Synchronizing the Strategy, Ships and the Ocean

This page should help Trumps and Obamas. I think we gave too much information on the Establishment only … much information was not given on SM Networks. That’s why, the Presidential teams have a much better understanding of the Establishment … but they have no idea about SM Networks. Because of this there are many blunders in planning and implementation of policies.

The only information that Obamas and Trump have about us from a few SM contact points is that …

  • I am popular
  • I had a few dreams
  • And they say “read what he writes”

But this doesn’t give you an idea of the SM Network and what is going on at the SM Level. If you understand this … then it makes everything 10 times easier. We were completely focused in giving Establishment information because … we didn’t think that it was a big deal at all. These are Presidential candidates … they should know about the criminal Establishment … and the obvious expected response was … to go after the Establishment and take it down.

But interestingly, the responses that we got over the past years were … “who the hell are you? What makes you think that you can instruct us and tell us what to do? Why should I listen to you? I am the President. You are one guy with a laptop. You are unhinged … and on and on.” Lol.

This information that we are giving you … even Obama doesn’t know this. The only subjects that Obama has information is on … “wars, Netanyahu and Israel”. He doesn’t know anything about the Matrix … SM Networks … or any of their activities. And nobody else in America can give you this information … because I am the one who designed all of this. Your political and military advisers did not design all of this … we did it … with God’s grace.

Interconnection between dreams, SM, Establishment and the Presidency
This page will show you the interconnection between the dreams, SM, Establishment and the Presidency. I will try to keep it as brief as possible. I am sharing this information because … the decision on the Presidency will be made soon. Everything is interconnected with each other … the Presidents shouldn’t wonder … “why are these mountain sized waves coming at my ship? What the hell is going on? Why is America behaving like this?” Lol.

Rising above yourself
I think Obamas and Trump already know about some of my dreams. One of the initial dreams that I got was of the wild animals in a park with people standing still in a long queue. With these dreams, there was a lot of attention and publicity of my writings in the SM Network … it’s a massive network of tens of millions of entities spread across every city in America. There was / is a lot of publicity for my writings … many SM Groups would eagerly work on everything that I would write.

At the same time, I saw a dual activity of abuse coming from the Matrix … in terms of tweaking my water, food, drinks … trying to affect my health … trying to torture me using high EMF fields and electricity. I would be really pissed at that … and I didn’t understand why the dual behavior. There was a lot of love and abuse at the same time. Later on, I figured out that … the abuse was coming from the “central planning” of the Networks which held the manufacturing capabilities in their hands … while the love was coming from majority of the Network. After a few years … we figured out that … this central planning was nothing but a “Satanic Establishment” that actually hated everything that I was doing … and thus the abuse. While the people that I was saving … they were mostly Christian people … who loved and supported what I was doing … thus the love and support.

This abuse went on for such a long time … for years together … that I was pissed off at God. “Isn’t He seeing what is happening to me? I don’t hurt anyone and I am being put through abuse for years together … and He does nothing about it?” I was so pissed that I used to tell myself … “just wait … if I die like this … then I will wake up on the Day of Judgement … roll up my sleeves … and look for the God that created me. And I would ask Him … “where were You when I was being abused? Did You create me so that I could be abused by others?? Where were You!?”

I would cool down after a while and think … “there better be a good reason for this ruckus in my life. Otherwise, You and me, Big Guy … we are going to have a talk.” I thought maybe God wanted me to see and witness all of the abusive activities of the Matrix System … maybe I have to dismantle this system later on.

SM Offer – Stallone Dream – Political Leadership
SM Groups continuously offered me to come back to America … so that we could work together to revolutionize the systems in America. They wanted to make me the most powerful politician in America and give me the support to change America. But I get the Stallone dream … where I am in the middle of the Ocean with Sylvestor Stallone in a small ship. Our ship is attacked by thousands of skinny, slimy and skeletal zombies. Stallone tries to fight them off … but there are so many of them that … they fill the entire ship and the ship goes down. (Stallone was shown to resemble a powerful American politician, probably).

I told SM Groups that … I have already been informed that this plan won’t work. “Stop calling me to America … stop pulling me in politics … the ship will sink … it will not work.” But then I would wonder … what’s the solution then? How do I take down the Establishment in America that can sink any ship it wants? How am I supposed to stop these wars … how am I supposed to save the American people who are being held hostage in their own countries and put in abusive and exploitation systems … what is the solution for this?

The Lioness Dream – Protection and World Leadership
I get another dream of the Lioness … a Lioness protecting me and working with me on these crises. I was told to stop hating SM Groups … and stop getting rid of them from my life totally. I was shown that they would be like a pet by my side … I would love them and they would love me … and just like you train a pet … I had to train it on these world crises and show them what to do. And this pet would become one of the most powerful forces in the world … that’s why it was shown as the Lioness.

It took a divine intervention for me to be okay with working with the SM Network. However, I was asked to keep the association strictly professional and work with them only on matters related to the crises. Later on, our lovely Michelle Obama joined this Lioness network of protecting me.  

I started helping SM Groups more and more … but nothing was moving ahead … wars would not stop and nothing changed much. It was security but not the full solution … I would eagerly look for the solution for these crises. I would go through the dreams again and again … look for all signs in world events … there was no solution yet.

