Need to turn the page

Yes, there is a lot of shock and feelings of betrayal among SM Groups with what the Trump Team has done. Before we talk about that, I think we should talk about the “bad blood” that still exists among your family or team members.

In the initial years of the Presidency … yes, we did call Trump “a money maniac and a pimp”. Firstly, you should also recall why I called him that and when I called him that. You were dropping the Mother of all Bombs on Afghanistan and carrying out missiles strikes on Syria … and doing a long list of favors for a Satanic Establishment. We had to use some “tough language” to stop you from that destructive path. That path would have been destructive for America, for other countries, for the Trump Presidency and the Trump Family.

  • Peace Champion. Because you followed us … because you changed tracks … today you are a peace champion. Tough language was used to make a champion out of you … and to protect millions of lives that would have been lost if a war began … and to protect your Presidency and family from lawsuits of war crimes and criminal charges.
  • Double Nobel Prize Nominee. Because you continuously followed our guidance and strategies, today you are a double Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Today, you are getting the credit of stopping a dozen wars that could have started under your Presidency.
  • Saved Don Jr. from jail. We intervened in the Mueller Investigation to protect not only Trump but all of his family members. It is SM Groups that got it done based on our instructions … otherwise, Don Jr. would be in jail a long time ago.
  • Impeachment. We activated SM Groups to save your Presidency from impeachment. Otherwise, the Establishment wanted Trump to be an impeached President with his son in jail. We stopped that from happening.
  • Pandemic Champion. Recently … I created a pandemic champion out of you … where you saved millions of American lives … when you had no idea of how to manage it … the whole thing could have been a catastrophe.
  • Fantastic Lead. At every place you have followed us, you got success … because you followed us, you have a massive lead against your opposition … because of which you can get an easy victory in the elections.

And guess what? SM Groups come and tell me … “this guy is stabbing you in the back. He is taking everything from you for his benefit … and he looks for every opportunity to stab you in the back.” We called Biden … Mr. BumBum … he just laughed at it and left it aside. Despite my aggressive criticism, Biden himself is repeatedly saying … “let’s work together … we can do this together”. And a Trump Team goes to Obamas and tells them … “hey, look at the language that he is using against Democrats and Biden … let’s shut him down.” Seriously?

I save your family from jail … I save you from getting impeached … I save your Presidency and country a dozen times … and you are taking my help while holding a dagger in your hand? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have no sense of direction? Will you just go kinky in any direction at any time?

All SM Groups are shocked at your behavior. They are telling me … “hey, this guy has no sense of principles or loyalty”. I am like … “why the hell are they telling me this … he is doing a great job … he is following logic and making the right decisions for his people and country.” I totally rejected the claim that Trump doesn’t have any principles or loyalty. And then they tell me … “well, you told us that … he is going to start the direct coordination soon and we have to prepare to launch a new era in America. We have been tracking him … but he has been trying to turn Obamas against you.” Lol.

Well, this is very bad. Firstly, you need to put a control on that Trump Team that is trying to turn Obamas against us. It was a terrible move. Secondly, we already publicly apologized for the “tough language” that we had used in the old posts. Yes, it was for your good … for the good of your family and country … but still we apologized. Thirdly, the tough language didn’t cost you a single dollar … but it helped in saving millions of lives, helped in saving your family from jail and your Presidency from impeachment … and it helped in making a great leader out of you.

Evaluate Pros and Cons
Always evaluate the pros and cons of anything before you take action. See what happened because of a particular action in real time … what are the benefits and losses you got from any action. Don’t come into action via brute force … “hey, I am the President … how dare he tell me this and that?” It can backfire … the millions of SM Groups that support and protect you … they can move away from you if you enter such a mode.

If you are going to be a person that takes all the help that he can get … while he holds a dagger in his other hand … then no one will trust you. It can have an adverse impact on your leadership, how people look at you and how they treat you.

I am working since months to create a great impression about Trump and the Trump Presidency … to build support for you and your re-election. And in one week, you flushed down everything down the toilet. Who is going to trust you if you function like this … and if this is how you are going to use the power that is given to you? Thanks to this massive blunder … you have opened all doors of victories for Democrats. It was an extremely silly thing to do.

What to do to get out of this mess?

  • Control Trump Teams. Firstly, check the activities of all Trump Teams and eliminate all negative activities from them. We told you before … security is important … all SM Groups check who is providing security for us and they instantly get 20% of votes based upon security itself. Despite, giving you this information … a Trump Team is trying to turn Obamas against us. How silly is that? SM Groups are considering re-evaluating everything now.
  • Turn the page. You need to turn the page on the past … the past is what brought you to the present. And if you look at the present … no one is jailed … no one is impeached … and you are headed towards your re-election. If any damage was done … it was because of Establishment bullshit … it was not because of our tough language. Our tough language did zero damage for you and brought a ton of good things for you. Its high time to turn the page.
  • Facts matter. We are saying that Trump is going to start direct coordination and SM groups are saying that … no, no, he is actually holding a dagger against you. Facts matter … everything is checked in real time what is going on at the ground level. In order to contain the fallout from this … show direct coordination and launch a few good policies … something that they can verify in real time.

