Trump opens doors of victories for Democrats

Great news for Biden and Democrats … doors of victories have been opened for you. And guess by who? President Donald J Trump himself. Lol. Congratulations.

We said one thing … “doesn’t matter what we write … don’t turn against us” … because whatever we write, it is for the good of the country and the people. I called Biden … Mr. BumBum … and guess who is turning against us? It seems that a team from Trump is contacting Obamas and using our language against Biden … to turn Obamas against us. Not only this team is not fully protecting us … but they are trying to get Obamas to flip against us.

What this particular Trump Team is apparently saying is that … “we are going to win … we don’t need to work with you … we don’t need to cooperate with you in anything. And if Trump loses … you will not see him and you will not talk to him again … you will not get this “priviledge” of talking to Trump.”

Back to cycle of humiliations
What some SM Groups report is that … “we are back to the same cycle of humiliations of Trump … where he is continuously abused and ridiculed … and we keep protecting him … where he doesn’t take America Forward … and he is not even interested in working with you since he thinks that he is already going to win.”

This is creating a shock among all SM Groups and they are saying … “hey, you told everyone that Trump is continuously trying to work with you … it is because of some malice at the local level that the coordination did not fall into place … and that this will get fixed very soon. We are waiting for a new era in America and we are getting new information that Trump is not even interested in working with you. What is going on?”

Two Possibilities
There are two possibilities in this situation.

  • A particular Team. There is already a team with Trump that is working on cooperating with us. This might be an opinion of another Trump team.
  • Democrats Lead. The second possibility is that … maybe Trump wants only the Presidency and he wants Democrats to lead and make the changes in America. He may want us to coordinate with Democrats instead … that’s why he is pushing us away.

Both scenarios open doors of victories for Democrats

If Trump has flipped in working with us and he doesn’t want to work with us anymore … or if he wants Democrats to take the lead in revolutionizing America … either ways, it opens doors of victories for Democrats.

Everything is verified by SM Groups
This is what Democrats and Trump both should know … SM Groups don’t take my word for everything … especially in key issues. For example, if I say that … “hey, Trump is trying to work with us and it is going to be realized soon … and soon, we will be working on new policies for America”. Then they will verify this at the ground level. They will check if the coordination has begun or not … they will check if Trump is successfully able to launch new policies or not … they will check if Trump is able to take America into a new era or not. And the same applies to Biden and Democrats.

Don’t think that … if I write, you will get victories. That used to happen during the Obama Era … that phase is long over. Everything is practically evaluated and verified.

Democrats helping Trump and Trump helping Democrats
This is a very interesting phase … where Democrats are helping Trump and Trump is helping Democrats. Trump was being humiliated and ridiculed for being stuck since his second year and allowing a criminal Establishment to loot and destroy America. And guess who came to Trump’s rescue? Democrats!

Democrats came up with massive blunders, Socialist disasters, financial catastrophes and possibilities of civil wars … and created a “crisis champion” out of Trump. Yes, who made Trump a crisis champion? Democrats … lol. Trump followed us and dodged all disasters and misleading … and Democrats fell for all disasters and Establishment misleading … thus they made Trump a crisis champion. Lol.

Now, Biden is doing simply awful … he has all of Establishment disasters in his hood and guess who is coming to his rescue? Donald J Trump!

Trump is saying … “to hell with America and fixing America’s problems … all I want is to win my second term. Who cares about the Establishment or the trillions that it is draining from the country? Let Democrats deal with it.” Who is opening these opportunities for Biden and Democrats? President Donald J Turmp himself. Lol.

Excellent teamwork … keep it up!

Basic Criteria for Wins – Security and Coordination
See … this opportunity is not from me … it is from Trump. We had basically closed the options for Biden in 2020 … because he is not doing anything right … a weak candidate, bad policies and even worse campaign. How do you expect changes and win in less than 2 months? But a nice thing that Trump has done for you is that … he has expanded and increased the “nuclear option” for Biden’s win.

There are some very strong Pro-Dem SM Groups in favor of Biden … they are maintaining a “nuclear option” to create a win for Biden. They wanted to use this in a rear scenario where Trump doesn’t work with us and if Biden works with us … and changes his policies to lead America with facts and logic. We didn’t give this much of a chance … because Biden’s policies are all wrong, he has not coordinated with us and he is showing complete party puppetry.

Here is the basic formula to win in politics in America … “fully secure us and coordinate with us … use facts and logic to lead the country”. Its an easy sentence to read … but there is very detailed work involved in it. Yes, before it was … “suck up to Israel to win in politics in America” … but this has changed to … “work with Active Democracy and use facts & logic to win in politics in America”. Glad to boot Israel from this position. Lol.

