Obamas should team up with Trump

I am risking my security shield from Obamas by helping Trump … yes, to some extent that might be true. But right now, we are not being in favor of Trump or in favor of Biden … we are being in favor of America. Biden is no competition to Trump … he is a pile of disasters … supporting Biden is supporting disasters for America.

Obamas need to start thinking outside the box now. Biden will lose and Trump will win … there is a 90% chance of this happening. Yes, its good to have your VP buddy as President … he will spend trillions and you will also make billions … and everyone lives happily ever after again. But Obama doesn’t have to rely on a failing candidate for his billions … he can easily team up with Trump to get his billions.

We gave one formula to Trump in his early years as President … when he was going for wars in Syria and North Korea. “Make your money while doing good for the country” … nobody will mind this. Everybody knows there is money in politics … everybody knows that the top guys are pocketing some cash. But this doesn’t have to be via disasters … it doesn’t have to be via wars, death and destruction … it doesn’t have to be via Socialist disasters. Don’t create disasters for the country and make your money off it … that would be terribly bad … stone cold and heartless.

That too in this era where everyone is actively involved in managing and leading the country … it can be a total disaster … either it will backfire greatly or it will not even be allowed to happen.

The best strategy for politicians to make their money in America is … by doing great things for the people. Make something constructive … do something useful … bring phenomenal change … something that people will love and appreciate. And in this process, if you make a few bucks on the side then no one will mind. They will see you for the great reforms that you are making and not the few bucks that go in your pocket.

This is the norm in politics … we know. We cannot make politics cent percent clean … that will never happen … we are practical and we go for stuff that actually works. Obamas should not insist on Biden … they should team up with Trump instead. Trump needs Obamas … Trump needs Democrat support … Trump needs protection from impeachment … Trump needs votes to do anything and everything big in America. There are a lot of dependencies on the Democrats for the President.

Screw the Democrat Establishment
Screw the Democrat Establishment … what have they ever done for Obama? They stabbed you in the back when you tried to audit the Federal Reserve … they always gave you only a handful of votes whenever you tried to change anything. Why should we be the puppets of the Establishment that only uses us for their gain and their benefit? Screw them.

This whole anti-Trump propaganda is total bullshit. It is totally baseless and hollow. You are seeing this from the second year itself … it is being failed again and again and again. Even Biden will most likely fail because he is banking on a hollow and baseless propaganda. And the biggest mistake that he made was of taking all of the Establishment’s misleading policies … that create an additional debt of $10 Trillion.

Team up with Trump
Banking on Biden … expecting a win from Biden … all of this is a waste of time. I know … its election year … just weeks before elections … a lot of excitement and eagerness is there … as to who will win. And as leading Democrats you want to do everything in favor of the Democrat candidate. But trust me, the decision is already made … why waste your energy on the wrong candidate.

The candidate had to respond at least one year ago … or even better at the beginning of the term. It needs a few years of training and live action to mold the candidate for the Presidency. Warren and Biden lost this chance … and its not all about chance … the talent and capability should also be there. Not everyone can manage the White House and lead the world.

Trump is doing just fine … he has proven that he can keep America safe … from every disaster possible and dodge every misleading possible from the Establishment. This is one of the reasons why he is chosen to lead from the top.

But then again, the issue with Trump is that … he is stuck and he doesn’t know how to take America forward. That’s where the coordination is required. There are many things that you can do for Trump and there are many things that Trump can do for you. You should team up for the good of the country.