Need to manage “donor scope”

This page will be useful for Obamas and Trump … as both of them are involved in pulling donors for our project. There is an important need to understand and manage “donor scope” in the work. This will help us avoid a lot of ongoing bullshit that is only wasting time.

Managing Mueller’s Scope
Its something like managing Mueller’s scope. He was literally terrorizing the Trump Presidency … investigating anyone and everyone for anything and everything. Just because he was the investigator … he couldn’t go around abusing and terrorizing the President, his family and his Administration. His job was to prove “collusion” and his scope had to be limited to collusion related activities … and nothing more. Once Mueller was managed correctly then we got the right outcome from the investigation.

Managing Donor Scope
Similarly, there is an important need to manage what the donors can get involved in … what they can and cannot do. Its not just about the current donor contacts here … but in general, this is what donors have been doing.

  • Relations. Will he have sex with my girls? Will he marry my daughter or sister?
  • Control. Will he work with us? Will he hire our guys in the project?
  • Self-Benefit. Donors are thinking how can I reap benefits from this project? Contacts over here are thinking how can we take commissions from this project?
  • False Information. Using and telling other residents to provide false and negative information.
  • Spying 24/7. Sitting there and spying on my phone and laptop 24/7.
  • Legal Issues. Taking the liberty to even create legal and residency related issues.
  • Chemicals. Also using chemicals to abuse me.

The donors are all over the place … they have no sense of direction and scope … what they can and cannot do. Just because they are putting a few petty million in our project … they are treating themselves as if they are the descendants of God and they can do whatever they want … and try to own my work and my private life. The value of my work goes in trillions. The wars that we stop … saves trillions … the financial catastrophes that we stop … save trillions … the reforms that we create … save and generate trillions. For some petty millions that they are supposed to put in the work … they are giving me unnecessary and irrelevant bullshit … which they have absolutely no right to do.

Dicks not welcome
This is my project and eventually, I will decide who will and will not be a part of the project. We have no time for dicks and we will never allow dicks to be a part of the project. Dicks will be dicks … before making the donation and even after making the donation. We have absolutely no time and scope to manage any kind of dickery from any donors. If you want to be dicks … then please shove your money up your ass and keep walking. We don’t give a shit who you are or how much money you have … we don’t have time for dicks.

Exact activities of the donors
This is what Obamas and Trump should keep in mind. There is absolutely no scope of any kind of donor control, ownership or management of the project whatsoever. In fact, we have a contract that specifically states all of these points. They have no right to intervene in the project in anyway whatsoever … forget about my personal life. In the initial phases, SM Groups also tried to get involved in my personal life … I told them … “I will blast your balls if you try to get involved in my personal life”. Lol.

“Focus only on the project … how I am helping your people and country. If you try to get involved in my personal life … I will blast your balls.” I am very very protective of my personal and private life … I am not for sale here. They are donating for the project … if they like the project then they donate … otherwise, thank you very much … nice to see you … will meet again if life permits.

These are the exact activities that you should track of any donor:

  • Call and verify identity. They should call or reach out to me … and verify who I am. The donation should be made to me and not anyone else … that’s what the verification is for.
  • Paperwork and transfer. The lawyer does the paperwork and the transfer is made.
  • Confirm with the banks. Just in case, my bank calls asking what this money is for and who made this transfer … then they should confirm the same.

That’s it … these are the only 3 activities that donors should be involved in and nothing more at all. If they are doing anything else … then it is out of their scope. Do not entertain any content or activities other than the above.

Activities to block and stop
None of the donors have done what they should have and these are the activities that they are doing which should be blocked and stopped.

  • Spying on my phone and laptop … what I do on my phone and laptop is none of their business … it is not a part of their scope and role.
  • Date this girl and that girl … my private life is none of their business … they don’t get to dump whatever bullshit comes in their head.
  • “He did that … he went there … he saw this movie and that movie” … its none of your business. You don’t have a say in my private life … just for a petty millions … I am not for sale here.
  • “Work for me … hire my guys” … get lost … we don’t have time for this bullshit.

