Solution: Manage Chaos and Dismantle Systems

Sex Maniacs? Revenge?

So … are these guys sex maniacs? Why are they talking about sex all the time? No … it is not true … they are not sex maniacs. “Sex” is a tool being used … because information related to it can be manufactured … via lies, fake evidence and false witnesses. This is the main reason why it was being repeatedly used in the past 3 residences.

How the hell does the second residence repeat what happened in the first residence? How does the third residence repeat what happened in the second residence? How are they connected to each other? How are the same gimmicks played at different places using different people? Exactly … this is what gives you the proof of the existence of the “Matrix System” … puppeteering people at different locations from diffirent backgrounds but from a very similar database of tools and tactics … this is what happens in the Matrix.

Do you want revenge?
No … it’s a waste of time. We have no time for revenge. We don’t do revenge mostly because … firstly, there is no real and actual damage … its all background activities. Secondly, against how many people will you take revenge? All of these function like puppets … they are following instructions … they have no idea what we are working on. Revenge will result in a senseless trail of destruction. Its not a solution.

This is how you work towards a solution.

Manage Chaos
First, understand what we are dealing with … they were trying to do “sex, sex, sex” … everybody talks about sex … everybody gives negative information … everybody makes up their own stories … everybody tells some lies or the other. What is this? This not a one person malice. It is a “crowd based” activity … it is chaos. They try to use a crowd to create chaos.

Creating and Directing Chaos
The Establishment creates chaos and directs chaos for their own personal benefits and objectives. They don’t follow clean routes of one person making a logical argument … and pulling everyone on a good path. This is not how malice can win. One person cannot pull off lies and malice on his own. So, what they do is …  they create a crowd … a group … they try to use all people around you … and make everyone lie about you … that’s when the lies have a higher chance to succeed.

If you see what was happening in all of the past 3 residences … this is exactly what they were doing. They were maintaining groups of people around me … who would continuously provide negative information about me. They were maintaining a chaos cloud around me.

What’s the purpose?
You should stop listening to all of their talk … and understand the purpose of this chaos … why is everyone all of a sudden interested in sex? Why is everyone lying, making up information, making up fake evidence and false witnesses related to sex? The answer is simple … the purpose is to derail political and donor cooperation with us.

The people being used at the previous residence were so upfront about it that they were saying … “excuse me, we are getting a lot of donors coming to the residence for you. But we are giving them all wrong information about you … because you are not giving us any commissions from the project. That’s why we are providing all wrong information about you. If you give us commissions then we will provide the right information about you.” Lol.

Chaos around Trump
“Chaos” is a tool used by the Establishment. These guys create, manage and direct chaos for their own objectives and benefits. These bullshit sex setups are nothing for them. I easily busted all of their sex setups using one cellphone … now, nobody creates sex setups … as they will be caught lying on camera now. But if you look at Trump … one media outlet doesn’t talk bad about Trump … its hundreds of media outlets that talk bad about Trump. This is how people’s psychology is controlled … if several media outlets are talking bad about Trump … then Trump must be bad. Isn’t it?

If everyone says that Trump is bad … then he must be bad. This is how public psychology functions … this is how a person’s mind functions … everyone says he is bad … therefore he must be bad. But what are the facts? The facts are that … Trump is not hurting one single American life … not one policy of Trump hurts a single American. This is the truth. But a negative chaos cloud is maintained around Trump … because there is an objective of this chaos … to delegitimize Trump, to consume time in bullshit and to keep the people occupied with bullshit where nothing is done.

Dismantle Systems
The Establishment is able to pull off all of these gimmicks … maintain even the President in chaos … mainly because “they are the crowd” … they own these media outlets. If their systems were dismantled … then there would be no more chaos. The world would be at peace. Since Trump never dismantled anything … he himself facilitates the chaos around him.

Its very easy for me to control the chaos around me. I just push the record button … it records everything … which means no more lies, no more fake evidence or false witnesses … because I myself have the full video log. Its easy to bust this one … but at the National level … we are dealing with bigger systems.

Dismantling systems … breaking of Establishment’s monopoly … help us in preventing the misuse of these elements in the hands of a Satanic group. For me, they try to use the people around me … a temporary solution is the record button … but in the long run we have to dismantle this puppet system itself. The same applies to monopolies at the National level … as long as we keep the media, manufacturing, politics, education, healthcare, corporations and major businesses in the hands of a bunch of Satanists … they will keep using all of these against us.

New bullshit
Yeah, I know … the moment the work begins … this bullshit will end. But then they will start hatching up other types of bullshit. We already know that … for the new types of bullshit … we know the security shells that have to be created to hammer them out. Always keep in mind … we are dealing with a bunch of Satanists and criminals … they will always be fearful of us and they will keep running away from us. When we fall for their gimmicks and stall the work … that’s when they sit there and make negative noise … that’s when they try to create chaos.

We just need to keep rooting them out and take away as many channels and routes away from them as possible. The more the channels we take away from them … the weaker and less effective they become. Every time they create malice … they show us their routes, channels, puppets and tactics … we should use their malice to root them out.