Keeping options open for Biden
We have been getting info on this issue since a few days from Pro-Dem Groups … they have been requesting us to keep options open for Biden and Democrats to lead the country. We are putting everything in favor of Trump … strongly supporting him … many SM Groups are aligning to protect him and support him … but interestingly, there are some teams among Trump that are not interested in changing America at all.

This is the information from different groups. We will not close the door for Trump … we will keep options open for him … since he has coordinated with us online more than any other candidate. But we will open options for Biden as well.

What Democrats need to do for wins?
There are many options ahead that Democrats can use for wins. But to target any win … any victory … these are the basic things that you need to do … all of this will be practically verified by SM Groups at the ground level before you get their support.

  • No party puppetry and no Establishment puppetry. If we show some disasters … in war or finance … then you need to use logic and save your country and your leadership from these disasters. Don’t double down on your disasters simply based on authority. “Hey, who the hell are you to tell me what to do? I will do whatever I want.” You can’t use an authoritarian approach … if you are open to coordination … and you will use logic to do what is right … then you will get lots of support. This is what’s verified at the ground level.
  • Country and People First. Don’t do stuff because your party or the media tells you to do. Logically evaluate everything and do only that is good for your country and people. I gave Trump one simple formula in his first year … “trust no one, evaluate everything”. Using this formula, Trump is able to follow logic and win against misleading.

If you can coordinate with us … start changing your policies and work on the above approach … then everything can start changing in your favor.

Election result not guaranteed
One thing that Biden needs to know is that … the result of this election is not guaranteed. There is a possibility that the election can be disqualified or postponed several months ahead. This means that … you don’t have only one month before election … you may have one year before the final election takes place. The result of this election may be the final one … but it may also be disqualified … and you may get more time … 6 months or one year to prepare, to pull people on your side and to win against Trump.

Biden’s win not guaranteed
The first question that Democrats or Biden may ask is that … “hey, do you guarantee Biden’s win?” No, we don’t … he may lose this November. But what happens when working with us is that … you get a huge boost in your chance to win. Today, your chance of winning the election is a mere 20% … based upon how well you coordinate, how you change your policies, how you follow the truth, facts and logic to lead your country … this chance of winning can move from 20% to 40-50%. You may win or you may not win. Time is too less and you have to prove a lot at the ground level to get this victory. But yes, working with us will definitely boost your chances for a win.

House and Senate – Democrat Victories
The time for a clear win in a Presidential campaign is very less … but winning House and Senate seats should be easy. All SM Groups focus on the candidate that coordinates with us directly. Why? Because this will be the candidate that will create new reforms and systems in America … and to create these reforms and systems, everyone comes to your support.

For example … if Trump has no interest in changing America and saving America from this malicious Establishment that drains trillions of American wealth and that has killed more than 200,000 American citizens in plain sight … and if Democrats take a lead in this … then everything will change in their favor. Yes, you will get a huge boost to win the Presidency … but more importantly, with fabulous policies … Dems can work in a team to pull maximum House and Senate seats. If Dems win the House and the Senate … then doesn’t matter who wins the Presidency … Dems will be running America.

All leadership will come under Dems and all reforms will be created under Dems. A new America being created by Dems means … a long line of Dem Presidents ahead.

Think outside the box
Don’t lock yourself in party and Establishment puppetry … don’t allow the media to dictate your moves. If you can coordinate well in using logic to do what is right for the people and the country … then Democrats can get several victories.

Trump will win via online support
Another thing … don’t sit there thinking that I will write in your favor and you will win because of my endorsement. No, it won’t work. Because we already wrote online … Trump has already removed all disasters from his policies … he is a clean candidate. Today, Democrats have many disasters in their policies … we cannot give you any policies via online mode. Trump himself has not got any policies because of which he is stuck since his second year. If you won’t coordinate directly … it means that you will continue with disastrous policies … which will automatically keep Trump’s chances of winning very high. But if you coordinate directly … start changing and start creating the right teams to lead your country … then your chances of victories open up.

Nuclear option was used in Trump’s favor in 2016
I don’t know if you know this … Hillary was going to win and Trump was going to lose in 2016. But since Hillary was a genocial maniac … the nuclear option was used in favor of Trump. Today, the victory has been decided in favor of Trump mainly because he dodged all disasters and Democrats fell for all disasters. But Trump is stuck since his second year … if you can show that you can transition away from bad policies and surpass Trump … then the nuclear option can be used in Biden’s favor.

Anything is possible.