Ignore Trump’s fake tweets and help Biden

Lol … I know … many SM Groups think that Trump is “fake tweeting” again. “Its going to happen today! We will get it done today! We are putting in so much! Enjoy!” And bla bla bla … we got those tweets like dozens of times every year now. Lol.

I know … fake tweeting will destroy more of his credibility and we are days away from the election. He is doing that all on his own. He is tweeting about coordination, support, finance and progress … and he is the one that is not acting on it. Some groups see it as flips … some see it as fake tweets … and most don’t trust it at all.

That’s why many SM Groups are saying … “just help Biden. If Trump is actually interested in working with you then he will make the direct contact. Till he doesn’t make any contact … all of those tweets and videos don’t matter at all … they have zero value. We don’t trust his tweets nor should you.”

Right now, he has about only 35-40% of support from Pro-Trump groups that want me to support him and work with him. Since he is an Establishment independent candidate and America can be taken forward via Trump as well … to keep it fair … I keep the options open for him. It would be absurd to reject the coordination of an Establishment independent President. Why should I reject it? I said okay fine … let’s see if you can put it into place … but many groups are telling me to help Biden … because they don’t even trust that you can actually make it happen. There is like zero trust in Trump right now among many SM groups.

Trump is self-destructing
Trump is doing many things that are causing his own destruction. In this critical time … when we are just days away from the election … when he is seen as an impeached President who didn’t do anything for his people … and Democrats have a strong support and coordination track record with them … if he is going to sit there and “fake tweet” … then what am I supposed to do … you tell me.

If you leave Trump aside … then this is what we are dealing with in American politics.

  • America is burning in debt
  • Millions of acres of American land is literally being burnt down
  • Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying

And the politicians that we have at the top … they are sitting there fake tweeting … seeing how they can save their own Presidency … seeing how they can pocket some money … seeing how they can save their own ass … and none of them know how to save America from being burnt down. And these are the best guys we have at the top, after we have flushed out the Establishment puppets. Lol.

Goodness heavens … if we would not have got involved … America would have already been destroyed via a war against Russia. Given the stupidity and the disastrous moves that the Congress and the top politicians come up with in America … and with the massive misleading operations of the Establishment via the media and political advisers … goodness … destruction would have hit America a long time ago.

And yes, I agree … if Trump doesn’t want to coordinate and work with us … they why waste time? Let’s help Biden … it’s a good call … its commonsense. To be fair to Pro-Trump SM Groups … we will keep the options open for him and we will consider them once he starts the coordination.

And yes, I agree … it might be fake tweets or he is flipping against his words … whatever it might be … the more we pay attention to it, the more his credibility will go down. Don’t give it too much weightage … focus on real time moves rather than tweets.