Tidal Waves – Activate the Ocean – Work as one medium
I got another dream … I was in the waters at a Sea shore … there was no ship and no Stallone. There would be huge tidal waves hitting the rocks at the shore. I was in the waters … raising these tidal waves. The tidal waves would rise 30-40ft high in the air … and then smash on the rocks. The tidal wave would pick one of those same skinny, slimy and skeletal zombies … lift it up in the air … and then smash it on the rocks. I was shown 4-5 of these huge tidal waves … that would be picking these zombies, smashing them on the rocks and ending them for good.

The first dream encouraged me to work with SM Groups … and the second dream showed me that … we don’t have to fight the Establishment one on one. But instead, we have to work as one … as one medium together … a medium and interconnection so vast that we become the Ocean itself. I was asked to use the Ocean itself … to fight off these zombies … which are nothing but Establishment elements. This is the solution that I was given.

The Ocean in Action
Now, you might say … “okay, all of these are dreams which we don’t see … and where is the SM Network … we don’t see that either.” So, let me show you … SM in action … the Ocean in action … with a few examples … so that, you understand what is actually going on in your country.

I gave this solution to SM Groups and trained them on how they are supposed to work as one medium … by using key decision makers in the fields of media, intelligence, politics, judiciary and corporations. These are some of the “demos” that SM Groups carried out “to test the solution” … to check if it works or not.

  • Hillary GodDamn Clinton. One of the first persons to receive the tidal wave bashing was Hillary GodDamn Clinton. Do you know who ridiculed Hillary publicly again and again for Benghazi, emails scandal and even for her defeat in 2016? Yes, it was SM Groups. They were publicly punishing Hillary not for Benghazi or her emails … but it was for creating genocides in Libya and Syria … for killing a million people out there. It was done to totally decimate her political career in America. Some Establishment elements were going after Ivanka also in the same manner for her private email usage … but we protected her very strongly. Because Hillary came to Washington as an Establishment puppet to create genocides … whereas, Ivanka came to Washington risking her life to create world peace and to mold the Trump Presidency towards peace. For the same activity, two persons were treated differently but correctly as they deserved it.
  • Martin Shkreli. They picked another criminal Jewish Millionaire … who was scamming the American people. They raised him up high in the air in a tidal wave and smashed him on the rocks.
  • #metoo. SM Groups were loving the success that they were getting with the formulas that I was giving … then they designed an entire movement … to test it out at a larger scale … and they came up with the #metoo movement. Powerful Billionaires and CEOs … were picked one by one … in tidal waves … high up in the air and smashed on the rocks. Harvey Weinstein was one of them.
  • Molding the Trump Presidency. Democrats were chilling in Trump’s first 2 years … but there was a lot of opposition created against Trump’s wars, Muslim ban and deportation of immigrants. The Establishment was also involved … but the activities of SM Groups were fruitful and constructive.

The dreams come true. Obamas were involved in my security … thus they are a part of the Lioness network. I was also shown that I should not be a politician in America. If you look at the above “demos” tested out by SM Groups … were Obamas involved in all of these activities? Nope. Am I a politician in America? Nope. That’s why, in the tidal waves dream … the Lioness was not shown and even Stallone was not shown … it was only waves picking up and hammering out Establishment culprits.

By the way, these are the not the waves that I have created. My tidal waves will be of a different scale and proportion … these were just demo activities by some SM Groups.

The Big Guy plans better

A few years ago … I was hating the SM Network … I was pissed off at God … and I was really really hoping that there was a really good reason why I was being shown all of the shit that happens in the Matrix. Interestingly, if you see today:

  • I have a Lioness that protects me
  • I have an Ocean that listens to me
  • My work stops wars and creates revolutions in countries
  • And I help and guide the most powerful Presidents in the world

So, was being patient worth it? Yeah … its fine … its worth it. I understood that … the initial phase of abuse was not actually abuse … but it was the Big Guy connecting me into this massive network and making me popular in this network … so that we do something useful ahead together.

Common Interest and Goals
Why I am sharing this information with Trumps and Obamas is that … they understand what is going on in America.

  • Strategy. I am just one element in the Ocean. I am the strategy guy … I do strategies, analysis, planning and provide guidance and directions. I create the currents in the Ocean … and the tidal waves.
  • Ocean. The SM Network is the Ocean. To transform the SM Network into an Ocean … we are working on a strategy of “Active Democracy” … where every single person and entity in America is an Active Citizen. These tidal waves that rise … it is because of the active involvement of millions of entities across America. They rise against the malice of any malicious Establishment or political element.
  • Ships. All politicians are like ships in the Ocean. Based upon the actions and policies of the politician … the Ocean decides whether this ship should stay where it is … whether it should move forward … or whether it should be sunk in the water. I am not the Ocean … it is your own people … American citizens … that form the Ocean. Hillary’s ship was sunk … Warren’s ship remained in the Senate … and Trump’s ship moved ahead.
  • Sharks. The Ocean has already figured out and practiced how to deal with Establishment sharks and zombies.

The nice and common thing about politicians, SM Groups and Active Democracy is that … we all want to do great things … we all want to create great countries … and we all want to hammer out malicious Establishment elements. This is where we come on a common ground … our forces are different … but we compliment each other and power ourselves in the right direction.

Now, you tell me … who can stop the ship from drowning … other than God … when the water itself wants to pull it down and sink it in the Ocean? Who can drown the ship … other than God … when the water itself protects the ship and powers it ahead in the Ocean?