Roles and Solutions

This screw up of donors is nothing new … it happened with other entities as well.

SM Network
Everyone comes up with their own mind, ideas and talent. Initially, what the SM Network wanted for me was … I should become a part of their network … and they would make me the most powerful politician in America to do this work. They would repeatedly use many people to invite me back to America.

I told them that it is not going to work because I already got a dream that showed that this plan would fail. I got the dream several months before they started inviting me to America … I didn’t understand what the dream was about. I got the dream that I am in a ship with Sylvester Stallone and we are travelling in the middle of the Ocean. We are attacked by skinny, skeletal, slimy zombie like human beings. Stallone keeps punching them one after another … his punches are so powerful that each of them goes flying into the water.

But then, there were so many of these zombies that there were thousands of them filling the ship completely. Stallone keeps saying “I could use some help … I could use some help” … but no help comes … we were alone in the Ocean … with thousands of zombies attacking us. And the ship sinks.

This was the dream that told me … don’t join the Matrix and don’t follow the political track … because this is what will happen to you in America. This is the dream that I had got during Obama’s first term. These thousands of attacks on Trump that you see … we already knew about it … we started preparing for security shields for this activity during Obama’s first term itself. That’s how Trump remains safe in the Ocean surrounded by negative zombies.

So, what I had to do was … show the SM Network what will work and what will not work. I told them about another dream with the Lioness next to me. This dream showed that I was working from outside America and I had a Lioness protecting me and working on the issues that I would show. We started working on this option … and we started getting success. I had to train the SM Network on how to become the Lioness in the game and use decision making control in the fields of intelligence, politics, media, corporations and judiciary to surpass and win against these thousands of zombies in the Ocean.

Same goes with Obama … even he made a proposal that wouldn’t work out. He said, let’s do this work under the Obama Foundation. Lol. I told him that it will not work … because he is a politician based in America. He will never be able to handle the political and legal pressure that he would have to face.

And today, look at the Democrat policies what they are … thank God that I didn’t join the Obama Foundation … otherwise I would have to campaign for Socialist disasters in America. Lol.

Michelle Obama
On the other hand, if you see Michelle Obama … she turned out to be a part of the Lioness Network. She is party independent … she doesn’t stuff any policies on me … she doesn’t push me to do anything nor does she ever ask anything from me. That’s exactly what the Lioness was doing in the dream … never pushing anything on me, never asking me anything … but always listening to me, protecting me and working on the issues that I show.

That’s why Michelle Obama is 10 times more successful, adored and respected than Barack Obama in the entire SM Network. She has become a part of the dream … a key part of the Lioness network … that is creating phenomenal change in America.


If you look at even Trump … in his first year … he had his own plans for Syria and North Korea. But the moment he started working with us … he started getting success in every country and in every field. This is again not in one dream but in several dreams … that I am working with world leaders and guiding them what to do in this crisis.

Many key entities in this game … came up with their own ideas and talent … but once they were put on the right track … where they were playing their roles correctly … then we started getting success. The same applies with donors. What they are doing right now is … showing their own ideas and talent. We need to bring them in the right role that they are supposed to play.

We can’t totally belittle and reject donors … but we also need to make sure that they play their role in the right manner and proportion. When we restrict them to their exact role … then we start getting success.

Donor Coordination
Please don’t give my residence address to anyone … and please don’t send anyone to my residence. This is how you instruct the donors:

  • Call this guy and meetup with him … (give them my phone number)
  • Discuss the work, do the paperwork and make the transfer

This is their only role. Nothing more than this should be allowed or accepted. If they say … “where does he live … we will check him out”. Tell them “it is not required … we already know the guy for several years. He is already vetted and we trust him.” If they say … “we will send our guys to his residence to collect info about him”. Tell them … “it is not required … we will give you all of the info that you need … ask us whatever you want to know. You are only required to meet him and make the transfer … and nothing more.”

Now or later on … if they say …

  • “He should date this girl and that girl” … tell them … it is not your concern.
  • “He did this on his phone and that on his laptop” … tell them … it is not your concern.
  • “We want to work with him … he should work with us” … tell them … this is not your role.
  • Absolutely nothing related to my private life or the project should be their concern. They have no role to play in either of them … other than donating to the work based on its objectives.

Yes, they can track my websites and see what we are doing now and in the future as well.

Don’t allow donors to do what you do
You guys are the leaders of the world. When you are tracking my work then I am okay with it … because you have to go out there and make decisions … you have to decide on policies and protect the country from disasters. But please don’t tell the donors to do what you are doing. Don’t tell them to spy on my phone and laptop to see the work that I am doing. This is not their role … they have no role in the work whatsoever.

Filter out junk donors
That’s why you need to restrict the activities of the donors to exactly what they should be doing … so that they can play their role successfully. Tell the donors to call me, do the paperwork and make the transfer … that’s the only thing that they should be doing. Putting the donors on the exact activities that they should be doing … helps us filter out the junk donors.

  • Donors who are too cheap and cheesy to donate
  • Donors who are here just to waste time
  • Malicious donors who are looking for control and ownership
  • And fake donors who are just screwing around

Putting the donors strictly on their check list helps us eliminate all of this junk. It will give us truly genuine donors who are interested in the work and who will benefit us positively. It will help us end all of these junk, intrusive and abusive activities that are doing on in the name of making donations. No more sending of donors to my residence … let’s change the way this is done … let’s get it done in a decent and professional manner.