SM Involvement from the Obama Era to the Trump Era

This page should help Trump and Obamas in understanding SM activities and how to manage the country in the current times.

Obama Era – Here’s the problem, go fix it
Coordination and training of SM Groups began during the Obama Era. They used to show off on all of the things that they could do … right from politics to media … from technology to networking. They were very impressive … long story cut short … I started showing them the problems that exist in America so that they could use their talents and skills to go out there and fix the problems in their country.

The Lioness Dream – Level One
It happened as per the Lioness Dream … it was pin pointed activity. I would show them were the problem was and who the culprit was … they used to, most of the time, take down the culprit. They were very good in taking down the culprit but not in fixing the problem.

Obama Era Coordination
During this phase … it was mostly a “go fix it” mode. I wasn’t leading anything … I wasn’t designing any solutions. They were the ones who were showing off that they could do this and that. I said okay fine … “if you are so good, then go fix these problems”. I would make them work on wars, politics, media, intelligence, Israel, Netanyahu, terror events and ending the wars.

I had absolutely no involvement in politics. I used to run my own small company of online work and stopping wars was my part-time job. I used to worry that the Establishment might try to make a move on me and create problems for me … so what Obamas used to do was:

  • Provide rock solid security so that I had no legal or residency issues
  • Secure my clients for my online work so that I didn’t have financial issues
  • Give signals via speeches and press conferences … so that I would understand what is being done

My only objective was … if the damn wars could stop … then I could sleep at peace.

Please Lead – We have no solutions
After working with SM Groups for a few years … I show them at every point where the problem is … but they don’t solve anything … they fix nothing. I was like … “what the hell are you doing? Why don’t you fix these problems?” And they tell me … “duh … duh … we were afraid to even talk about these problems until you came along. We have no solutions for these problems. You have to provide the solutions.” I was like … “Holy scheise … they are the most powerful network in the world with the best specialists in every field and they don’t know how to solve these problems.”

Tidal Waves – Level Two
Now, I am looking for solutions … and I get the dream of the tidal waves. I am shown that we have to work as one medium … as one Ocean … and then we get victories. So I tell SM Groups … okay fine … I will give you solutions for these problems … but you need to show me that you can rise. If you can rise and fight for your country … then I will work with you on the solutions for these problems.

The Occupy Movement
SM Groups said … “hell yes, we will rise and we will fight for our country and people”. And they put millions of Americans on the streets in scores of cities all across the country. They designed an entire Occupy Movement across the Nation … just to show me … “you asked us to rise and we have risen … and we are not going back home … we are occupying the streets … waiting for you to lead”.

Trust me, it was pretty darn impressive. I am not a fool to give my life for this work without seeing real time action to take it forward. I told them … “great job … I believe in you now … let’s do this. First, send those people home … winter is starting … they cannot be occupying the streets in this cold. Secondly, the work will not be done via one or two protests. It is going to be a way of life … it is going to be Active Democracy … we are going to be involved in the leadership of the country every single day and in almost every policy.”

Root out puppet decision makers

The first thing I told them was … we don’t need millions of people on the streets right now. I need you to root out Establishment puppet decision makers from every field possible … politics, media, intelligence, judiciary and corporations. We have to take our country back. Under this program, Hillary was failed and Trump was given the victory … it was to root out puppet decision makers from the White House.

Once we get the right decision makers … we can revolutionize every aspect of American life … in politics, media, manufacturing, industries, business, judiciary, infrastructure, healthcare and everything.

Level Two – Implementing Solutions
We have to coordinate, brainstorm, network and implement solutions in almost every sphere of life. We have to work as one medium … as one Ocean … to get things done … and to crush and win against the Establishment. This is the reason why Trump was made President … and what is Trump doing?

Trump Presidency – Stuck in the Docks
He keeps telling us … “I am the President … I am the President” … we know, we know … you are the President … we made you the President for a reason. We are not a challenging force … if you are the ship then we are the waters … how will the ship sail in the Ocean without the water? The ship has to touch the water to move forward. If the ship doesn’t touch the water … then how will it move forward?

