Preparing Ivanka for 2024

Works have begun for 2024. Ivanka is the most preferred candidate from the Republican side and Bill de Blasio is the most preferred candidate from the Democrat side, as of today that is. Let’s do some prep work for Ivanka … this will help her to make Trump’s re-election very easy and also it will help her to get elected in 2024.

There are two major issues with the Trump Presidency as cited by many SM Groups.

  • Dagger. As per the reports, it seems that some members from the Trump Team are not very loyal to us and to our work. In fact, they hold a dagger behind their back … looking for every opportunity and fault to stab us in the back. This is quite upsetting for all SM Groups.
  • No Systemic Changes. Till date, Trump has done a great job in dodging all types of disasters … he has used logic to surpass all disasters of wars, socialism and financial catastrophes. He has surpassed party and Establishment puppetry to do the same … which Democrats have clearly failed in. This is giving Trump an upperhand but despite this … there are no systemic changes in America … no major reforms … nothing gets fixed and all channels of abuse and exploitation continue. This is the second biggest issue with the Trump Presidency. 

Let me give you some details on this … so that it becomes easier for you to understand and manage this.

The Dagger Issue
It seems that the dagger issue exists because some members in the Trump Team think that … I am a Democrat … and since they think that Democrats ran investigations and impeachment against Trump … I should also be badly treated like a Democrat. That’s why they are looking for any fault or opportunity to stab us in the back.

When there is a problem or a crisis that Trump needs help with … then they are like:

  • We love you … you are a great leader … great book … we are with you … we will never let you down … we will put billions and billions and billions in your project!

And when we help you with the problem and the crisis goes away … then they are like:

  • You are a mess … we will shut you down … I am the President! We are not interested in changing anything!

This is why some Pro-Dem SM Groups say that … “Trump has no morals and he is not loyal. Why do you help him?” It seems, when any trouble comes … then you are all humble and needy … and when the trouble goes away … you are on cloud nine. Lol.

Apparently, SM Groups are seeing this in the Trump Presidency repeatedly since the past 4 years … in many occasions and they are concerned about this. They are surprised why I still help Trump and even Trumps are surprised why I help them despite knowing this about them.

Here’s how it works … my priority is doing what is right for the people and the country. I work via any channel to get this done. Doesn’t matter how Trump is taking information from me … either with good will or just to save himself from a crisis … either with loyalty or with a dagger in his hands … in all scenarios, Trump is still working with commonsense and logic when he works through our guidance and tactics. He is still using logic when he works with us … the logic gives him victories via SM support.

If you look at the other leaders in Washington … they have nonsense policies and they are too bigheaded to change and use logic to do what is right. They are still party and Establishment puppets who are foolishly keen on running disasters in the country.

Problem with “intentions and feelings”
Trump’s problem is with his intentions and feelings … that he is thinking that I am a Democrat and investigations and this and that … all of this is nothing but thinking, intentions and feelings … but eventually, his real time action is via facts and logic … which is resulting in positive outcomes for the country.

From where I see it … the problem is small and the results are great. The thinking might be a little bit negative and selfish … but the actions are saving lives of millions of people and saving countries from wars. I see the problem to be incredibly very small … when compared to the fantastic outcomes that we are getting.

But what’s happening among SM Groups is that … these glitches and these kind of trust related issues … they create a separation among the groups. Because they place a very high priority on my security … because I am the one who is creating the Ocean currents, deciding Presidents and policies of the country along with all SM Groups. If Trump wants an easy re-election and Ivanka wants to take it forward from 2024 onwards then “trust and loyalty” is a major issue that you have to work on and fix it asap.

Politicians are like Ships in the Ocean
Why I keep talking about “SM Groups, SM Network, Pro-Dem Groups, Pro-Trump Groups, SM, SM, SM” is because … if America is the Ocean … then they control the Ocean. Politicians are like ships in the Ocean … SM Groups decide which ships should sail forward … which ships should stop where they are … and which ships should go down in the water. This is something that we have trained them on.

You think that … “hey, I am the President! Who the hell are you? You are just one guy with a laptop. I can do this and I can do that. You are just an adviser at the most … you should know your limits. How can you say this and how can you say that?” Lol. I don’t blame you for thinking like that … any new comer would think like that. In fact, even Obamas don’t know this … even Obamas don’t know how we control the Ocean.

This information that I share … it is strictly meant for Presidents and key people who are involved in making Presidents or Presidential candidates. We don’t share this information with every Tom, Dick and Harry. We share this information with you because you will get victories or failures on this track … and SM Groups are directly synchronized with the President’s activities. They synchronize with you in giving you success for everything that is good and great for the people. If you understand these dynamics then it will make everything 10 times easier for you.

No one will give you this information … absolutely no Political or Military adviser will have this info. To the extent that even Obamas don’t fully understand how the Ocean and the Matrix function … and they know the most among Democrats about Establishment malice.


The Ocean and Ocean Currents – SM and Active Democracy
You think that I am one guy with a laptop on the other side of the Ocean … I am but that’s not all what I am. You think that I am an adviser to the President … yes, I am but that’s not all what I am. Lol.

Working with Presidents came later … the first thing we did was … we interconnected with all SM Groups and integrated them to work as one Ocean … as one medium. Everyone works collectively on each issue … this makes us the most powerful force in the country … they have literally become the Ocean that guide and control the ships in its waters.