The only thing that they are obsessing is on spying, controlling and owning the work and my private life in one way or the other. Donors are supposed to help in the work and not be dicks and obstacles in the work.

Coordinate with Trump and Obamas
Donors get absolutely nothing from me whatsoever. There is no financial return for you … there is no commitment for you in any way at all … in relations or ownership or management or whatever. You donate and take a walk. The only thing that you get to verify is the work and its key objectives … you like it then donate … otherwise, take a walk. I don’t have time for bullshit from you.

If you want to talk … then you talk to Trump and Obamas. They are your contact points … there is no contact point for you here. If you want some returns from the project … talk to Trump and Obamas. If you want to offer your girls … then offer them to Trump and Obamas. If you want to marry … then go and marry Trump or Obama. Whatever interest you want to show … talk it over with Trump and Obamas. We do not have the scope and will not entertain any of this.

Please stop sending donor contacts to my residence
Both Trump and Obamas need to stop sending any donor contacts to my residence … please do not send them here anymore. There is no reason for them to come to my residence at all.

  • Whatever information they need … you give it to them
  • They don’t have to come here and investigate anything at all
  • The moment they come here a long line of shit show is beginning
  • We need to break this cycle of shit shows

The donors need to remain exactly where they are in the city and …

  • They will call me and fix a time to meet up
  • I will meet them in their office, residence or third place
  • We will have a proper introduction … discuss the work and its objectives … and if they are interested then we do the paperwork and take it forward from there

Please DO NOT send anyone new here. Regarding the current donor contacts here … see if they are truly interested in following the exact steps that they should be taking. If they are not interested in taking the right steps … then thank you very much … please don’t waste my time and your time. Don’t look at them as prospective donors … they are just wasting time.

Need to dismantle this process
The current ongoing process is very lengthy, ineffective and time consuming. You guys are calling donors … they are sending their contacts … there is an investigation for several months … bullshit information is being created … bullshit information is being sent … I am having to manage all of this bullshit. For what? Why do we have to put up with all of this at all?

If some donor is truly interested … give my phone number to him / her … and ask them to setup a proper meeting. This ongoing process is total bullshit. There is absolutely no role for the donor in the project at all … other than donating to the project. This process doesn’t work. In fact, its becoming a playground for mischievous elements … and I have to put up with unnecessary dickery.

Helps in identifying genuine donors
Using with the right process where … the donor makes a direct contact, discusses the work and does the right paperwork … this process helps in identifying the right and genuine donors … who would be helpful for the work. The process of donor contacts spying on me … investigating for months … and creating bullshit … how is this helpful and how is this their right to do? Especially when, we will not allow the donors to interfere in the work at all? Why are we giving them the right to spy and interfere in my private life? This is ridiculous and uncontrolled dickery without bounds.

Tell the donors “do not send any of their contacts” to my residence. Whatever questions and verifications they need to ask and make … tell them that you will be their contact point for that. Whatever they need to ask … they should ask Obamas and Trump. Please don’t allow them to make any kind of relation or friendship with me … I don’t entertain that … I don’t have time for that. You will be my contact point in dealing with all of these donors. Once a donation is made … I will contact you again and you will tell them what to do next. You are my contact point and you should be their contact point as well. Whatever questions and investigations they have … tell them to clarify that with you.

This change in process will help us eliminate all of these bogus, cheap and cheesy donors … who are just interested in owning and controlling the work … and who are looking for benefits for themselves.

Do not send any donor contact to my residence
Again … please do not send any donor contact to my residence. I had enough of it. Later, if I take a private residence … then what will they do? They will enter my house … sit in the next room and spy on me for months? This is not how they are supposed to function. Please change the process … and get rid of the cheap and cheesy who are wasting time. I am myself looking for another place to move to … please don’t send anyone there. You guys are thinking that you are doing great service for me … but you don’t realize that I am getting more and more bullshit in my life to put up with.

Thanks for the help … but if the help doesn’t get realized … and only bullshit is getting realized … then what’s the point?