Live Examples of Animal Mode

There is no right or wrong … everything is as it is

This is one of the applied principles in the Matrix … “there is no right or wrong … everything is as it is”. Why do you think that they have created this kind of principle? Its because this is what applies to sheep and cattle … the concept of right and wrong don’t apply to sheep and cattle. They just follow whatever they are told and do whatever is asked of them.

In one moment, if they say that the guy is good … then you should nod along and say that he is good. And in the next moment, if they say that the guy is bad … then you should nod along and say that he is bad. You should not use your own head … you should not think and analyze … you should not decide based on moral and religious principles or facts and logic. You are not a human being … but you are an animal. Whatever they tell you to do … in action, in policy and even in opinion … you have to do just like cattle and sheep in a farm follow.

They have setup such a thinking pattern … because all of their activities are illegal and criminal … and all of them are designed to get them more power and money using every illegal, criminal and suppressive actions and policies possible. If they tell you to drug someone … you drug his food items … you don’t question what is being told to you. If they tell you to wage a war … you just wage a war … you don’t question what is being told to you.

Satanists at the top
They have designed several systems and ideologies on this line … like Kabbalah, Scientology, Illuminati, some elite groups and the Matrix. The guys at the lower levels have no idea who is actually at the top.

  • Who has designed these criminal tools of spying on each other?
  • Who has created these tasteless drugs and tactics of tweaking food items?
  • Who wants these wars and pandemics and why?

These systems that exist in the West … they are mainly run in Christian countries on Christian people. In all of these systems … the more you climb to the top … the more Satanic it gets … the more deviant from God and religion it gets. The main guys sitting at the top are a bunch of Satanists … who have designed these systems.

Rearing Human Beings like Animals
The criteria in all of these policies and systems of promoting sex, drugs, Atheism, LGBTQ … is to rear human beings like animals. And when they pull you in their system … you are put through several sexual perversions, drugs, financial scams and illegal activities … which are very nicely cataloged in their system. All of your sexual and illegal activities become “pressure points” to control you in the future. You become a hardcore puppet of the Establishment.

And now, when you are promoted to any place … it might be in the Courts or Congress or even the White House … then you will do exactly what the Establishment will tell you to do. Or you risk your own decimation … get decimated or do what they say. “Don’t think what is right or wrong … everything is as it is” … this becomes an easy principle to live with. You literally become one of their sheep and cattle in the farm.

Let me give some examples to understand this in real life.

UK Prime Minister – David Cameroon – Pig Fucker
One guy in UK … he wanted to be part of a rich and elite group in UK. There was a ritual where some sexual acts were being performed … in one of those rituals he put his dick in the mouth of a dead pig. That’s what he was made to do … to be a part of this rich and elite group.

This guy gets promoted from one job to another … from one position to another … and he becomes UK’s Prime Minister … his name was David Cameroon. The Establishment wanted Brexit and David refused. Guess, what happens to David next? The Establishment leaks his story to the UK Media that … “David Cameroon is a pig fucker”. The cow didn’t follow the Master … and his political career came to an end.

If you note that … David didn’t carry out this sexual perversion after becoming Prime Minister … but it was something that he did a long time ago. But it was cataloged and used against him … when he stood against the Establishment.

Harvey Weinstein – Threesome for a role
Harvey Weinstein is a nice example of the Satanic Jewish ideology in action. Nudity and sex … gets you roles. Up for a threesome? You get a role. The more irreligious you are … the better it is. Its not just Harvey Weinstein … in general Hollywood is like that. Why? Because you need to check who is running most of the Hollywood … it is the Satanic Jewish Establishment.

The last thing they will want you to be is Pro-God … Pro-Christianity … Pro-Christian … Pro-Morals and Values. This is especially done because celebrities have their own power. It is done to control who rises to fame … to control celebrity power.

Bush and Hillary – War on Terror

The War on Terror was the biggest scam in recent times run by the Satanic Jewish Establishment. It was run by two key Establishment puppets … Bush and Hillary. “There is no right or wrong … everything is as it is”. If we say Saddam is bad … then he is bad … let’s go bomb Iraq. If we say Gaddafi is bad … then he is bad … let’s go bomb Libya. If we say Assad is bad … then he is bad … let’s sponsor a civil war in Syria. You don’t sit there and use your head … don’t do your own analysis and thinking … just be the cattle in the farm … just follow your Master. And Bush and Hillary were very very good cattle … they listened to their Master word by word.

So what if half a dozen countries got destroyed … a million people got killed and tens of millions of people got displaced from their homes … they are all just sheep and cattle. If some sheep and cattle die to benefit the Master … then all is well … no sin or crime has been committed.

This is the key problem with their “ideology”. There is no guilt … no remorse … no regret … but they see it as their divine right to lie, to steal, to mislead, to kill and benefit from others. That’s why … even before one war came to an end … they would be designing another war … one scam doesn’t end … and they would be working on the next scam. Its non-stop mass misleading and scamming of the world.

Pandemic – Shut down the world
When we ended the wars … pandemics are being unleashed. Trillions in more economic losses are being created. There was never a shut down required … South Korea managed the virus without any shut down and so did Turkey. But the world was misled again in shutting down … when it could easily be managed without shut downs. And even with medications, America is being misled … HydroxyChloroquine is a proven medication being used in several countries to treat Covid in the early stages … but they are blocking the usage of HCQ and limited it to being used only in hospital settings … which means that the person has to be hospitalized to get HCQ. HCQ is proven to treat Covid in the early stages … but FDA steps in and says it should be used only for hospitalized patients … who are generally in a severe late stage. A medication that is supposed to be used in the early stages is being given in the late stages … and then they say HCQ is not effective enough. Totally ridiculous.

Dexamethasone is highly effective even in critical stages … but WHO doesn’t bother to promote effective medications to cure the people from Covid. They are just carrying out more and more fear mongering with rising cases … but don’t care to cure the people. In India, Covid is being treated for $1 per day … but in the West … trillions are being spent on Covid. Why? This is another scam … of leeching trillions from Western countries via the pandemic by misleading at several levels.

SM hammering the Establishment fearlessly
In the beginning, even I was a little bit afraid … as to who I am dealing with. I thought the whole thing is being run via oil companies and weapon manufacturers. Many people thought the invasion of Iraq was for the oil … but guess what … who got the oil from Iraq? China. China got most of the oil from Iraq. This is what did not click right … if you bomb for oil then you take the oil. Why the hell would you give it to China?

When we did a detailed study of who the hell was actually behind all of this … their history, ideology, policies and actions … we came to know that it was a shitty Satanic Jewish Establishment. The whole thing is being run by a bunch of Satanists. That’s why SM Groups are fearlessly hammering the Establishment in every sphere possible. As it is, Americans are very strong in fighting for what is right … and when they came to know that a bunch of Satanists are abusing and suppressing Christians … then there was no stopping for the SM Groups. SM will root out the Establishment from the core.

US Presidency is all about the Establishment
This is the main reason … why outsiders are being brought into the White House … to escape this kind of Establishment pressure and control … so that they can do what is right for the people via facts and logic. That’s why, if you have zero understanding of the Establishment then your Presidency will be total crap … which is why, the US Presidency is all about picking the right candidate with the right policies and teams … because this is the shit that he has to handle.