Trump’s ship took 5 steps ahead … mainly because we had already put that information online about America First, Trade Tariffs, China and Energy … other than these few steps … he has nothing at hand. No progress made at all … the ship has moved 5 yards ahead and it is busy managing one wave after another … not making it through at all. We have the highest trade deficits and the highest debt ever. Why? Because Trump doesn’t know what to do next.

Apparently, some idiot adviser told him that … he is the best President in American history … even better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The previous Presidents created the entire Constituion that you live and breath … you haven’t changed one line in the Constitution … not one reform … not one change … then how can you be better than all of them?

Trump doesn’t realize that he is an impeached President with absolutely no reforms or changes in his Presidency … and his Presidency could end very soon … and this is how he can be remembered forever … an impeached President who didn’t do anything for his people.

Using Old Obama Era Moves
At best, what Trump is doing right now is … using the old Obama Era moves … of promising me security, clients for online work and signals via videos. Lol. I am like … who is telling you to do this? Are you talking to Obama?

See, in Obama’s defense … a person will tell you what worked for him. During the Obama Era … that’s what he did … and that was enough for me to put the Lioness at work. But the phase of just taking down culprits is over. Now, we have to reform the entire country … we need systemic change … we have to change the structures in every sphere across the country. How on Earth will you do it with “signals in videos”? Whoever is telling you to do this … either he doesn’t know what is going on … or he wants you out of the White House. Its either of the two.

The Obama Era is over … we are in the next level now. We are in a phase of coordination, solutions, brainstorming, networking and fighting for our Nation as one Ocean. This is how we are going to take America Forward … this is how we will revolutionize America … and this is what everyone is wanting to begin.

Trump held America hostage
This had to begin in Trump’s first year itself. We are at the end of your 4th year … can you imagine the frustration out there against your leadership? Its as if, you have literally held America hostage in several crises … owing to which we have the highest trade deficits, the highest debt ever and 210, 000 American citizens dead owing to Establishment malice.

This is what’s exactly required from you:

  • Coordinate
  • Understand and brainstorm solutions
  • Strategize and network to implement the solution
  • Fight with SM support to win

Michelle Obama – Moving the Presidency to the Next Level
Why do you think that Michelle Obama is being activated to lead America? It is not to follow Obama and not to repeat what has been done under Obama. Its to move the Presidency to the next level and take America into a new era. Massive tidal waves will rise … malicious systems will be crushed … and America will rise in a new phenomenal era that will be great for everyone.

This is what Trump was chosen for. We gave the formula to SM Groups … “favor Trump and keep options open for Biden”. We gave that formula because Trump followed us very closely in dodging many disasters … his ship didn’t move forward but at least he saved America from several disasters. What’s a fact is a fact. But SM Groups are saying … “no … Biden has the Obama Coalition with him … you need to activate Michelle … and we will prefer Biden and keep options open for Trump”. That’s because Trump delayed so much … now, he has become the standby candidate.

Trump Presidency timing out
Uncle Trump … the only thing that I can tell you right now is that … your Presidency is timing out. You need to act quickly … you need to decide quickly … if you want to solve these crises and take America forward or not. Don’t be surprised if you lose to Biden … if will be only because you failed to lead.

Debate Tips for Biden
Kamala Harris did absolutely excellently … she killed it with a smile. I loved it … she was very well prepared. And this debate was far more elegant, mature and professional … thank you for sitting down … thank you for using the paper and pen … thank you for an intelligent and logical conversation.

Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden … if you can do what Harris did … you will win. Don’t do mudslinging … it stinks and it backfires. If some dirt came out in the media against any candidate then it is fine. But if the President and Presidential candidate starts bitching against the other using some dirt … it doesn’t help at all. Stick to logic … stick to facts … try to make a logical argument for what is good for the country. Instead of mudslinging … show how the policies or actions of the other candidate have been a disaster for the “people” … and show how your actions and policies will be good for the “country”. People and country is what you need to talk about.

This is the type of argument that people want to hear. They want to know who is better for them … who can do better for them … and how different he is from the other candidate. Remain calm, remain decent … with logic you can win.