Biden complaining on my support for Trump

Biden is complaining why I am helping Trump? Well, the obvious reason is … they listen to me … they act quickly and like to do good and positive things. Even Warren was complaining in the same manner. “Why are you helping Trump? Why aren’t you helping me?” It’s not that … we are not helping Warren or Biden … but to get the White House, they need the right policies … to get the right policies, they need to work with me. Warren went to every single talk show possible in America … but didn’t connect with me … she was failed. Not a single “talk show” helped her.

The question that you should ask is … “Am I the one who is not helping them or are they the ones who don’t want to run the right policies?” If they want to remain locked in party and Establishment puppetry … then how can I help them? They are the ones who are refusing my help.

They don’t know how things work … they want blind endorsements … when they have disastrous policies with them. And then they complain that I am helping Trump. We already got rid of all disastrous policies from his campaign … except for a few issues. Other than that he is a clean candidate. He listens … he has changed … what he is doing is good for America … thus we help him out a little bit.

To be fair … what you should see is that … we are not giving Trump also any policies. He is stuck in the game since his second year … nothing has progressed after that. We give him some tips to dodge disasters … stop wars … create peace … to keep America stable … to protect his Presidency and family. This is basic “human courtesy” … this is what’s possible with the resources that we have. Trump is not an evil person who is creating genocide … he is the opposite. He is a good person who is creating peace in the world.

Would Democrats want me to stop helping Trump … and allow genocide to happen in the world? Should I allow America to fall in Socialist and financial catastrophes? If you want to lead … then step forward … learn and lead. No one is stopping you.

In fact, I said many times … “Biden’s victory is based upon how he changes his policies. It’s a must for him to form the right team and policies.” If he does that then he qualifies for a win. He still has a 20-40% chance to win.

But if you won’t do anything … won’t change anything … and sit there and whine about not winning when you have disastrous policies with you … then that’s not a sensible approach. Its not fair. First, fix the issues in your policies … come up with something great for the country … then expect support for a win. That’s commonsense.