Satan and the White House

Importance of Establishment Independence

If you see the George Bush era … then you will understand the importance of Establishment independence. When the President is a puppet and he is surrounded by all puppet advisers … then it results in fullscale Establishment puppetry in the White House. Such puppets don’t listen to logic … or to good and bad … or to right or wrong … they end up being complete puppets to the Satanic Establishment … because the Establishment has them by the balls in one way or the other.

The same issue was with Hillary … open genocide in the name of doing good. Such puppets use the entire framework of the country to run malice and drain the country of trillions in wealth. It becomes extremely difficult to stop them.

Obama Era – a turning point for America
Two great things happened under Obama … I came to America and activated SM Groups against the Establishment. I came in 2007 and it took a few years to train SM Groups … as to who these guys actually are. We turned the Matrix against the Establishment itself.

The second good thing that happened was … we got a good security shell from our lovely Michelle Obama … to do our work, to stay and travel in several countries while not having any legal issues. (Love you, Michelle!)

Obama created a turning point for America by firing Hillary, allowing Russia to lead and by changing the course of wars. SM Groups were far more active in implementing everything that we were showing. SM Groups created the Arab Revolution, Tea Party Movement, the Occupy Movement and took the revolutionary energy of “people power” to several countries around the world.

We needed someone rock solid and Establishment independent to take the country forward in these turbulent times. SM Groups chose Trump.

Trump Era – A New Era of Logic and Facts
Interestingly, if you see … when the Establishment unleashed the info that “David Cameroon is a pig fucker” … then that was the end of his political career. The Establishment thought that the same thing would happen to Trump if his stories of pornstars and playmates would be released to the media … but interestingly, instead of Trump’s career coming to an end … he actually launches his Presidency despite the scandals. How?

SM Groups already know all of the shitty things that the Establishment can do and would do. Security shells for Trump have already been created to protect Trumps from such malice … because we never want a George Bush or Hillary in the White House ever again. The Establishment is very nicely sitting there and going after Trump’s sex scandals, financial scandals, income tax returns, business failures and even lawsuits and impeachment … and Trump is continuously protected from almost every single issue.

Trump doesn’t have a magic wand owing to which he is winning against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … its because of the millions of SM Groups already activated to protect the President in this crisis. Trump is protected because he was the chosen one to take America into a new era … all SM Groups already knew of all of these gimmicks that the Establishment would use. Protecting Trump was protecting America.

Trump has shown a good use of logic and facts to do what is right for America. He has successfully stopped wars and socialist disasters in America. We are not hitting the wall like during George Bush and Hillary … facts and logic are being followed. Trump has successfully marked the beginning of a new era of leadership based on facts and logic.

But sadly and to the disappointment of many SM Groups … we are just busy managing one disaster after another. Facts and logic are being used … but only to manage disasters … we are going through cycles of disasters one after another. Millions of groups support, protect and promote Trump because he was chosen to take America into a new era … that’s the key reason for all of the support, protection and promotion of Trump. This lack of action from Trump’s side to create new systems or breaking Establishment monopoly is creating opportunities for the Democrats now.

Trump’s or Biden’s Coalition
Many people hoped for Warren’s leadership to fix America’s crisis … but she failed big time. She never rose above herself or party politics and failed to understand anything about the Establishment or what has to be done next. Trump is way ahead in the game … which Warren didn’t match at all.

Now, some Pro-Dem SM Groups are hoping for Biden to create the right coalition and policies to take America Forward. But Trump still has about 60% of SM support … because Biden has not created the right team or policies yet. Trump is still a preferred candidate for 2020 … but nothing has been decided as of yet for 2020.

Donor Involvement
Till date, we were just dealing with these elements … the Establishment, Democrats, Republicans and SM Groups. But now, we have a new element of “donors” coming into the equation … and trust me, it has been pretty hectic in the previous residences. A long line of shit shows were being run by the donors themselves. I was like … are these guys going to help with anything or they are here to screw everything?

They want to own and control … they were running their own bullying and malicious tactics. We already have a truck load of shit to deal with … and donors were coming with new stuff of their own. Our entire project is about eliminating control and ownership of the Establishment … and the first thing that donors are trying to do is … own and control this work. Lol … Jesus Christ. However, the current residence is a little bit better … it is not that crazy. It is much more calm. We need to get this new entity in the game on the same page.

But the good news for everyone is that … we are very close to a new era. We just need to create the best coalitions.