I don’t do this all by myself. I am not the Ocean … SM is the Ocean … I am just one element in the Ocean. But I design the currents in the Ocean … I design tidal waves in the Ocean. Who should be supported and who should be smacked down … what policy should be supported and what should be smacked down … I have a lot of weightage in these decisions.

I am not trying to show off here … I am giving you some facts … so that you understand the dynamics and how our relationship actually is. This is exactly what the SM Network and we do together for Presidents.

Power. You are the President … because we chose you to lead America … because SM thought that you have the right characteristics and talent to lead America in this crisis. You have this power because we chose to give it to you. I am not just your adviser … we literally plan and decide who should win the election at least one year before the elections itself. New comers think that … “hey, I am the President … why should I listen to that guy? I will do whatever I want.” This is normal thinking … but everything is structured based upon the crisis in the country and how each candidate has to play his role in fixing the crisis in the country.

Take a look at Warren for example … she came up with disasters … let alone solving anything, she didn’t give a shit about changing anything. What happened? Did her ship move forward? Doesn’t matter how much effort the ship makes … if the Ocean currents are pulling it in another direction … then the ship will move in that direction. The Presidency was not decided in Warren’s favor. She made a hell of noise … jumped up and down … went to every media outlet possible … but doesn’t matter how much noise the ship makes … if the Ocean currents are against you then it will hardly matter.

Biden has the same problems as Warren … why? Because both of them were guided by Obama … and Obama himeslf doesn’t have this information … they themselves don’t know how this works. Obama had it easy … I supported Obama and he got victories. He didn’t face opposition in order to understand the Ocean dynamics.

Knowledge. Not only we choose to make you President … we also give you the know-how … the tactics … the strategies … to dodge and win against all Establishment malice, traps and disasters. And when we advise … it is not just an “advice” … with each of our advice … the entire Ocean starts working with you … helping you and supporting you to get victories.

Support, Protection and Promotion. This is why SM is very keen on the candidates that I can work with … such candidates are given support, protection and promotion in everything that they do … that is good for the country and the people. You are not dealing with just one person … you are dealing with the entire Ocean that will support you in doing good and protect you from those who seek to obstruct you or hurt you. 

Rise to greatness. When you get phenomenal success … you automatically rise to greatness. Trump has passed level one … and he is already 10 times better than Obama. Obama spent trillions in wars and millions died … no wars under Trump, no trillions spent and no millions died. Passing one simple basic level using commonsense has already made Trump better than Obama. We have 5 levels in total in this work … with each level Trump’s rise will be phenomenal and record breaking that will be difficult to match.

Finance. And obviously, via the Presidency you will make a few billions on the side. This is something that happens in politics.

Who should be thankful to whom?
You think that I am one guy with a laptop that is advising you … and some of your team members rile you up against me. But in reality … I am not one person and I am not just an adviser … I am the guy that gets you power, knowledge, support, protection, promotion, greatness and a truck load of cash. You owe me and SM Groups … your entire Presidency … right from getting elected … to remaining safe from investigations and lawsuits … to your accomplishments and rise to greatness.

So, who should be thankful to whom? Who should be upset if someone is being cocky? Lol.

Complimentary Forces
I am not challenging the Presidency in any way nor am I belittling you. You should understand that … we are “complimentary forces”. Its like … if the Ocean currents move in the same direction as the ship … then wouldn’t it make the path of the ship 10 times easier? Once you are on the right track … you don’t even need to make any effort and you would be sailing ahead with the help of the currents … you get non-stop support and victories.

SM does stuff that is difficult for you … like winning elections, protection from Establishment malice, support and promotion of the right actions and policies, taking you to great heights and keeping you safe throughout the process. At the same time … SM is the country … it needs the Politicians to make new systems and laws that are good for the people. The main purpose of doing all of this … selecting Presidents, protecting them, supporting them and bla bla bla … is done so that you create good people centric systems and do something to fix the Establishment crisis.

No Systemic Changes or Reforms
This brings us to the second biggest complaint about the Trump Presidency. “We have been working, helping, supporting and protecting the Trump Presidency through all of the shit that is thrown at him … but he has not made a single systemic change nor created any major reform for the people whatsoever. What is the point of helping and protecting Trump? What is the point of having more Trumps in the White House? Shouldn’t we work with Democrats to get this done?”

Do you see the problem? The entire country is working for you … helping you and protecting you … and the entire country is complaining … what has Trump done for us?

Don’t give us the “jobs, jobs, jobs” crap. We know exactly what has been done. We have the highest debt created ever … we have the highest trade deficits ever … our only accomplishment is dodging disasters. They say that these disasters are coming on the country because Trump never does anything about the Establishment monopoly. If he had taken care of the damn monopoly then these disasters wouldn’t even exist.

Working on 2024
This is how Presidents are decided. We look at the crisis in the country and pick the best guy to solve these problems … and everyone comes together to support that candidate. For 2020, there is still a nuclear option available for Biden … we don’t know if they will use that to design the leadership of the country via Democrats. But if Trump wants to consolidate his Presidency … and Ivanka wants to take forward from 2024 … it is a must to address these two key issues … dagger and no systemic changes.

I think that the dagger issue is plain psychological … it will be easy to solve. But it is a must for you to look into “systemic changes” … America needs reforms. As of now, SM Groups are keeping options open via both parties … one side Michelle Obama is being brought into the game … and on the other side … its Ivanka Trump. Maybe both can work together … we don’t know … but let’s see. Its all about having the right leaders who can fix the crisis in the country.