Politicians and SM Body and the Engine

This page is for Obamas and Biden. Its like a crash course in what’s going on and what to do … to put Democrats on a track of victories … for a long line of victories.

Shortcut Formulas
If you want the White House or victories in the Senate and the House … then these are your shortcut formulas.

  • Security. Providing security for our work gets you 20% of the votes.
  • Coordination. Coordinating with us on the right policies gets you more 20% of the votes.
  • Implementation. If you can show successful implementation of the policies … with the right talent and skills … then you get the complete victory. 

Instead of writing hundreds of pages … I am showing you in short form of how to win. Before it was … “suck up to Israel if you want to win in politics in America” … we have booted Israel from this equation … today the formula works like … “coordinate with Active Democracy if you want to win in politics in America … especially the White House”.

Why 40% chances of Biden’s win?
Why do you think that we were saying that Biden has a 40% chance of winning? Because everyone in the SM Network knew that Democrats provide security for our work and everyone thought that Dems would coordinate with us … that’s why he had a 40% chance for the win. But since he didn’t coordinate … his chances fell to a mere 20% today.

How does this happen?
I am sitting on the other side of the Ocean … in a tiny country … and we are controlling what happens in America, the most powerful country in the world. And we are deciding who gets the White House … we decide who becomes the most powerful man in the world. How? How are we making Presidents?

SM Activity Examples
Some people who are aware of my works … they think that … these are just dreams … there is no Silent Majority … this is not real. For these people, let me give some real time examples so that they can see the working of SM and the scale of their operations.

  • Obama’s Re-Election. SM was actively involved in getting Obama re-elected. Mitt Romney failed because he wanted to ban abortions in America. Who do you think put that policy in his campaign? Lol. SM literally made a fool out of an Establishment puppet on the National stage and made a loser out of him.
  • Arab Spring. Who was behind the Arab Spring and revolutionary movements and protests in dozens of countries around the world? Give me the name of one leader who was behind all of that.
  • Tea Party Movement. Who led the Tea Party movement in America? Obama? Trump? Democrats?
  • Occupy Movement. Which politician designed and led the Occupy Movement? Obama? Democrats?
  • #metoo Movement. Which politician led the #metoo movement?
  • Protecting the Trump family and Presidency. Trump is protected and given victories against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets. Who is doing this? Obama? Republicans?
  • Taking down Warren. Who took down Warren because of her crazy policies? Democrats or Trump?

All of these are real time activities happening right in front of your eyes in plain sight … with no specific leader on the frontend. Massive revolutions are created … governments are overthrown … tens of millions of people are raised in protests … Presidents are protected … nonsense candidates are taken down … everything happening, right in front of you in plain sight. Welcome to the SM Network.

The Body and the Engine
SM was trained and activated in these activities … mainly to root out Establishment malice, save countries and to reform the world. You can say that … the country runs via dual modes … the frontend and the backend … like the body of the car and the engine of the car.

On the frontend you see the body of the car moving forward … but actually it’s the engine of the car that is moving the car forward. It was actually a long battle between the Establishment and SM Groups to gain the control over the car … thanks to the Big Guy, the Establishment has been defeated and diminished in several spheres … and SM controls many aspects of the car.

Active Democracy
The “car” here refers to the entire country. The SM Network is a network of tens of millions of entities spread all across politics, media, corporations, intelligence, legals and almost every aspect of life. What you are basically seeing is the “active involvement” of every entity in the leadership of the country. This is not just a “woke culture” … but it is a more modern and advanced form of democracy … it is Active Democracy.

Each and every entity and person that is getting involved in the leadership of his country … is an “Active Citizen”. He or she is just practicing his God given rights in a Democratic country … that is supposed to be run by the people by its very definition.

How am I changing America?
How am I changing America? How is the President being decided? Obama thinks that … “I am popular because I had a few dreams … and when I write in favor of one candidate … he or she wins … it happens because I am popular”. He thinks like that … because that’s what he saw during his Presidency. I wrote in Obama’a favor and he won … I wrote in Trump’s favor and he won. But it is not as simple as being popular … it is a little bit more complicated than that.

