Presidential Override

I guess, its time to tell Trumps about the “Presidential override”.

3 key elements against Establishment malice

  • SM Network. This is the largest and most powerful network in America and around the world.
  • The President. He is the most powerful man in the world.
  • Active Democracy. We connect everything and take things forward … via strategies and policies.

We have basically trained SM on managing Establishment malice and SM works on creating the next President of America … so that he syncs with Active Democracy against Establishment malice … and then SM works on supporting the President and giving him victories in each task against Establishment malice. This is the relationship between the 3 elements.

3 basic levels of malice
We might be dealing with any element … their malice can be classified in 3 basic levels. It might be the Estabishment … or the Matrix … or donors … or whatever. All of the activities in the 3 levels are oriented to control or abuse the person.

  • Sex. At first, the person is invited for sex to gain control over him amicably … with love. After love comes the sex based pressure to control you and your work. And if you are refusing to have sex … then some people also take the liberty to create false sex based setups as well … to reject you or to pressurize you. All of this is very routine.
  • Legals. When they fail in sex setups … the next level is the use of legal pressure. The false sex setup and lies can be exploited to create legal issues … or any excuse possible can be used to create legal issues. This is a pressure tactic that functions at the second level.
  • Chemicals. When some entities fail at the above two levels … then they sulk and sometimes also resort to using chemicals to abuse you. This is the third level of pressure tactics … its mostly abuse.

All of these are very routinely and commonly used in any key entity from the Matrix. Only its variations are different from place to place … from entity to entity … from country to country. These are the most basic levels of trying to control or abuse a person.

Security Team – Presidential Override
At first SM Groups were more than enough to provide security for our work … but once our work moved to an international level … only SM security was not good enough. We had to pull in Obamas to create an additional shell of security. One key thing that you should understand about the Establishment is that … they are a bunch of criminals. They fear the government … they fear action against them … and the most powerful person in the government is the President. The President can override all of Establishment’s malice at all levels.

This is what Obamas basically did … they created a special “security team” that would track everything that I would do and provide security in every single step that I would take. It might be in travelling, visas, stay, legal issues, health issues, chemicals, products, clients, finance … they never said no to anything. For every single issue … they would be there even before it happens. Their security team would be 5 steps ahead of me … tracking every possible issue even before it even happens and solve it for me. I never even felt the need for security during the Obama era.

This is one of the main reasons why Obamas are highly respected, loved and adored by all SM Groups … because they had synchronized very closely with our work … especially related to security. Yes, Obamas had a lot of free time you can say … there were not many issues that Obama was facing in any sphere … like Trump is facing today. Trump himself is stuck in a 100 different issues … now how the hell is he going to manage another 100 issues of one guy on the other side of the ocean? This can become hectic at times … when you yourself have too much on your plate. I totally agree.

For this what Trump needs to do is … setup a “security team” … which is exactly what Obamas had done. This team was dedicated to our security. Obamas did not sit and manage every issue personally themselves … but they put in a team who would take care of it. The team was given guidance and support whenever needed. This will reduce the workload on you and make things easy for you.

You are trying to work with us … and when you get re-elected … this security team will be of great help for you. Because when you help us … SM groups help you … when you support us … SM groups support you … when you protect us … SM groups protect you. This is something that you should have done a long time ago. It would boost SM support for Trumps.

The coordination is complimentary
Its not one way support … nor is only financing enough for the work. We help you with hundreds of pages … guidance through every step in every policy … we activate tens of thousands of SM Groups to support you and help you. But at the same time … if we face a 100 different issues from whatever angle possible … you should have a dedicated security team to help us through every issue … doesn’t matter what it is.

Security is a “cyclic process”
Security is a cyclic process between the 3 key elements. SM Groups provide us security … because we are saving America from the malice of a criminal Establishment that wants wars and destruction. SM Groups secure the President … because he is chosen to protect the people from Establishment’s malice while working with us to understand this malice and combat this malice. So, they expect the President to protect us since we are helping him to protect his country and people. At any instant of time … each entity is protecting both of the others.

