Democrat Old Era Issues Big Headed Free-Loading Party Puppets ... Lol

People Centric Leadership

In order to take America Forward … the first thing that Michelle Obama needs to do is … take a neutral party independent stand. Let your thinking and approach be “people centric”. This is a sign of a true leader … he always does what is right for the people and his country … its America First and People First. It cannot be Democrat Party first … and it cannot be Republican Party first … it has to be People First under every leader.

If you can think like this … if you can lead with the right strategies, actions and policies to get this done … then you are the leader that America needs. Right now, Trump is stuck and Democrat candidates are taking America into a disastrous direction. America needs Michelle Obama … mainly because … not only you are bold and talented … but you are also not a Politician, making you party independent. To make the right decisions … it will be far more easy for you than Barack Obama.

So, don’t mind the grilling of the top Democrat leaders for the next two months. In this phase, not only you are supposed to help us but you also need to help the top leaders in America to create the right coalitions to take America Forward.

Obama creating Democrat Failures
We are talking about Obama while it is Trump who is getting re-elected and he faces Biden … because Obama is the key candidate behind Democrat candidates. Obama is bringing a few good things but also many bad things into the campaign and approach of these leaders. Obama is giving his good points to them … and he is also giving his bad points to them.

On this page, you will know why Democrat candidates are failing and why Trump is winning. Why Democrat candidates don’t get SM support and why Trump gets SM support? There are 3 key points why Democrat candidates are failing. All of these are old era issues … Democrats are still stuck in the old era … while Trump has already moved into the new era.

Issue 01. Party Puppets.

If you see the Obama Presidency … then you will find very rare occasions where Obama stood up to his Party and took actions or created policies against his Party’s wishes. For example, he promised to stop all wars … but he ended up bombing half a dozen countries. Why? Because this is how the Establishment’s system around the President functions. They mislead the President via military & intelligence advisers, via the media and via party leaders.

We told him not to sponsor rebels in Syria … he chose not to bomb Syria but he still supported the rebels in Syria. Why? Because Obama followed party politics and everyone voted to support rebel forces in Syria … after a few years, a million people were killed and more than 10 million people were displaced from their homes … because of this decision.

Now, since Obama is involved in the key Presidential candidates … he is putting his minus and plus points in these candidates as well.

  • Warren. Warren went for Socialism, Climate Change, Green New Deal, Blue New Deal and anti-Trumpism and what not. Its because the Democrat Establishment wanted these policies.
  • Biden. If you see Biden’s campaign then you will see all of these policies in their “toned down” version. Doesn’t matter what scale you carry it out … a disaster will always be a disaster. Warren wanted to spend $100 Trillion on Climate Change and $30 Trillion on Medicare for All … with the current $26 Trillion debt … the total debt in America will become more than $156 Trillion. Biden has policies that will cost America $10 Trillion … along with the ongoing debt crisis that creates $1 Trillion of debt every year … the total debt under Biden $46 Trillion … which is stil a whooping amount. Biden is stuck with the same policies because that’s what the Democrat Establishment wants to promote.

There is no sign from Democrats that they can rise against their party and do what is right for the American people. They don’t show signs of leadership … but they show signs of puppetry.

On the other hand, if you look at Trump … Trump has made the Republican Party a party of Trump. Let alone rising above party politics … he literally dominates and made the entire party his own. If Trump can rise above party politics … then why can’t you? If Trump can go against and do different than what his party wants … then why can’t you?

Democrats have a “mental illusion” that they are better than Trump … but are you? Are you better than Trump in real time? You just enjoy the anti-Trumpism in the media … and think that, by default, that you are better … just because you are not the one that is being criticized. But in reality … in facts … are you better than Trump? Are you able to control your party? Are you able to bring your party on the lines of your policies? Let alone following party policies … he brought the entire party to follow his policies.

This is a spectacular accomplishment and spectacular control over the Republican Party. You think that you are better than Trump … but are you? “Party puppetry” is one of the biggest issues among all leading Democrat candidates.

Issue 02. Freeloading
Again … Warren and Biden are trying to do the same … “freeloading” from our work. Why? This is also an Obama issue. Obama is trying to create Obama 2.0 … he is simply guiding the candidates to repeat whatever he did during his Presidency … thinking that they will also get the victories, just like he got.

