Regarding “online content” … I never made any commitment to it whatsoever. Because it is irrelevant … personal dating can have some impact … but online content has no influence on the work. Technically, consensual sex and online content is perfectly normal and legal in almost every country around the world.

Category Two. Malicious Activities
Apart from the normal … we have some malicious activities related to sex … designed by people with malicious intent.

  • False Sex Setups. Some people have tried to create false sex setups with fake evidence and false witnesses. In fact, some of them were even maintaining guys or girls in the same residence who would be making such false statements.
  • False Derivations. Sometimes, the same malicious elements would use some online content … to justify all of their false accusations. “Ow look, he watched so and so video … therefore, everything we said is correct. He had sex … she had sex … this happened and that happened” … bla bla bla … they will try to use one normal and legal thing to justify all of the false and malicious activities that they had made up.

Just because I watched some online content … it doesn’t mean that I had sex with all of them … nor does it mean that I want to have sex with anyone. Any interconnection is bullshit information.

Category Three. Illegal Activities
Activities like assault and rape are illegal … obviously.

All of this is basic information. I have to write about this bullshit information … because some people pretend as if the sky fell down or the Earth broke apart with even simple online content. Its crazy … but that’s what I am dealing with.

Mashing up legal, malice and illegal
What the malicious ones do is … they take one video or movie from my online content … and then use that to justify all of the false and malicious information that they have hatched up … and use their lies to try to make everything negative and illegal.

Follow the “exact evidence”
Don’t buy stories and narrations … follow the exact evidence. If it’s a video … then its just a video on a computer. It does not mean that a dozen girls or guys had sex with me … all of those lies do not become true … nor does the video or online content become illegal.

Easy to identify the malicious ones
Almost everyone knows … what is normal and legal … what is malice and illegal. With the behavior and actions of the people … we get to know who the malicious ones are.

  • Who is focusing on sex based information?
  • Who is trying to create legal issues with false information?
  • Who is trying to create malicious information that never happened?
  • Who is using normal activities to justify malicious activities?
  • Who is trying to bail out and not donate based on this information?
  • Who is trying to flip against the work based on this information?

What they are trying to do is … use false sex based information to abuse me and be against the work. But if we reverse this equation … we get to identify everyone who is focusing on and using sex based information for abuse and to oppose the work … you get the malicious ones.

Sex has no impact on the work
Any sex based activity has no impact on the work. Let us assume if I said …

  • Mr. Trump, you should not be banging any more hotties in your golf courses … otherwise, we will not help.
  • Hey Ivanka … seems like you got a crush on Trudeau. Why were you checking him out? This is unacceptable.
  • I am going to keep an eye on your bedrooms 24/7 and nothing questionable should happen. If I find anything objectionable … then I am not going to work with you.

Imagine if I made such statements and demands … does it seem sensible? No, its plain stupid. The work is not about sex … whether to have sex or not to have … how to have and with whom to have … that’s not our work at all. We are all about Establishment malice and systemic reform. Focus on that … and stop entertaining and thinking about bullshit information. I don’t care about what other people do in their bedrooms … you should also keep your mind clean and focus on the actual work.

We have enough deviation tactics to deal with in the political, media and corporate segments in America. Entertaining all of this bullshit information will only multiply their deviation tactics. Want to lead the world … want to take on a multi-trillion dollar Establishment … create reforms for the entire country … and can’t manage some simple sex based bullshit information? These are the basic steps that need to be managed.

The Devil keeps on upping its game with every step … the Devil ups its game but its weakness is that … most of it will be “mental voodoo” … it will be very easy to surpass if you understand it well. You should not allow others to dictate, control and influence your decisions. Always work with a logical and practical framework … it will make it very easy to eliminate the mental voodoo bullshit.