  • SM is continuously protecting us and the President while fighting against the Establishment.
  • We are continuously protecting the country and the people … SM forms a major section of the country … and at the same time, we are also guiding and protecting the President from Establishment malice.
  • And then the President is also supposed to protect his people, country and us at the same time.

It’s a cyclic process of helping and protecting each other.

What you should not be doing is …

  • Investigate the Democrat! Don’t turn against us in any issues … if you do then you disturb the security cycle. SM Groups will be like … “hey, he takes and takes and takes … and when he is supposed to do something then he flips? He wants to investigate and take action??!! Active Democracy is the entity that protects our country and he wants to dismantle our protection?!” I am not saying that Trump does this … but some advisers may tell you this … but it creates a chain reaction among SM Groups. Don’t let your advisers make you use every opportunity to flip. The entities that protect you … they move away from you because they lose trust in you … then Establishment malice seeps and bullshit happens. It creates a disturbance in the entire cyclic process. And I am not a Democrat … I don’t belong to any party.
  • Sit and watch. Don’t sit there and watch what happens. You are not the audience in the game … there is no “passive audience” in this game. Everyone plays their role … everyone gets involved against Establishment malice and do what is right. Don’t sit there only taking from this game … you also have to start giving and helping others in the game.
  • Sit and judge. There is no time to judge or take revenge in the petty malice around me. This is what they would want … it will be nothing but a waste of time … which would be their objective.

Solution: Instant support – Fix it and move on

The Matrix is a complicated place with millions of entities involved. Trust me … judge or revenge is a total waste of time. The number of puppets can be unlimited … the number of glitches and issues created can be unlimited … the whole thing is designed to waste time. The system is designed where everyone is dispensable … we are all just animals for them. They will use one guy against you and also feel free to hammer the shit out of him once he is used … but this whole process becomes a shitty waste of time for you. You are abused and then even the other guy is abused … then who is winning? The guys who are running the show.

That’s why … the solution in this is … instant support … fix it and move on. No time for detailed investigations, clarifications, justifications and judgements … just fix it and move on.

Donor Issues
As an example … I will show you … what has been happening with donors? You are seeing everything and you are getting the reports as well. It’s the exact same basic levels of malice.

  • Sex. First, we got sex offers … setups and lies followed. I had to create a full video log to bust these sex setups.
  • Legals. Then they also started creating legal issues … I had to get Obamas involved again … for the Presidential override.
  • Chemicals. Almost at every place that I had stayed … chemicals were being used.

When you are dealing with the Establishment or Matrix based entities … these are the most basic levels of malice that you should expect and prepare for. This is basic tic tac toe in managing Establishment malice.

How to manage?

Obamas and even SM Groups … they check only two things to manage the problem.

  • What is the malice?
  • Who is the miscreant?

That’s all that they need to know … and then its taken care of. SM Groups were actually using a lot of force in managing these issues initially … I had to tone them down a little bit. The easiest way to manage these issues peacefully is the “Presidential override”.

  • Sex. If there is repeated malice or negativity … then simple extract the person from the environment … redistribute him or her somewhere else. This can easily be done via political influence.
  • Legals. Since I am mostly in the international zone out of America … then it is very easy for the American and Russian President to use a Presidential override in legal issues. Its not like we are breaking any law … but malicious legal issues can be managed via the override.
  • Chemicals. The Presidential override in chemicals is partially effective. At the residential level, you can extract the person … but still at the market level … its more complicated than political influence. This is a very wide topic … it requires a book on its own.

Managing Donors
Keep your eye on the objective … the donors job is to donate … and nothing more. Sex, legals and chemicals … this is all bullshit and a waste of time. If someone is continuously involved in these activities … it simply means that they are too cheap and cheesy to donate. I don’t think that donors are involved in chemicals … but there are some negative elements placed here … who need to be extracted. Focus on the key objective … everything else is bullshit.

Additional Shell – Obamas
We still don’t know who is going to win this year … but it will be good if Trumps prepare a security team from their side. Don’t take all security issues to your head … it will be too hectic … having a team will help you manage it easily. Apart from that … we will definitely keep Obamas as an additional security shell. Michelle Obama is our guardian angel … we love her. I think Obamas will have a great role in shaping America’s future for years to come. They have many great things to do ahead.