Biden lags severely in policies

Yes, I know … Biden is learning and changing quickly. He left the socialist disasters and he is working on forming the right Establishment independent team. But that’s the best he can get without working with us directly. For policies, even Trump needs to work with us directly … Trump has taken a few moves and he is stuck since his second year.

The difference between Trump and Biden is that … Trump has already dropped all of his mistakes and blunders … he has some good policies and he is on the right track. Trump already knows about forming the right team and eliminating Establishment puppets. Trump is just steps away from greatness.

But when you look at Biden … he wants the Presidency and he is changing quickly … but all of his policies are wrong. He is trying to form the right team … but what is the use of the right team when you are going to run the wrong policies?

I will give an example of this … you remember Trump ran in 2012 also? The key issue that he came up with was the “birther movement” … that Obama was not born in America. This is what he was using to run for President. Did he make it? No, nobody took him seriously … he got no support and he himself dropped out very early in the race. But the same candidate, came up with policies like America First, tariffs to balance trade, American Energy and Manufacturing … then he defeated dozens of Dems and Republicans to become President. This was the key difference in Trump’s 2012 and 2016 Presidential campaigns … policies.

Policies are “terribly important” … doesn’t matter who you are … if you have the wrong policies then it will be very very difficult for you to be President … that too, in this era of people power. We told Biden before … 3 main criteria are considered for the US Presidency:

  • The right team
  • The right policies and
  • How you are synchronizing with us for the above

If you are doing well in all of these 3 factors … then congratulations … you can get the Presidency. Biden is forming the right team … and he is also promising to work with us … but still, he has not worked with us … owing to which all of his policies are wrong. His promise of “working with us” are just words … which have not been realized. So, his third factor is also not very strong. Though, Democrats get a very high rating for the security that they provide for us. It is another issue that Dems are getting a lot of SM support because of the security that they provide for us … this builds more trust among SM groups for Dems. It creates the hope that Dems will work with us much better than Trump.

But since Trump has already changed many things simply based on the online content that we published … Trump is a very strong competitor for Dems. “Hopes, promises and words” don’t have much value in the practical evaluation of the Presidency. All SM groups track your real time actions.

Democrats think that the anti-Trumpism in the media will help them win. But they don’t realize that … there is opposition and challenges for you … “only when you make real change”. When you stand up to make real change … that’s when some opposition and obstacles will come. The fact that Trump has opposition indicates that he is a champion for real change. He is doing stuff that has not been done before.

On the other hand, if you look at Biden … who is opposing Biden? How much opposition does Biden have? From other politicians, from companies, from the media or from any entity? Nothing … zero opposition. Why? Because there is no change under Biden’s policies … all of his policies are “handouts” … new handouts for new measures … while not changing anything for the people or the country. All of these handouts go to the same Establishment … thus he has no opposition at all.

Anti-Trumpism is actually a sign of Trump being a “true champion for change in America”. Nobody cares to oppose Biden because Biden is bringing zero change in the country. Now, you tell me … who is a better candidate to lead America? A guy who is bringing real change in the country and he is facing opposition from every angle possible … or someone who is bringing zero change in the country and he changes nothing?

We still have two more months to decide on 2020 … nothing is finalized yet. But if you evaluate both candidates today … then this is what we have on the table. Real change … and zero change … someone who is fighting every opposition element possible to do what is right … and someone who has zero opposition because he changes nothing.

That’s why we gave 3 important factors for Biden’s win … right team, right policies and coordination with us. In order to create the right policies … he has to rise above himself and his party. There will be opposition … he has to learn how to manage this opposition to do what is right for the country. The opposition can be from his own party, from political and military advisers, from the media and corporations … he has to manage it all … which Trump is already doing. Biden has not reached this stage yet.

The only thing that Biden is saying is … “make me President … make me President … make me President”. But hello … there is some work to do if you want to be President … you have strong competition. You can’t come up with all wrong policies and expect a win. First learn the right policies … understand the fight … prepare your team for the right fight … then you qualify for the win. Until then Trump has the lead … that’s why Trump has the lead.

Yes, everyone is concerned about Trump being stuck since a long time. This is one of the factors owing to which Biden has some support … but there will be practical evaluation of how you surpass Trump to do better for America. Till date, Biden doesn’t have that advantage.

The only thing that I will say is … the more right and good moves that Biden takes … more the support will build up for him. Its good that he has moved away from socialist policies … its good that he has dropped Warren from VP … its good that he is listening … its good that he is also Establishment independent … its good that he has Obama’s backing. You are showing some good moves … but not good enough. The more good policies you will put in your campaign … the more support will build up for you. The more bad policies that you will drop … the more support will build up for you. Nothing has been decided about 2020 yet.

Yes, I know … since you are taking some good steps … SM groups are moving towards you … because of which the support, promotion and protection of Trump is falling. But the support for you is not enough for a win yet. You still have a lot of catching up to do.

We are encouraging Trump also to launch good policies … all SM Groups are tracking and evaluating Trump as well. Trump has a lot of lead … and you have a lot of catching up to do. Your biggest challenge is launching the right policies and preparing for a fight to succeed in those policies. You have not even touched this challenging phase yet. You are just picking some right team members … which is good … but what is most important is … preparing the right team for the right fight with the right policies.