Donor Screening

Current guys freaking out 

I am writing about the shit shows that the donors have been running and the current guys are freaking out. They are like … “hey, hey … we didn’t do all of this … we want to donate!” Lol. Relax … relax … only you guys are not the “donors” that I refer to. This “donor issue” has been going on since the past 4 years … that is since Trump’s first year itself.

Three Presidents have been trying to get donors for our work … Obama, Trump and Putin … since the past 4 years many Princes & Sheikhs from GCC countries, elites from Iran, China, EU, Kazakhstan and American billionaires have personally visited or sent their contacts to donate for this project. There have been dozens and dozens and dozens of donors who have already visited us.

The current 2-3 donor contacts that we have … these are just few of the latest ones in the picture. Don’t think that … “if you will donate then the work will start … otherwise, the work will never start.” It is not like that … our work is already in motion. We have millions of SM Groups at the ground level in America who follow everything that I write. We control the policies that are run in America and decide who becomes President in America. If you don’t donate … don’t worry … God is big and my supporters are strong … we will figure out donors who are actually interested in donating.

Why donations have not yet been realized?
Well, this is a good question. The project is quite unique … and Obamas and Trump simply call the donors and think that it will fall into place. They should follow it through … because our work is very critical and there is a lot of Establishment malice via the Matrix … which we are trying to overcome. Our project is focused on dismantling a Satanic Jewish Establishment in America and Europe. And these guys are trying to use every gimmick possible to stall the coordination with donors and politicians … because using just one laptop … we have stopped all wars and made the Central Bankers run with their gold from Israel to South China Sea. When our work will move to a new level with financial and political support … then the level of hammering that we will be doing and the changes that we will be bringing about … that will be of a phenomenal level. This is the reason why the Establishment is trying to use every gimmick possible to stall this coordination.

Donor Issues
Every mistake that this Establishment makes … it only makes us stronger. They show us all of the gimmicks that they can run … and we dismantle all of their shit shows. These are some of the issues that they tried to create with donors … by misleading them in one way or the other.

These issues are helping us create guidelines to screen donors. If Trump and Obamas see these issues in any donors … they should move on to the next donor. And if the donors are seeing these issues in themselves then ... nice to meet you, don't bother … take a walk.

  • No interest in donating at all. You can easily find out if the donor has no interest in making any donation if he is making silly excuses, fault finding, complaining about anything and everything … and even making up false information. Such donors are too cheap and cheesy to donate … don’t waste your time with them.
  • Work with us. Some donors will treat this as a “business investment” and send their business managers with ready made teams to work on this project. Such donors are not interested in donating anything … they want to own everything … waste of time.
  • Put our guys in your team. These are control freaks … they want to spy and control your work … waste of time.
  • Come to our country and we will donate. These are also control freaks. Once I am in their country … there is no guarantee that they will not try to use me as hostage to control America.
  • Relations – Sleep with our girls. Some offer plain sex with their girls … and some offer marriage to their daughters and sisters. Even this is a waste of time … it will not work.
  • Trouble makers. Some donors even take the liberty to create trouble by creating false information, fake evidence and false witnesses. These are not donors … they are trouble makers.
  • Legal Issues. Some trouble makers even take the next step of creating legal issues for you with your residence permits and legal stay. These are psycho donors … nothing but trouble.
  • Greedy Contacts. Sometimes, we even got greedy donor contacts put around me … who wanted commissions from the project … unless and until commissions were given to them … they would convey all lies and false information about me.

Why discuss donor issues?

  • Collective information. Every year dozens of donor contacts try to reach out. This is “collective information”. This is not only about the current people put around me. The current ones are the best ones till date. This is an overall picture. The pointers that I give above … don’t feel bad about it … until and unless you are guilty of those points. I don’t think that you are … so relax.
  • Obamas, Trump and Putin. It is these guys who send the donors here. They need to know what is going on and how to manage things here. They need to know how to take things forward. Our work is critical for America … we are losing by the trillions every year. The donor information is not just about the current contacts … but it is also for future donors that will be screened for our work. It provides the guidelines for future donors as well.
  • Secure the work. We have to provide our own inputs also … so that everyone knows what is going on … so that everyone is on the same page … and donors don’t have their own plans, ideas and assumptions. It keeps everything clear and it secures the work from other type of donors who have other expectations. If this is not addressed then it might create problems in the future.
  • Establishment Malice – Wars and Pandemics. Repeatedly many donors are sent to us because of Establishment malice in America … of war attempts and pandemics. We have to stop the Satanic Jewish Establishment malice in the West. This is the key objective … this is not a business investment.
  • Decide who will be America’s President. Donor issues are a little bit hot nowadays because … we are critical and hold a lot of weightage in deciding who will be the next President in America. Based upon our work, the team building and the policies being run in America … we literally shape America’s future.

Donate and walk away
Because all of these donor issues and the nature of our work … we put in a simple policy of … donate and walk away. Don’t get involved in any kind of internal matters related to the work or the company. However, we are quite open to external collaboration … because we will be taking our work to almost every country in the world. That’s where we can collaborate and create coalitions in bringing phenomenal changes in your countries as well.

Work objectives

We cannot allow donor involvement in internal matters but we can definitely share the key objectives of our work.

  • We want to root out abusive and exploitation systems setup by the Satanic Jewish Establishment in America and Europe.
  • We want to limit the influence of Israel in America and Europe … as much as possible.
  • We want to establish new people centric systems that will put People First and the Country First in America and Europe.
  • The above activities will create “systemic revolutions” in every country where we will work. We will be revolutionizing several aspects of public life.

These are some of our key objectives and all of our activities, actions and policies are based on the above.

This is just the first donors … that’s why it is being such a headache. Once we get started … we will not be facing these issues anymore.