No more access to donors please

We have to change how we are working with donors. This is quite important. Every Tom, Dick and Harry who can put a few million in the project is coming up with his own trash. We have to focus on doing the work and not sit and manage donor issues.

  • Absolutely no relations with donors. Please don’t send anyone new to the residence now. Don’t send anyone to “check me out” and be friends with me … all of that is waste of time.
  • Don’t give your info to donors. Don’t allow donors to experience what you experience and see … what we write … how it works … and the details on what we do. The more they get involved, the more messy and intrusive it can get.
  • No access to donors at all. Donors should not be given access to any information at all … other than basic objectives of the work and what we are working on. No access to private life, phone or laptop and no access to the project and its execution.

This is not a regular project … this is not a regular investment or donation.

  • Your Contact. The donor is your contact … you are reaching out to him / her for the contribution.
  • Your Relationship. The donor doesn’t get anything from us. The deal is done between you and the donor. Whatever they want from the President or US support … they strike the deal with you.
  • Move Funds. They should contact us only to move funds into our account and to do its related paperwork … nothing more.
  • Follow Up. After the donation is made … the relationship will continue between you two. We cannot be pulled in that relationship.

Its possible that … once the work moves on … if there are some good people … I might have good relations with them. But one thing that you should understand about the Matrix is that … more the people involved … more the levels of decision making ... more the chances of deviation and malice … and more the junk gets dumped in the process. In America, in all of the places that you are getting success … it is mainly because you get the direct info from us and you implement it directly. There are no intermediaries between you and me … which is why we are working at lightning speed.

Don’t follow the routine process of helping an organization with donors and sponsors.  Our work is very critical … its rattling the hell out of many major elements out there. Almost every project that we will work on is a multi-trillion dollar project that effects the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Barack Obama … a two time President of the United States … he himself doesn’t know what is going on and what to do … which is why his candidates and Party is flunking.

These donor contacts put around me … who are they? A security guy or an intelligence guy from India or Iran … what the hell does he know about world politics or Establishment malice worldwide? What does he know what is going on in America and what the President should or should not do? Barack Obama, a two time US President, himself does not know … what will these guys know?

They sit around me … running their own schemes of this and that … of sex setups … of using chemicals … spying on this and that … coming up with their own ideas … not liking if I am helping Trump … trying to show all of the shit that they can do. What is the use of all of this? How is this helping in any way? How is this their right to do all of this? Is this why they have been put here? What’s the purpose of their presence?

This is not their role … we don’t need them in this sphere at all. These should be the last people being planted around me. We have to totally change how we work with donors. We need to make it into a proper, decent and professional coordination. Just tell all future donors to … just make a call … meet professionally at any place and do the paperwork. Don’t give them access to anything. We need to filter out the junk and work with the right people that are suitable for this project.

Its not about the money … we should also be able to do the work after we get the finance. The right type of donors that are suitable for this work are:

  • Who can donate and let us do our work
  • Without trying to own, control, spy and influence the work
  • Who can separate with some money and not be so greedy to sit and extract benefits out of us
  • Who can do this professionally and also work with you in their interests
  • Without getting involved in my personal life and the project

This is what will help us identify the right donors. All other guys who are spying, offering girls, want to put their guys in the project or hire me and complaining about this and that … all of these guys are a waste of time. If you are seeing these activities from donors … then don’t waste your time with them. They will just use up weeks and months of our time and won’t do shit … because they are too cheap and cheesy to separate from their money … and they obsess over control and ownership of the work.

Don’t give donors any access … and see if they can fit into the profile that we are looking for. Don’t allow them to come to me and do their own study. We are not interested in their study and analysis whether they should make a donation or not. Studying me is not their concern and role. All of these conversations should end with you only. You only clarify everything that they need to know.

Try to pick the right donor with the right profile … so that things can move forward. And don’t waste time on junk donors.