Until the above happens … you have just opened the doors for Democrat victories.


Yes, I know SM Groups brought up this issue now because:

  • I am praising Trump excessively and supporting him very strongly
  • But many SM Groups complain that he has a dagger in his other hand … he is taking stuff for his benefit but he could be a security threat himself
  • And this is being discussed right before elections because SM Groups are wondering if we want such a President for 4 more years.

I am saying something but practical verifications are something else … now, SM Groups are confused on what to do.

Point number one. Just a few days ago, I mentioned that … all Establishment independent candidates should try to function via a coalition. It might be me, Obamas, Trumps, Putin and all other Establishment independent candidates at several levels in the Congress. When we function as a coalition … then we win. We cannot allow the Establishment to tear us apart with each and every issue. If we rip each other apart then we are only doing a favor for the Establishment.

If any major concern is there … I think that we should be able to bring it to the table … discuss it, solve it and move ahead … like adults. You should understand that … this is not routine work … we are working across parties, at different power levels, across borders, with different backgrounds and thinking … and sometimes even with different objectives. To add to this, we have the Establishment, media and adviser misleading. Some disagreements and differences are possible … today and even tomorrow.

Yes, I know … taking help and holding the dagger in the other hand behind … this is quite a concerning issue for many Groups. This actually affects the work in long term and it can have a direct impact one me and everyone who coordinate with us. I have put it on the table so that we can clarify it, fix it and move on.

Point number two. Yes, this is a surprising event for many. But Trump is not a bad guy … the thing is, he follows the advice of the people around him. It might be the works of one of Trump’s Team. Trump might not solely be responsible for this.

Point number three. The best decision most of the time is … what is right for the people and the country. That’s where our focus should be. SM Groups are as of now, evaluating Trump and Democrats for Presidential leadership and the leadership via Congress. This is basically how it works out:

  • Democrat Issue. As of now, based on their current policies … Biden will take America into a $46 Trillion debt crisis. Yes, I know … Democrats are very strong on security … but should my security cost $46 Trillion to the American people? We cannot hand over the White House to the Democrats solely on the basis of security. This would not be right for the people and the country. Good for me but a disaster for the country.
  • Trump Issue. If Trump is not interested in coordinating with us and taking America forward … it means that the cycles of humiliation will continue. Again Trump’s second term will be filled with war traps, humiliation for Trump and we will spend 4 more years only dodging one disaster after another. The Establishment has killed more than 200,000 American citizens in plain sight … and if still Trump doesn’t want to do anything about the Establishment then this is pretty shocking as well.

Solution in this crisis

  • Biden – Change Policies. Biden is slowing following us on many things. He has reduced spending by several times … chosen Kamala Harris instead of Warren … and now, he is also on the campaign trail. The major issue with Biden getting the White House is a debt of $46 Trillion for the American people. So, what I would suggest is … we should work on changing Biden’s policies. If Biden changes policies then he immediately qualifies for a win for the White House.
  • Trump – Eliminate Stagnation. He needs to fix the security issues and start leading with the right policies. As it is, Trump is ahead of the Democrats with no issues in policies. Technically, he qualifies for the White House more than Biden … as of today. Let’s say … Trump doesn’t care … he doesn’t care about trillions being drained from America … he doesn’t care if 200k American citizens are killed in plain sight and he is not interested in changing anything … he still doesn’t have disasters in his hands. Holding a dagger in his hand or not … he is still the President that followed us and cleaned up his Presidency. What’s a fact is a fact. In this scenario, we give strong leadership to Democrats from the ground level via the Senate and the House. Democrats will take America forward … all leadership and credit will be for them … and there will be a long line of Dem Presidents ahead.

Work on these 3 tracks … they will take America forward:

  • Change Biden’s policies … to help him get the White House
  • Help Democrats get the Senate and the House with the right policies
  • Help Trump eliminate security issues and lead with the right policies

Yes, its all about policies and all of the above 3 tracks will take America forward. And this will also solve the security problem … if Biden or Democrats work with us … we already have their security, it will be even more stronger. And if Trump works with us … we will maintain Democrat security as an additional shield.

What we are doing here is … just for the sake of my security, we are not pushing America into a $46 Trillion debt crisis … and just because there is a security issue from a Trump Team, we are not removing a President that has no issues in his policies. We are not doing anything disastrous for the country for the sake of my security … we are tactically taking the country forward … as well as maintaining a good security shell in all configurations. This should work out.