The Establishment is using Trump’s scams to remove SM support for Trump

“Helping Biden” doesn’t mean shunning Trump. But what am I supposed to do when SM Groups report that … “Trump doesn’t mean what he says … he is just trying to use you to win the Presidency … the ground level facts are totally different. He is a fraud … he pulls billions in funding from several countries citing the Establishment issue in America … and then he injects those funds into his own companies and operations. In reality, he has never taken any action on the Establishment … he is using your project to scam billions in funding into his own companies. He flips against you with the slightest excuse that he can find. He is an immoral person with no loyalty at all. Helping Trump is allowing this scam and fraud to continue for 4 more years. Why are you helping Trump?”

These are the inputs that we get about the Trump Presidency. While Trump is scamming us … his friend, the Devil … is running large scale schemes with SM support to end his Presidency.

  • The guy has potential to lead but he is scamming us
  • Because he is scamming us, the Devil is getting good reasons to pull SM support to remove Trump from the White House
  • We are ending up dealing with a scammer that both the Establishment and SM want to remove from the White House

This is how the Trump Presidency is coming out to be, right now in this situation. Pro-Trump groups want me to help Trump … helping Trump means dealing with all 3 elements:

  • Trump is scamming … how do we end his scamming? When he doesn’t coordinate and doesn’t do anything to save his people and country from all of these crises … then everyone gets even more convinced that he is a scammer.
  • The Establishment … we can kick their ass any time. They are a bunch of malicious assholes. We have already defeated them in almost every sphere. But what you should see here is that … they are not alone in this … they have Trump and SM connected in this issue. It is not sole Establishment malice to hammer them out.
  • SM Groups … they are being given a truck load of negative information about Trump which is making them furious. Now, how am I supposed to calm SM groups when Trump won’t change anything … when all allegations against him are based on facts?

That’s why we have been creating several configurations to create a role for Trump … so that he becomes an important part of the work. If we can do that … then we can pull SM groups on our side and isolate & hammer the Establishment. If the main guy himself continues to scam … use our own project as a scamming tool … then how am I supposed to cool down SM groups and how am I supposed to help Trump? You tell me.

To add to all of this … it seems Trump flips with the shittiest excuse that he can find. SM Groups tell me that … “he flips in working with you so easily because he gets to inject all of the funds that he raised for the project into his own companies. Flipping against you is helping him inject billions into his own accounts.” It seems it already happened several times.

The first time he did it … they informed me. I said … “so what, it should have been expected. Its just a billion dollars. Its not like he is blowing up trillions like other Administrations did. The Devil plays along … some people have a little bit more attachment to money. No problem … he can raise the funds again. Take it easy.” I cooled down SM groups when he did it for the first time.

But then it seems … he is doing it again and again and again. And everyone is wondering … “How many times, Trumpy? How many times?” Its not about accountability … its like a loophole in this work. We don’t directly raise our funding, as of now. This is the starting stage and we rely on politicians pulling strings to raise the funding that we need. If the politician himself gets attached to the funding that he has rasied … then we can’t do anything about it.

Yes, later on … the work will be quite popular and we will be directly working with several governments. So, we will not have such type of issues.

The Devil finds an opportunity
But the bigger problem that came with Trump scamming our funds is that … the Establishment elements went around telling all SM Groups that:

  • Trump is scamming Active Democracy … he is scamming your guy and his work
  • He pulls funding from other countries and injects them into his own operations and accounts abroad
  • He has taken no action against the Establishment … he raises the funds only to defraud other countries
  • The Establishment is killing a thousand Americans every day … even then Trump is continuing his scams and takes no action
  • Let’s remove Trump from the White House. Remove Trump … remove Trump.

The Devil was also watching Trump and they used this scamming to push away SM support for Trump … and they pulled several groups to remove Trump from the White House. This is the 4th anti-Trump propaganda by the Establishment. The other 3 are mentioned on the other website.

The issue about financing our work is not that big … it’s a tiny amount … it can be arranged any time. But how Trump has wasted 4 years of his Presidency … how he has repeatedly scammed our work … and shows no intention in taking any action on the Establishment … all of these factors are being used to justify removing Trump from the White House. This is the bigger problem that he created for himself.

Trump’s own blunders
All of these are his own blunders. We didn’t tell him to do it … the Establishment didn’t tell him to do this … he did this all on his own. The Establishment is just using these facts to drive away voters from him.

This problem cannot be solved solely by hammering the Establishment … it cannot be solved just by telling SM groups what to do. The guy at the top has to get it together. Trump needs to show some change. The only thing we can do is show him different options of doing something for his country. If he can act on that … then we can re-align everything. We can put the entire country in his favor. But if he says … “I don’t want to do anything but I want the White House” … why will anyone support that option?

Yes, he still has Pro-Trump group supports … even they are concerned about this behavior … but they are also concerned about the issues in Biden’s policies and how he is going to lead the country. The divide among SM Groups is still there … they have their own reasons to support each candidate.