Write and give me the victory!

I am showing some short cuts to Democrats … so that they understand what is going on … how decisions are made … so that they can quickly get on the track for victories.

SM – Nation Management
SM Groups don’t care about party politics … neither do we. Its all about Nation Management … its all about people and country. If the leader is good for the country then he will be supported otherwise not … if the policy is good for the country then it will be supported otherwise not. This is the basic criteria for all decision making at all levels.

Who the hell are you?

One of the biggest issue that we get with new candidates is that … the first thing that comes in their mind is … “who the hell are you? Why should I listen to you? Why should I listen to one guy with a laptop on the other side of the Ocean?” This is normal thinking … can’t blame them for it … and it takes years to synchronize leaders on the right track.

  • Obama took 8 years just to stop the wars
  • Trump took 2 years to clean up his Presidency, avoid wars and other disasters
  • Warren never understood anything and didn’t synchronize anything … and she failed
  • And Biden is on a similar track as Warren

The leaders need to understand … what is the Establishment, what is SM, what the Establishment is doing … what SM does … how they operate … what you should do … how support and victories are provided for you … how disastrous can be Establishment misleading and on and on and on. It takes years for leaders to see this in real time … so that they can get on the right track to make the right decisions.

Write and give me victories!
Obama had it easy. He got on the job training … by default, he was the better candidate than his opposition. The only thing that Obama saw on the frontend was that … we wrote and he got victories. He had no understanding of all of the internal works of SM Groups and how things were being carried out.

That’s why … Warren didn’t learn anything … didn’t change any policies and the only thing that she used to say was … “endorse me … support me … write in my favor … give me victories”. And it didn’t work … if Biden is expecting the same thing … it won’t work for him as well.

What it means to remove Trump
SM is party independent … they manage the Nation itself. They practically evaluate Trump’s progress in the work and how Warren and Biden compare to him. See what Trump has already done … understand what it means to remove Trump from office … and understand the leadership and capabilities that Biden has to show in order to replace Trump.

  • No puppetry. Trump has already surpassed party and Establishment puppetry. Trump makes his own independent decisions … he doesn’t bow to the party or the Establishment. Yes, to some extent favors are there … but no puppetry.
  • World peace. Trump has already dodged all war traps of the Establishment and he is successfully maintaining world peace in every zone.
  • No Socialist disasters. Trump did not fall for any Socialist disasters.
  • No Financial catastrophes. Trump is not creating any financial catastrophes to the tune of trillions.
  • No Climate Change Madness. Trump has averted all Climate Change madness. He refused to spend trillions on this propaganda and refused to shut down the oil, gas and coal industries.
  • Managed Misleading. Trump has successfully dodged misleading from the Establishment, media, intelligence, military and political advisers.
  • 100% Republican votes. With Trump in power, we get 100% Republican votes for every policy.

Removing Trump means … undoing all of the above work … it means removing a candidate who has already moved ahead so far ahead in the game. It means getting a new comer … who we don’t know what he is going to do … will he fall for war traps? Will he fall for Socialist disasters or financial catastrophes or climate change madness? Removing Trump means zero Republican votes for anything we have to do next.

We know … Democrats want a Democrat President and Republicans will want a Republican President … but SM is about the Nation. The first question they have asked is … why would we go for a Democrat President … when Trump has no issues in his policies and he is able to manage all Establishment misleading very well?

It is not as easy as … “write and give me the victory” … you need to see what is going on. Since two years we have been saying … “Trump is far ahead in the game … first learn what is going on … and then you can win with the right policies”. Warren didn’t understand what this line meant.

Two fold victories that can be targeted

I will not be Biden’s judge … Obamas should judge him themselves. I have put some pointers above … on what would happen if Trump is removed. Biden needs to show that … he can successfully perform better than Trump in each field. If Biden can show that he can be better than Trump … then welcome to the game.

Honestly speaking … based upon Biden’s current policies and performance … it is quite unlikely that he will make it. But we won’t rule him out yet … there is still some time ahead … you yourself see how he performs in each field.

Victories via Congress
Victory via Biden is quite challenging right now … but victories via the Congress has far better feasibility because …

  • No SM knowhow required. These are Senate and House seats … they are not leading the country or making the decisions themselves. They don’t need to know about SM, Matrix and the Establishment. We give them the policies and they can directly market the policies to win their seats in Congress.
  • Short duration to get victories. This reduces the training time … in short durations, you get victories. Senate and House seats don’t need a full year’s campaign … victories can be pulled within weeks and months.
  • No coordination required. Congress members don’t have to coordinate with us directly. The coordination can be done via the Obama coalition.
  • No Socialist issues. Most Democrat Senator and House Reps don’t have Socialist disasters or Climate Change madness in their profile. Their re-election will be very easy.

Even if Biden doesn’t make it … and if Democrats get the Senate and the House … even then they can easily lead the country. All phenomenal changes for America will come under the Democrat portfolio … the next Dem President will own all reforms made via Democrat leadership.

Biden can actually get a helping hand when hundreds of Democrat Senators and House Reps campaign for the same policies to get re-elected. It will multiply his marketing channels and reach.

Organize and Plan for Victories
Stop simply “asking” for victories … we are in an advanced phase of Democracy and Nation Management. Everything is being done via facts and logic … doesn’t matter who it is … the media, the Establishment, the intelligence or political advisers … we cannot allow them to mislead us and use us to campaign for disastrous actions and policies. It is a must for Democrats to come together … organize and plan for victories.

The better coalitions we create … the better we organize and plan … the better will be our chances of victories ahead.