Coordination and Security Key deciding factors for a 2020 win

This page should help Trump and Biden. We are trying to help both candidates become better and win 2020. The main reason we are talking about “coordination and security” in these days is because … these two elements are becoming key factors among SM Groups in deciding who should be given the White House.

Interesting SM Groups in favor of Biden

Not everything is bad news for Biden … yes, he severely lags in policies … but there are two types of SM Groups that favor Biden.

  • Surpass Trump. This is the bigger group that holds the majority … what they say is that … “Biden has to logically and factually surpass Trump to get the White House. He should be better than Trump in all policies and practical application of his policies … then we will support him for the White House.”
  • Pro-Biden. And then there is a hardcore Pro-Biden group … they are extremely weary and tired of Trump’s inaction on the Establishment. The way they see things is … “Democrats already protect Active Democracy … the Establishment shitshow will continue under Biden. Biden will work with Active Democracy at the tap of a finger. There is no fear of the Establishment among Democrats. We really don’t care about Biden’s policies … we want to get rid of the guy who doesn’t take any action … and bring in someone who will do what is right for America. Let Biden evolve just the way Trump evolved with Active Democracy. Biden’s Presidency will be far better because he will actually directly work with Active Dem and run the right policies for America … which Trump has failed to do till date.”

What you are seeing here is … the majority of SM Groups are still practically and factually evaluating both Trump and Biden … but since Trump is stuck since a long time … there are groups forming in support of Biden. And the good news for Biden is that … with every good move that you take … more and more groups are becoming Pro-Biden. Unluckily, the support, promotion and protection for Trump is falling because of this redistribution of SM Groups. Till date, you have taken these moves and support for you has increased with these moves:

  • You have removed socialist policies from your campaign … it is getting you more support.
  • You have chosen Harris and not Warren … this is also getting you more support.
  • You have toned down the spending by 10 times … it is a good move but it is not getting you support because these policies are wrong. You need to reconfigure these policies.
  • But your strongest points are … backing from Obamas, security and coordination with us.

Why SM Groups believe more in Biden for coordination?
This is because … what SM Groups saw was that … Obama was trying to get sponsors for our work during the last 3 months of his Presidency. His two terms were almost over … there was nothing for Obama to gain or win … he was pulling sponsors for our work because he knew that what we were doing was right. On the contrary, they see that Trump has been in office for almost 4 years now and still he has not moved ahead with direct coordination or got sponsors for us. This is the key reason why many SM Groups believe more in Democrats than Trump.

But in all fairness … Trump has made a lot of effort in trying to get donors for our work. Many SM Groups don’t know about it because we don’t write all details … but there were a lot of ongoing shit shows at the local level here … where every shitty excuse was being used to stall or reject sponsorships. There is a local level game here which we are helping Obamas and Trump surpass in order to make the connection.

Security Concerns
We are giving details about security arrangements to Trump … mainly because this is one of the key factors that is being considered to decide 2020. We don’t actually think that Trump will be very strong on security … mainly because it is not his specialty. He is a hotel owner and Obamas are lawyers … both of them are Harvard Lawyers. So, where Trump says … “I don’t even know the guy … I hardly ever met him” … Obamas roll up their sleeves and kick ass. It’s a difference in mindset and qualifications.

Its not that Trump can’t secure us … but we would always go with an additional shield of security with Obamas and Putin. Because they have a better proven record on security … but Trump needs to work on security aspects because it is one of the key factors being considered in deciding 2020. If things turn worse … then we can get Obamas and Putin involved more in depth. But maintaining some basic security shells will be good for Trump. All SM Groups need to know is that … is Trump securing Active Democracy or not? Because from their perspective … if you don’t even secure the person then how the hell will you ever work with him?

Coordination Concerns
There are issues on both sides when coordination is concerned. The majority of the groups say that … Biden should run with the right policies and not just trillion dollar handouts. Here is where Biden needs to coordinate to formulate the right policies. Yes, there might be a little bit of less enthusiasm as of now … but with our policies you can get the entire country to rally for you. They are very strong policies that create phenomenal and feasible change.

Yes, some people see Biden as a weak candidate … but for this, you are already taking measures to pull in the right team. You can use the entire team to market and promote the right policies. You have already taken a few good steps … now, with good policies you can consolidate your chances for a win.

Coordination is a concern for Trump also because he is stuck in the game and there is a separate SM group which is continuously increasing in size with every good step that Biden takes. The more logic Biden follows, the bigger this support group gets for him. They don’t even believe in Trump … they have already lost hope in Trump. They believe in Biden because of the close coordination and security that Obamas have provided us. They belive that … “doesn’t matter what … let’s just help Biden win … the Establishment will continue to screw around and Biden will definitely work with Active Democracy … and then America will finally move forward … instead of wasting 4 more years under Trump.”

It’s a risky approach that doesn’t have proven good policies under the candidate … but that’s the risk that they want to take instead of relying on Trump.

2020 has not yet been decided in favor of any candidate yet. It is turning out to be an interesting election. In 2016, everyone thought that Trump would lose because of his sex scandals and that Hillary would win. And now, everyone thinks that Biden may lose … but he could pull off a surprise victory.

Tip for Biden: Don’t get rattled, scared, angry or worrisome when we criticize any of your actions of policies. Look at the logic and facts … the more you follow logic, the stronger support you will get.