Major reasons why support for Trump was restricted

Okay … so, here are the major reasons why support for Trump was restricted among SM Groups and the biggest challenges that Trump faces in getting re-elected.

  • Pro-Biden Group’s call for help. We knew that Biden wouldn’t be able to make it … the time is too less and he had too much of catching up to do. Even then, based upon the request … we gave him the key steps to qualify for a win in 2020. We played it very fair … and gave him the time and chance to change and show the right type of leadership for the country.
  • Right Team and the Right Policies. We suggested Biden to create the right team and policies for a win. He made the right choice in his team … he avoided Warren and went for Harris. Actually, Bill de Blasio would be the right VP … but he wanted to pick someone from his shortlist … Harris is like a 4 out of 10 in Presidential Leadership. However, she is still better than Warren. But Biden has not shown any changes in policies … he is probably locked into the current policies by the Democrat Establishment. And this is the biggest reason why his candidacy can fail.
  • Dems will work with you. Another strong argument that Pro-Biden groups were making was that … “Dems protect you and they will work with you … and America can move forward under Dems.” Yes, Michelle Obama definitely protects us … we have a key role for her to play ahead. But what’s the point of “Dems will work with you” when they are not ready to change policies? Who will change Biden’s policies once we give him the Presidency? They won’t give a shit once they get the Presidency … they will run those disastrous policies because they will think that … they got elected because of those policies. The only thing that Biden is continuously saying is that … “we will work with you … we will support you … we will be an ally of the light … we will take America out of darkness”.
    If Biden is seriously interested and means what he says … then why just keep tweeting about it and why not actually make a direct contact and start understanding and changing his policies? He is only craving for the Presidency and making every promise so that we give him the Presidency. But once we give him the Presidency … there is no way to control him or change him … because he is already committed to the Dem Establishment. He got the nomination so that he runs these policies … he is hardcore controlled by the Dem Establishment. If he cannot show enough leadership to change policies … then what’s the point of having a leader who does not and cannot change? It will be like dealing with George Bush.
  • Security. Some groups were concerned that Trump was creating security issues for us. But that has been worked upon … God willing … there won’t be any security issues from Trump for us. Just because of the past and this particular doubt … don’t vote for Biden. Trump should not be disqualified because of the past.
  • Coordination. I am working on it. Biden is showing zero coordination in changing any policies. On the other hand, Trump has coordinated and changed many policies and actions … he has coordinated with us more than any other leader. Many SM Groups are thinking that Dems will coordinate with us more … but that’s not the case in real time … its Trump who is coordinating with us much more. Dems seem to be “big headed”. I am working on the direct coordination issue … there are some local issues here … donors instead of making donations … they run some shit shows of their own. Lol. Apart from making donations which should be their focus … they sit here and do some other bullshit. Lol.
  • Anti-Trumpism. Now, when we have dealt with SM based issues … the only major issue that we have to deal with is anti-Trumpism. If Trump had launched one or two key policies and initiated systemic reform in America … then we would have crushed anti-Trumpism a long time ago. It still remains a major issue and Biden could actually get votes because of anti-Trumpism … actually, that’s the only major reason why Biden is going to get some votes.

Based on the request of Pro-Biden groups … we gave the advice and we also gave the time to respond and change. Biden made one or two changes … but he still has many disastrous policies. These policies will be his biggest disadvantage and he can lose the election because of these policies.

America has to move forward … one way or the other. To keep things fair and just … we will not decimate Biden … because he is a friend of Obamas and we like Obamas. And because he is not a Satanist or a puppet of the Establishment … we are just dealing with a nice old guy who has no idea of what is going on. So, we will not totally shut you out … we will keep things open for you … and we will show you the paths of how you can get victory. It will be upto you to play the right moves in order to win. 

You can’t just sit there and say … “give me the Presidency … give me the Presidency … give me the Presidency” … no, it doesn’t work that way. This is not being selected as VP … the Presidency is totally a different ball game. You have to show leadership, you have to show decision making, you have to show change and you have to show the right decisions … its then that SM Groups will favor you.

The entire SM Network is waiting to know … who is more eligible to be President? Who should we make President in 2020? We will be doing a practical evaluation … where you can see via facts and logic … who would be a better President for America … Trump or Biden? With the evaluation, you will know your pluses and minuses. If you win … you will know, why you won. If you lose … you will know, why you lost.

Michelle Obama – A key role ahead
Michelle Obama has to play a key role ahead in taking America forward. Because both candidates have issues … which are hindering the progress of the country. This phase is all about coalitions and the right policies. You have to step in to help the President to lead the country and to take America Forward. Thank you for your security … we love you for that. But your country needs you to expand your role a little bit more.

Actually, your role in security couldn’t be more important in this phase … because Dems will most likely lose in 2020 … and I have to write the issues with Obama’s leadership, Nancy Pelosi, Warren and Biden’s leadership … in order to explain why Biden is going to fail. And all of these are nice and lovely people … Obama, Pelosi, Warren and Biden … they are not Satanic puppets … like Hillary and Bush. But we are in a totally different era now … and the major issues with them is the old way of thinking, methodology, decision making and policies. This is the main reason why Dems are failing … they don’t know and they don’t understand what is going on right now. Trump is winning because he is making the right decisions and showing the right leadership that fits into this era. That’s why he has the majority of SM support.

Helping Democrats is something like … a doctor telling you what ailment you have. It’s the responsibility of the Doctor to correctly diagnose you and to tell you what ailment you have … and then he cures you from the same. For example … if you have Corona and the Doctor does not tell you because he does not want to hurt your feelings because you are such a nice person … then is the Doctor doing his duty?

If the Doctor hides the fact that you have Corona … just because he doesn’t want to hurt you or because you will feel bad … then is that a good thing or a bad thing for you? Doesn’t matter what ailment you have … cough, cold or Corona … it is the responsibility of the Doctor to tell you about it and to treat you.

Some patients like Warren freak out … when her ailment is pointed out to her. Lol. That’s why we are not even telling anything to Biden directly. We are not sending his campaign any messages at all. We are sending the info only to a third person … that is Obamas … so that you can help him.

But the patients should not freak out … “what the hell … how dare you say this to me and that to me?! How dare you say that I have cough and cold?” Especially, when we are dealing with candidates like Obama, Pelosi, Warren and Biden … who happen to form the top cream of the Democrat Party. So, here is where your security, my dear lovely Michelle Obama, plays an even more important role.

In all fairness, Trump already went through all of these iterations in his first year. He reversed his bad moves and moved ahead with only good moves … he has mostly a very clean campaign now. But this was not done for any Democrats … none of their policies were changed and none of their moves evaluated … that’s why we have a lot of issues among Dems now.

This is the main reason why Dems are failing. If Michelle can step forward and help them, then atleast in 2024, we can have a Dem President.