Why talk about God and sex at the same time?

Good question

Someone asked me … “dude, you just talked about God … a divine sign … Ararat … a new era … and then you are talking about sex and playboy? What the hell is going on?” That's a very good question … very very good question. Actually, I am not the one who wants to talk about sex … but sex is the only thing that people placed around me are talking about. Many donor’s contacts, policemen and intelligence guys are placed around me … and the only element they focus and talk about is sex.

First Residence
This is what happened. I traveled in Noah Mode … from Indonesia to Malaysia to India to Russia to Serbia to Turkey to Iran to Russia to Turkey … and after ending the War on Terror … my ship docks near Ararat in Armenia. That too, the first residence where I was staying … it was at a little bit high altitude … from the portico of the house, I could see Ararat in all of its beauty and glory right in front of me. It was as if God was telling me … “hey, you asked for a sign … here it is!” I had Ararat right in front of me.

This is what I was seeing outside the residence … that I had worked with millions of SM Groups, 3 Presidents … Obama, Trump and Putin … and ended the War on Terror … and Ararat was being shown to me as a divine sign … of the start of a new era hereon. But what was going on inside the same residence? He had sex with this guy … he had sex with that guy … half a dozen guys were claiming to have sex with me … fake evidence was being created … false witnesses were being created. Lol … and I was like … this is the start of a new era? Lol.

The first thing that I did was when I started seeing so many lies … I said … “don’t hurt them … they have no idea what we are working on. This is Matrix based puppetry by the Establishment. If you see repeated negative activities … then just redistribute them”. Obviously, I am being given the sign that I am going to launch a new era in the world … I can’t allow hammering of the people around me … just because they are trying to be smart asses. They are innocent guys and they have no freaking idea what we are dealing with. Just redistribute them if they are too negative.

Stopping Warren
I wait for a few months … the sex based nonsense keeps on going on … the work doesn’t begin. So I thought … let’s go to Georgia and take the Residence Permit there. I thought it was just a coincidence of coming to Armenia. But my entry in Georgia gets rejected and I am sent back to Ararat. I sit here and stop Warren from running Socialist disasters in America.

If you see … who took down Warren? Obama? Democrats? Trump? No, it was pure SM activity … it was purely done based upon factual and logical evaluation. The top politicians in America don’t even know who took them down. Lol. They don’t know who makes Presidents in America. I am like … yes, this is perfect … its working … it works on both Dems and Republicans … a new era of leadership via facts and logic has begun. A new era has begun from Ararat again.

Second Residence
The first residence has to shut down for some reason … so, I move to the next place. I look around in the city for the next best place. The name of the residence had “Noy” in it … I thought Noy meant “new” or something like that. Later on, I came to know that … Noy is actually the word for “Noah” in Armenian.

I am laughing my ass off ... the first residence shows me Ararat right in front of me … and then the next residence is with the name Noah. I am like … “I got it … I got it Big Guy … I got your sign.”

Work doesn’t begin over here as well … some shit shows were being run here also. Somehow, even this residence has to shut down and I move to the third.

Third Residence
Sex setups are continuing through all residences. Over here, almost all girls are claiming to have sex with me … right from the cleaning lady to visitors and the manager. I am like … yes, thank you … at least, we are talking about sex with girls here. Lol. At the previous place, it was all gay sex setups … at least, sex with girls is one step better here. It was all lies … but at least, it was getting better. Lol.

Bullshit continues in this place also and the work doesn’t begin … even this place shuts down for some reason.

There is no right or wrong … everything is as it is
Use this principle and see all of their activities of making up lies, fake evidence and false witnesses … of claiming sex with dozens of guys and girls. This Satanic Establishment’s systems are not about right or wrong … there is no moral compass … there is no guilt, regret or remorse … its plain “animal like puppetry”. They say whatever they are told and screw with whoever they are told … and they create whatever information they are told. Its not about what is true and what is right or wrong. They are made to function like animals with no sense of doing what is right. They follow whatever instructions that they get.

Fourth Residence
Now, I am moving into the fourth residence … and guess what … sex setups were beginning from day 2 itself. I was like … enough of this bullshit now. We have a freaking pandemic … with millions of cases around the world … and thousands of people are dying every day … and I have to put up with bullshit sex setups filled with lies? This has to stop.

I have to also think from the Obamas and Trump side … how many lies will they manage? At how many places … how many people will lie about sex? Is everyone wrong or I am wrong? Is everyone telling lies or I am telling lies? This shit show needs to end.

Push the record button
The simple way of ending Matrix based bullshit is … push the record button. Whenever I am outside my room … I just push the record button.

Now, its been more than a month at the new place … how many people had sex with me? The receptionist? The cleaning lady? The visitors? Gay sex? I have a full video log of almost every day. Now, its not about trusting me or other people’s words … I have the facts on record. Let the facts speak for themselves. Who the hell had sex with me? Show me.

The only thing that you will see in the video logs is that … I cook, I work and I share my food with others sometimes … and I go back to my room. Nothing more happens … this has been the routine at every place. This is the truth.

Stalling Gimmick by the Satanists
We are talking about “sex” while I am at Ararat because “sex based lies” were being used to stall the cooperation. They were using these fake hatched up lies to derail cooperation with politicians and donors … and thus stalling the work.

If you see all of their lies and their hideous activities of creating “fake sex scenes” at every place … you should understand that these guys are not “Jews” … these guys are a bunch of Satanists with no moral compass and with no sense of right or wrong. They will say whatever and do whatever as long as it fits their objectives. This is the major glitch that we have to pass through.

Total waste of time – Stalling the launch of a New Era

All of this sex based bullshit is nothing but a total waste of time … it is designed to stall the launch of a new era. At every place, they were creating the same gimmicks again and again … so, eventually … I would be the one who is wrong … since everyone claims to have sex with me. But just pushing the record button busted all of their lies … it was as easy as that.

Well, Obamas already know me very well … I don’t think that they would fall for these lies. But donors are the new elements in the game. This Matrix based bullshit can go on endlessly through time. That’s where the full video log ends their bullshit.

What the Establishment was thinking was … “we will keep on piling false and negative information on this guy … we will drown him in a mountain of negative information … nobody will say anything nice … everyone will only tell lies and show him in negative light … and thus we will never allow the launch of the new era”. And sex was one of the tools that they were using to hatch up all of this negative information.

And thankfully, at the new residence … things are better. The sex based lies, fake evidence, and false witnesses … all of this has vaporized to a great extent. Yes, we are on the verge of launching a new era in the world … but this is the shit show that we are dealing with at the same time. We have to step ahead of this to successfully launch the new era.