This is what happened under Obama’s first term itself. SM Groups thought that I am writing a book … and that I will publish this book and go on a book tour. They were preparing publishers to publish my book and help me with the book tour. But I kept on writing and writing and writing … I crossed 400 pages … then 500 pages … then 600 pages … and they were like “what, you want to publish a big fat dictionary of a thousand pages or what? Stop writing and publish your content!” I told them … “who the hell wants to be a book author here? Get to work … let’s stop the damn wars. Start working on what I am writing … there is no book going to be published.” And I would give complete details of who the Establishment is … how they are networked … how they are pulling their moves and what we need to do.

The SM Network was stunned at the information that they were getting and they were very grateful. And they would keep asking … “what do you want for this? Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you? We thought you wanted to make money off the book? What do you want?” I told them … “I just want the wars to stop … that’s my objective”.

Identified Obama as a freeloader
In order to stop the wars … we couldn’t allow Mitt Romney to get elected … we had to help Obama. We activated all SM Groups to help Obama win. We got the victory … but unluckily, many SM Groups identified Obama as a freeloader and a parasite on our work. They were pissed off at Obama for doing nothing for us … while simply leeching off our work. That’s how they saw it.

They would keep on telling me … “those guys are just freeloading on your work … they are parasites … why are you helping them?” I told them … “if Obama wants to suck on my work like a parasite … then I welcome this parasite to suck on my work. That’s what I want him to do. I want him to know what is going on and I want him to stop the wars. This is my key objective. What do you expect me to do? Ask payment from Obama for stopping wars? That’s just cheesy. You ask me what I want … how would you put a price on this work? How much do you value the life of one American soldier? There is no price for the lives that we save … their lives are priceless … this work is priceless. We save millions of lives … you can never pay the true value of this work.

Taking a payment for stopping wars is just nullifying and belittling our work. What am I supposed to do if Obama doesn’t pay up? Stop helping him and let him destroy the world? This life that we are saving … this life is given to that human being by God. Only God has the authority and powers to reward me for this work. No way in hell, I am going to nullify my work by taking a shitty payment for it in this world. I want to stand in front of God … with the hundreds of millions of lives that I have saved and helped. That day, I will be thanking God for choosing me for this work. I want to see that day.

If Obama wants to suck on me … let him suck on me … I don’t mind. I want him to follow what I write.”

Obama spent a part of his first term and full second term … freeloading from my work … which I was totally okay with. And then Republicans also used my work and my approach to politics … in order to win both houses of the Congress. It was good info and it was working … it was freely available … and it was very popular among the entire SM Network.

Warren and Biden Freeloading
In Obama’s defense, he was actually allowed to freeload from our work and when we requested help … he pulled the necessary strings to help our work. The issue with freeloading comes with Warren and Biden. Our work to stop wars will always be free … but as we moved more in depth … there is a huge requirement to dismantle monopoly of the Establishment … to stop all of its exploitation systems in America and in the West. So, we formulated an entire program for that … and we were looking for the sponsorships for the same. The Trump Presidency began and Trump vaporized terrorism and stopped all wars.

The issue of wars is already over. Now, the requirement is of systemic change … which can be done only via direct coordination. And what is Obama telling Warren and Biden to do? “Relax … sit back and read … he will give you all of the info … just secure him and you will win” … lol.

  • Warren. That’s why Warren was standing there and saying again again … “Structural change! Establishment! Reforms! Security!” She was trying to show strong association with us but running totally disastrous policies. SM Groups were like … “if she wants to work with him … then why only the slogans? Why hasn’t she made any direct contact? Why is she running disastrous policies? Why doesn’t she learn anything?” They gave her some time and then pulled down her candidacy. She was trying to follow Obama’s style of just sitting and reading what I write … while doing whatever she wanted.
  • Biden. Same goes with Biden … he is trying to show association with us by statements like … “I will be an ally of light! I will protect your family like I protect mine! We can do this together! And so on … if he really means it … then why only the slogans? He is also seen as a freeloader who is trying to pull off an Obama 2.0.

