Managing donors through different phases

Well, it has been an interesting ride … with a variety of donors coming with their own thinking and objectives. Here are some of the main types of donors that we received till date.

Phase One – Work with us
It started off with teams coming down … not with donations … but with their own ready-made teams … and telling me … “work with us … let’s do this together”. They had absolutely no intention of donating anything … they wanted to keep everything to themselves and take me as an employee in my own project. Lol.

I was like … thank you very much … but it doesn’t work this way. We are dealing with a psychotic and a Satanic Establishment … they will rattle the shit out of you … and I cannot risk my project in your hands … my project cannot depend on your capability of managing the Establishment.

Put our guys in your team – Multi-Polarity Issue

Some of them also gave an option of … “put some of our guys in your team … we will donate”. This is again a control and monitoring tactic at an internal level. This is also not acceptable … because it will create a multi-polarity issue in the company. Once our work begins … we will get donations from all around the world … there are 195 countries. If every donor puts “his guys” in my company … who will these guys listen to … me or their own employers?

It will create a multi-polarity issue in the company … where several people would be paid by outsiders … who would be functioning in my company as spies with no dedication or loyalty to my company. This is no way to run any company … especially when it comes to our type of work where key political and international issues are worked upon.

Phase Two – Sleep with my girls
When we rejected the above combinations where … I work for them or they work for me … we got another type of donors who came up with proposals like … “sleep with my girls and we will donate”. Lol. This is again the same category of “control freak” donors who are trying to put their people in the project or pull me in their setup.

But that’s not the interesting part … the interesting part is when I don’t sleep with their girls and they start freaking out over YouTube, Instagram and simple videos that I watch. “Hey, look he is watching this video and that video!” Yes, it seems like hypocrisy … when they themselves offer me girls to sleep with and they pretend to be offended when I watch simple videos. But actually, this is not hypocrisy … but in “donor language” it means:

  • Sleep with my girls and let me control the entire project.
  • If you don’t sleep with my girls then I will find the shittiest excuse not to donate anything. Lol.

Technically, they have no intention of donating anything … they came to own everything or to be total dicks. These donors were worse than Phase One donors.

Phase Three – Call first and donation next
At the moment, we are in phase three … where I have positive and friendly people around me … thankfully … after a long time. They are showing a lot of willingness to donate … shit shows have reduced to a great extent … filtering them out was a good thing to do. But both Obamas and Trump should understand that … we cannot take the donations right away. The right procedures need to be followed.

These are the basic steps required to accept and use any donation.

  • Call First – Political Coordination. The first thing that I need is a call from the respective political party … whichever it is, Obamas or Trump. We do a small intro call … of what track we will be working on … and then we accept the donation. If some guy donates with malicious intent … I spend the money … and next month, he comes and says “I am sorry … I want my money back”. Where the hell am I supposed to get his money back from? Working singularly in this stage with any donor can create complications ahead. The political coordination creates a protective shell from such malice.
  • Donation Acceptance. After the political coordination, then the donation is accepted. We draft out a donation agreement with my lawyer … get the agreement signed and notarized. This legal document will also serve as an additional security shell in itself.
  • Russian Involvement. If the donation is from Iran then Russian involvement is required when the donation is in a large amount … that is more than a million. The Russian involvement is required to secure this deal … because our work is mainly centered around America … and America and Iran generally don’t have good relations. If American and Iranian relationship gets screwed up … I don’t want my donation to get screwed up. Here is where Russian involvement provides the security shell. It can be via any Russian government personnel or we can do it at the Russian Embassy.

These basic steps are required for me to accept the donation and use it.

What not to do and possible issues

Some of these points are actually mentioned in the donation acceptance agreement … but this list will give an idea to the donors of what not to do.

  • Don’t try to get involved in internal operations. The work that we do is pretty darn complicated. It is not just chess … it is not even 3D chess … it is 3D with each point having multiple dimensions associated with it. Every point functions differently. This is something that we have learnt over the past 15 years of system analysis in several countries around the world. We can’t explain it to you … you can’t learn it … we don’t have the time to teach it. Don’t try to get involved in the internal operations of the project at all.
  • Good for you. This is good for you … we are dealing with a horrible Satanic Establishment. I have seen countries rattled, military coups and attempts to overthrow governments just to stop our work. If you are a politician then they will rattle the shit out of your political career and if you are a business then they will rattle your business revenue. You do not want any direct association with us “as a donor”. You will be the first ones that will be attacked.
  • Ignorance is bliss. Forget about owning, controlling, employing or putting your people here … just stay away from the project as far as possible. Ignorance is bliss … just pretend that you have absolutely no idea of what we are doing … and you donated just because someone recommended us. That’s it … that’s what will keep you untouched and safe.
  • Protecting from worst case scenarios. Its not that all of this may happen … but that’s my style of working … I eliminate all possible worst case scenarios … this helps in making the path towards victory an easy ride. Once all worst case scenarios are handled … then you have nothing but victory ahead. As of now … actually, the worst is over … now, a really good phase for the entire world is going to begin … many many beautiful things are going to happen. But even then, why let our guard down … its always better to take all precautions … until the work is successfully completed.

What to do?

I might come off as rude and elusive … for not entertaining the options that you present … but trust me, its for the best for everyone. While we are very strict about how we manage and operate the project … involvement in internal operations is not welcome … but we are definitely open to external coordination.

  • Coalition and Networking. America is not the only country that we will be working with. America is only the starting point and it will remain the central point of the work … but we will be working with several countries in the future ahead. Once the revolutions are created in America … then trust me … revolutions in the rest of the world will be like tic tac toe. And we need coalitions and a massive network for us to operate in other countries. That’s where you will come into the picture.
  • Creating Revolutions. Our work literally creates revolutions … its one of the key aspects of our work. Hammering out abusive systems, revolutionizing these systems with fantastic new era systems … taking the country into a new people centric era … this is the theme of our work.
  • Creating Presidents. In the process, we create Presidents and key leaders who will take the country forward. In America, we literally hold a massive weight in who gets to be President. Our policies and systems are so powerful that we create Presidents and Prime Ministers. When we take this work into your country … you could work with us in creating the next President or Prime Minister in your country.

If you try to get involved in my internal operations … then we will always push you away. But if you want to collaborate with us … externally … and do great things in your country … I am all ears and ready to be your friend (this should not include sleeping with anyone … lol). Don’t try to own or control. Collaborate … we will welcome that.