Choosing of the President … the decision making … what to support and not to support … who to help and not to help … which policy should be supported and which should not … everything is based on “facts and logic”. Yes, I am kind of the “brain of the SM Network” … I have a lot of weightage and they follow me a lot. But even in following me … I tell them … “don’t blindly follow me … I work with extremely limited resources … with just one laptop and one or two sites. Always verify everything at the ground level … and make the best decisions based on facts and logic … based on what is best for the people and the country.” This is how the entire network functions.

Choosing the President is like choosing the body of the car

  • Talent and skills. The person must have the talent and skills to handle the current Establishment crises and the pressure that comes with it. The body of the car should be able to manage the functioning of the engine and everything that the car will face in its course on the tracks.
  • Right direction and policies. The body and the engine of the car should be able to synchronize to move in the right direction. We cannot have the body of the car wanting to go in one direction and engine wanting to go in another direction. Both of them have to synchronize in the right direction with the right policies.

Its then that the person gets to be President in America. If a person meets this criteria … then doesn’t matter what the God damn Establishment throws at you … lawsuits, investigations, impeachment, demonization, ridicule … doesn’t matter what, you will be fully protected … provided you are functioning in the right direction with the right policies that are good for the people and the country.

Support what is right and stop what is wrong
Let me show some practical applications so that you know what is going on. Trump’s leadership was pretty nonsensical in his first year … it was all over the place … and SM Groups didn’t know what to do. They were deciding whether to remove him or to keep him. We gave them one formula … “you will never get a Jesus in the White House … there will always be right and wrong. So the formula that you have to use is … support what is right and stop what is wrong”. Using this formula, only good things will happen for the country … and all bad things will be stopped … doesn’t matter who is in the White House.

Some examples to see it in action:

  • Trump. Trump is right in American Energy … it was allowed to go ahead and he got the victory. Trump is right in the Border Wall … he was supported and he got victory. Trump is right on tariffs and trade imbalance … he is supported and he is getting victories. Trump was wrong in starting new wars … he was stopped. Trump was wrong in deporting 11 million immigrants … again he was stopped and rectified.
  • Democrats. Democrats were right in stopping Trump’s attempts to start new wars … they were supported and given success. Democrats were wrong on Climate Change … they were stopped … wrong on Green New Deal … they were stopped … wrong on Blue New Deal … they were stopped … wrong on impeaching Trump … they were stopped … wrong on Socialism … they were stopped.

Politicians are like tea leaves inside a tea cup. SM has already seen mass genocide with millions of people killed and tens of millions of people displaced from their homes … there was no one stopping these massacres and saving the people. We cannot leave our country in the hands of some cranky politicians like Bush or Hillary. Making the right decision on who gets the power and what policies are run in the country … it is helping to a great extent to keep the country on the right track. That’s why we are not having cranky doodle politicians in power who will destroy us all.

Just look at Trump’s first term … look at what was stopped and what was allowed … and you will get an idea of who will win in 2020 … Trump or Biden.

An Active Democratic Country needs an “Active President”
Today we are not in old conventional times where:

  • The President will give long lectures to the people and tell us whatever we want to hear
  • And then do whatever he wants once he gets elected
  • Spends trillions, pockets billions and then walks out of the office … and the people have to wait for 4 years to elect a better President

People with such a mindset will never get the White House … politicians who are thinking that they will pull off something like this … they will never get to be in the White House.

In this era of People Power … in an Active Democratic country … we need an “Active President”. Active Citizens get involved … speak up … want change … want reforms … want a better country … want things to work for the people … and the President should “actively listen” to their people. The President shouldn’t sit there deaf, dumb and blind … as if the people who elected him don’t even exist in the country … but he should immediately respond, change and work in favor of the people.

He should be able to do this … while dodging the misleading of the media, the advisers and the Establishment. This is what’s verified in the “implementation phase” … whether you can handle Active Democracy or not. Whether you have the talent and skills to listen to your Active Citizens … or you will be a brute who will crush your Active Citizens.