Freeloading was allowed and worked for Obama because the biggest crisis that Obama was facing was of wars and terrorism. It could be addressed and managed by one website. Trump has vaporized all wars and terrorism … and he himself is stuck in the game since his second year. Warren and Biden were thinking that if they enter the Obama mode then they will win … which is ridiculous.

Issue 03. Simply too bigheaded
SM Groups see Democrat leaders as simply too bigheaded. They are stuck in an old era of thinking, methodology, campaign, party control and policies … and they are too bigheaded to contact, to learn, to understand, to formulate the right policies and to lead the country correctly and successfully. They see nothing but stagnation and disasters under Democrats … because that’s what we got under Obama. Half a dozen countries were being bombed … a million people killed and tens of millions displaced … while no major change happened for America. Absolutely no SM Group wants an Obama 2.0 in America.

On the other hand, if you see Trump … he did stuff in one day that Obama didn’t do in 8 years. All Obama had to do was cut off funds and weapons supply in the war zones. But he allowed party politics to play its role … the military and political advisers to play their role … terrorists groups turned into terrorist armies … and it was a complete disastrous mess.

With just 2-3 pages of content that we wrote … Trump changed his direction in North Korea, Syria, Turkey-Kurdish zones, Afghanistan, Venezuela ... Trump was not too bigheaded to follow … Trump did not start half a dozen wars … but he saved the world from half a dozen new wars. And Democrats think that they are better than Trump … hell no, you are not … you just don’t realize it.

We keep you safe!

Another reason why Democrats think that they should win 2020 is because they keep me safe. Firstly, it is Michelle Obama that keeps me safe … not Warren or Biden … Michelle is enough for my security. Secondly, if you think that maintaining security for one guy is such a great task … then you should try it as well … and you will understand why SM Groups were furious against Obama and calling him a parasite.

We should put Obama, Warren and Biden … in one dormitory room or single room … and give them 500 bucks and tell them to …

  • Use that money for rent, food, clothes, medicines, travel, visas, tickets and lawyer fees, if needed
  • They should do their duty to America … write thousands of pages … that will protect 330 million Americans from wars and Socialist disasters
  • They should save trillions and generate trillions for the world economy
  • While they are doing that … they should also face Establishment malice of chemicals, legal pressure and residence issues
  • And they should successfully bust and stop the malice of trillionaire bankers of the world

Let’s see … for how many months and years can Obama, Biden and Warren can do this … with just 500-1000 bucks at their disposal. And if you write anything against Democrats … we will threaten to take away even this from you … this is the scenario we should put all of these 3 candidates in. I am doing this since the past 13 years.

You think that security is just enough and it qualifies you for the Presidency? Heh … hell no … SM Groups were furious against Obama in 2012 itself and they were furious against Trump in 2017 when he didn’t start direct coordination. This is 2020 and you are sitting there … giving me promises of … “we will secure you … give us the Presidency … we will secure you … give us the Presidency”. SM Groups ask me … “can we just decimate their candidacy for good?”

Why Michelle is loved?
We don’t need a President to secure me … Michelle Obama is more than enough. She is loved by all SM Groups because she never asked me for anything. She always helped me and never asked me anything for herself.

Democrats … big headed freeloading party puppets
To sum it up … Democrats are stuck in an old era political system … of something that happened during the Obama era. Obama is just trying to replicate and create Obama 2.0s. You don’t realize and understand Trump’s lead in the game.

  • You don’t realize how Trump stopped half a dozen wars
  • You don’t realize how Trump has surpassed party politics, media and Establishment misleading
  • You don’t realize how Trump is using facts and logic to make every decision to keep America and the American people first
  • You don’t realize this because all of this is not mentioned in the mainstream media and it is not recognized publicly by everyone. Just because it is not recognized it does not mean that it did not happen.
  • Just because Trump is criticized by the Establishment owned media … you think that you are better than Trump by default … when in reality, you are seen as big headed freeloading party puppets by the majority of SM Groups.

This is why Democrats keep on failing and Trump keeps on winning … because Democrats never realized, never learnt and never took the right moves to be better. You are stuck in the same bookish politics and party puppetry of the past.

Do different in 2024
It is quite unlikely that bigheaded freeloading party puppets will enter the White House. But you can definitely do better for 2024.