The President - A Ship in the Ocean

This page should help SM Groups, Trump and Democrats.

Trump’s Income Taxes
Yes, I know about his taxes. Here’s the thing … we work via two modes … Politicians and SM Network. If the Politician is facing any problems … or if he would face any problems in the future … then SM Groups help him out. That’s how it works.

Why SM Groups help him out? Because SM is the country that he is supposed to work for. The President is supposed to save his country from the criminal Establishment, its schemes, systems of exploitations and do great things for his country and people. This is the “complimentary” equation between the President and SM Groups. He works for the people … and SM works for him. They protect him, support him and promote him … while he protects and does great things for his people.

Owing to the recent setbacks, how am I supposed to activate SM Groups in Trump’s favor? You tell me. When SM Groups get the information that … “Trump is not interested in changing America at all … he doesn’t care about trillions being drained from the country … he doesn’t care about hundreds of thousands of dead Americans … he has no interest in taking America Forward. The only thing that he is interested is in getting re-elected.” If this is the on the ground information that they get … then, on what basis are SM Groups supposed to rally for him and support him?

SM Groups are the American people … if Trump doesn’t give a shit about them … then why should they care for him? That’s why I said … Trump just opened the doors for Democrat victories … because all SM Groups will start working on creating leadership via Democrats. If that is going to be Trump’s stand … then all victories and leadership will be configured via Democrats. Dems will rule America in one way or the other … sooner or later.

Gave all configurations for him
I gave him all possible configurations to lead.

  • We told him … you can lead directly
  • We told him … you can use other Republicans to lead if you don’t want to do something
  • We told him … you can create a coalition with Democrats to lead
  • If not all of the above … at least, backup Democrats when they lead … be a part of the work in one way or the other

In all of these configurations, we can make Trump a critical part of the work … and since he is a critical part of the work, we can activate SM support for him, doesn’t matter what is thrown at him.

The President is like a ship in the Ocean
When we started off the work … then SM itself was afraid in standing up to the Establishment. But the training that we gave them was … don’t fight the sharks one on one … there are too many sharks in the Ocean, they will rip you to pieces. But instead, become the Ocean that the sharks live in. Doesn’t matter how big the shark is … how many sharks are there … they can never fight against the Ocean. You can rattle the shit out of anyone and hammer the shit out of the sharks … provided you learn how to interconnect with everyone in the country at every key decision making place and become the Ocean itself.

This is the training that was given to SM Networks to combat Establishment malice. SM can tilt the direction of the entire country itself … look at their activities … Arab Spring, Tea Party Movement, Occupy Movement, the #metoo movement, overthrowing entire governments itself, putting tens of millions of protesters on the streets and hammering out criminal Jewish millionaires and billionaires. This is the entire country at work together … this is the Ocean at work together as one.

Leadership opportunities for Democrats
Now, this Ocean is looking for leadership opportunities among Democrats. Don’t worry Mr. President … your taxes will not take you down yet. You have followed us on many things … you still have a good lead … and the biggest mistake that Democrats made was of “party and Establishment puppetry” … all of their policies are wrong. Until and unless Democrats are running with these bad policies … you still have a chance at getting re-elected.

But the more Democrats will coordinate with us … the more they will change … the better policies they will rise up with … the stronger and more powerful they will become … more and more victories will line up for them.

Doors open for both parties and all options
We keep the doors open for both parties and all options … because our priority is “people and country” … we have to take America Forward one way or the other. We don’t care about party politics or under whose President the work is being done. All options are open for both parties … but the least I would suggest Trump is that … if Democrats are working with us … then back them up. They have issues with financial resources … pull strings to help them. Doing this will help us to make you a critical part of the work … this will help us to secure protective shields for you.

Very upsetting for SM Groups
The fact that you did not lead yet … the fact that you have not launched any new policies … even after more than 200,000 American citizens are killed right in front of your eyes by the same malicious Establishment … it has been baffling and extremely upsetting for everyone. At least now, everyone thought that “yes, Trump will do something about this God damn Establishment … at least now, Trump will lead America out of this crisis.” And what are you doing? Creating peace deals that favor Israel … after the genocide has entered US soil and innocent Americans are dying … you are still favoring Israel and creating peace deals for them … so that the Jewish Establishment can go and loot some more countries in the Middle East. This was not expected from you. (Will give details why these peace deals are disastrous for ME countries soon).

Yes, you may get a victory against Biden if he does not change his policies … but I don’t think that you will be treated very well … because you are allowing a criminal Establishment to literally burn down America … to loot America … and to kill Americans right in front of you. And how am I supposed to help you from them? The best I could do is … use the disasters that Democrats came up with … to show you in good light. After I do that and create a good lead for you … you say that … “I don’t give a shit about anything … I just care about getting re-elected.” This baffles everyone among SM Groups.

I think you should lead in one way or the other. You are good and talented person … don’t allow your advisers to put you on a wrong track … maintain the good track that you are on and it can be a great future for you ahead.

As far as Democrats are concerned … a change in policies is a must … the faster you change, the better decision can be in your favor. Anything can happen.