Yes, the days when I write in favor of one candidate and that candidate is given the White House … those days are over. Trump and Biden … both of them are Establishment independent candidates. But if you put the candidates through these filters … you yourself will know whether you will succeed or fail … whether you will be given the White House or not.

Right now, I am showing you the working of the core engine itself … so that, you will understand what happens to the whole car from the outside as a whole. You will understand, why each decision is being made.

Trump, Warren and Biden
Let’s put the top 3 candidates through these filters … so that you will understand why these decisions were made for each candidate.

  • Trump – 60% support. Why do you think that we are saying that Trump has 60% of voter support? Security, coordination and implementation … see these 3 factors for Trump. Trump didn’t create any security issues since the past 2 years. The dagger issue is there … but it’s probably a silly mistake from one of the Trump Teams. Trump is already working on the right policies of American Energy, Tariffs, Boder Wall, America First and so on. These are constructive policies that make America better. And if you see the implementation … he coordinates online atleast … he changes direction when he is headed towards blunders … he tries to do what is right to get wins. Yes, the progress in each policy has not been that much … but still he gets positive marks in each factor.
  • Warren – 20% support. Why did Warren fail? Wasn’t she a good person? She is a good person … but if you apply the 3 factors for her leadership … security, coordination and implementation … then she passed only the security aspect. She promised to protect us as she protects her own family … it was very nice. But if you see her coordination in policies … it was all Socialist disasters which no one wanted implemented in America. She got zero in coordination and implementation … that’s why, the support for her was a mere 20% … no one wins an election with a mere 20% voter support. She wasn’t a person who would listen and change … she was not an “Active President” … she failed to prove herself as the right leader in our times.
  • Biden – 20-40% support. Unfortunately, Biden is also on a similar track like Warren. The promise of security is there … giving him 20% of voter support. But did he coordinate? Did he change policies? Is he showing that he can change direction? Is he showing that he can be an Active President that can use facts and logic to lead his country? Not yet.

Now, you understand why the 2020 victory was decided in Trump’s favor? Everything is practically evaluated via on the ground facts and logic.

Surpass Trump to win
Now you understand why I kept saying that … “Biden has to change policies … Biden has to change policies”? Now you understand why I said … “you have to surpass Trump to win … surpass Trump to win”? Screw the anti-Trumpism from the media … if you see the real facts at the ground level then …

  • Trump is an Active President. He listens … he changes direction … he changes policies … he stops from disasters when alerted … he chases victories and wins. This is something that was non-existent in Bush and Hillary.
  • Leading in Active Democracy. Trump is successfully dodging all Establishment malice and misleading from the media and advisers. He is able to withstand the rattling activities of the Establishment.

Trump himself doesn’t know that he is an Active President … that he is in a new form of Active Democracy … and he doesn’t know the scale of protection and support that he has.

How to change?

But now, if Democrats want wins … they have to forget the Obama Era … that Era is over. Understand today what is going on … understand how you have to function today … understand what policies you need today … so that, the body and the engine can be synchronized for your win. You cannot win with the same conventional thinking, bad policies and the old approach. Biden can fail miserably like Warren.

If you want to win the White House or the Congress … the formula is the same. You have to shove aside the old thinking and approach … you have to surpass party and Establishment puppetry … and start designing and leading with the right policies … and show the talent and skills to implement these policies successfully.

The good news for you in this scenario is that … Trump is far ahead of you but he is stuck. He has been stuck since his second year. This is his biggest disadvantage. He has no idea of how to move ahead or what to do. This is what creates an opportunity for Biden and Democrats. If you can show that you can surpass Trump with policies that are great for the people … then victories will come for you on a platter.

Still have time
SM decides on who gets the White House. It is not necessary that the decision will be made on November 3rd. The whole thing can extend for another 6 months or it can be even disqualified … and there will be a new election. What this basically means for Biden and Democrats is that … they could have 6-12 months to show that they can change, lead with the right policies and implement them with the right skills and team. When SM Groups see you in action with the right tactics and strategies … then you can expect a lot of victories.