Restrict Donors to the Political Level

Yes, I know … yesterday, they tried to create a false sex setup … day before that, they put chemicals in my room … and today, they are using chemicals to make me drowsy when I sit in the common area. We cannot waste our time investigating all of these events everyday … it’s a waste of time for everyone. We should eliminate this problem right from the root itself.

Sex setups started with donor contacts
If you see … I was there in several countries … but in none of the places we had a “sex setup” issue. Nothing in Malaysia or Indonesia … nothing in Russia or Serbia. It started off in Turkey and it is being continuously maintained in Armenia. Why?

Because in Turkey we started pulling donors for the work. And in Armenia it was at a peak with both Obamas and Trump trying to pull donors. Once these donor contacts came into the picture … that’s when these sex setups began. Otherwise, nobody cared to create a sex setup … it had no purpose.

Hierarchy Levels creating a Mess
Obamas and Trump are thinking that … they are doing something great by giving our reference and trying to pull some funding for our work. And they are hoping for a good relationship to be worked out so that the work begins. They are right on that front.

But what is actually happening at the ground level is totally different. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has his own ideas, plans and opinions. We have donors at the top … then we have donor contacts here representing them … then we have security guys, Residence Managers and visitors. Everyone is pitching in with their own ideas of control, ownership, self-benefit, commissions, analysis, judgement and political agenda … which is leading to moves to control the work, sex setups, false information, use of chemicals, abuse, hate, legal issues … to the extent that they are even creating residence issues let alone helping the work in any way.

Problem – Conventional Method
The root issue that is creating all of these problems is that … we are following a conventional method of trying to bring a company and donors together. Obamas and Trump are sending people to check me out … see what I do … they allowing them to experience what I write and how it works … and all of this is not resulting into anything positive.

The latest gimmick is that … they are putting some chemicals in a drink or on the floor to make me drowsy … and then they say … “ah look, he is so tired and drowsy … he is not ready to start the work”. Lol … this is the latest addition to sex setups, residence problems, false information and chemical abuse.

They are able to do all of this … only because we are allowing them to enter the operational level. Because they are allowed to meet me … they are allowed to live in the same residence … since they live with me, they have access to everything. But we don’t need donors or their contacts at the operational level at all. All of this information that they are working on of … sex setups, false information, chemical abuse, my personal life and residence issues … this doesn’t help in any way at all. This is not their purpose of being here … this is not their role in the work.

Restrict and maintain Donors at the Political level

Who is getting these donors? Obamas and Trump. The Donors must be restricted at the political level with Obamas and Trump. Obama donors remain connected with Obama … Trump donors remain connected with Trump. Whatever the give and take relationship you have … its among you. We have no involvement in that.

At the operational level … where we are working at … the Donors are required to only make the funds transfer and nothing more. In fact, we have a Donation Acceptance Agreement … which literally enlists all of these points … that there will be no Donor involvement in the work and there will be no ownership or control of the work by any Donors.

Till now, what has been happening is … every Tom, Dick and Harry is coming and dumping their truckload of crap … and walking away. Not a single dollar of benefit has been realized till date … but trucks load of crap has been realized. We need to end the crap.

Donor issues are a waste of time
As of now … one thousand Americans are dying every day … owing to Establishment malice … millions of acres of American land is being burnt to the ground … in the name of Climate Change via Establishment malice … and Joe Biden could become President and take America into a $46 Trillion debt crisis. Instead of working on the key issues that America faces … that 330 million people face … I am sitting and writing pages on sex setups, chemical abuse, residence problems, chemicals in the room, chemicals on the floor and chemicals in the tea.

These problems themselves are a waste of time. Let alone investigating and solving them. The root of all of these problems is … allowing donor contacts to reside next to me … and allowing them to interfere in my personal and work life.

Decent and Professional Meetings
This work needs to be done via decent and professional mettings with the donors. All donors should kindly remain wherever they are in the city … my contact number will be given to you. You can call and set up a meeting … and we can do things in a decent and professional manner. Please don’t send any of your contacts here.