Not about Sex its about Curse Mode and Animal Mode

Nobody gives a shit about sex

It might be playboy, porn or sex … no SM Group gives a shit about it. Its not important … its not relevant … and nobody cares what one guy does in his bedroom. A few groups bothered about it … but not to be against it … but they would themselves offer me a line of women to sleep with. Lol. When I ignored the women that they used to offer … they would sit there and try to figure out “my type” … and if I saw any movie … they would think that … “hey, he might like this type” … and immediately, they would pull out a look alike and offer me the same. I thought that was nuts … it was a crazy level of fanship and the next thing that they do is … they pull a PlayBoy Hotel Owner and make him President. Lol!

They said … “hey, you asked us for an Establishment independent guy who loves his country and who will fight for his country … and here he is Donald J Trump. And you know what … he has a little bit of playboy with him like you do.” Lol.

Look around … Trump is about to get re-elected and nobody cares about his playboy or pornstar background. All of his playmates and pornstars have disappeared.

Establishment Tactics – Curse Mode and Animal Mode
Its not about sex at all … these are Establishment tactics of Curse Mode and Animal Mode. What you will be thinking is that … “hey, these guys are screwing around and having their own sex episodes. At one place, the guy was literally running a whore house at one floor … where he would be bringing in different girls everyday and offer them to his customers. And these guys sit there and complain about even a pop-up ad that will show up on my computer.”

They probably think that we don’t know about their sex activities and only they are tracking my computer and phone. Lol. You will think that … this is hypocrisy … of going around banging anyone and everyone … and then complain about some scene or pop-up ad that shows up on someone’s computer. But it is not hypocrisy … it is much bigger than that. Its about … Curse Mode and Animal Mode.

Jewish Satanic Ideology – Non-Jews are Cows (Goyim)

This entire system of spying on people … creating tools to spy, drug and abuse people … all of it is done based upon a Jewish Satanic ideology. There are some Satanic Jews that believe that Jews are created as “Masters” and non-Jews are created as “animals” … specifically cows. In Hebrew, the word for Cow is Goyim. Non-Jews are called Cows … because as per their ideology … we are meant to be controlled, owned, used, abused, killed … without sin … just like we treat sheep and cattle. This is the key ideology behind the Matrix System … and all of its associated actions and policies.

Jewish Satanic Ideology – Curse Mode
If you are a very useful person … they will come to you with an offer … with sex and money … and you are supposed to give in … listen, obey, follow them, do as they say … then you get your sex and money. But if you don’t join them … then they put you in a “curse mode”. In the curse mode … they literally limit you and abuse you … financially, legally, socially, politically, physically … and try to throttle you in every way possible. This is the curse mode … it is designed to make your life miserable … so that you give in and join their system.

This is exactly what happened 13 years ago. I was given an offer … and I said … “go screw yourself”. The offer that they gave me was … a billion dollar company with a million dollar salary … but I had to be their puppet … be the face of the company and they would leech off on my ideas and work … and make billions more off it. And their policies were like … “there is no right or wrong … everything is as it is”. I was like … “yeah right … this is bullshit … go screw yourself. I prefer to live my life with facts and logic … and not be anyone’s puppet”. It’s a long story of how we broke down the Matrix and turned SM Groups against the Establishment.

Jewish Satanic Ideology – Animal Mode

One might think … “hey, what’s wrong with some additional sex and money, dude? They will take care of you … all you have to do is follow them. You have your health and you can do whatever you want.” Well, it is not just additional sex … you are actually being put in an “animal mode”. You are thinking that … you are being more liberal … you are having more fun and more sex with multiple partners … but they are actually putting you in an animal mode.

For many people, they will also pull them into doing drugs, bribes and illegal activities. You are thinking that you are being protected and getting away with all of this … but everything is cataloged in the Matrix. They record and note down everything that you do … all of your sex, drugs, bribes, whoring and illegal activities are systematically cataloged.

The second aspect of the Matrix system is that … the resources that they release to you … they are sufficient only for your own expenses. This is the case of the majority of the American and European population. One bread winner cannot suffice the family … both husband and wife have to work to pull the family along. Even if one person loses the job … it becomes difficult to pay the bills.

What they are basically doing to you is …

  • Illegal. They put you in an animal mode … where a long list of your sexual and illegal activities are cataloged. You are literally pushed and given the liberty to do all of this … only to catalog you in all of these activities.
  • Resources. They maintain your resources extremely limited … most of the time … they will maintain you in debt.

Why is this done?

Perfect Control and Dominance
It gives the Establishment … perfect control and dominance over everyone in the system. You can never rise against the Establishment … because they themselves have been watching you and tracking you for decades … they have the entire catalog of your sexual activities and criminal activities. Even if you take the risk … you are just an employee … you are a worker in their system … you will never have the resources to stand up to them. You will get decimated using your own activities and you will never have the power to fight back.

Satanists holding Christians hostage in Christian countries
This is exactly what the dream was … of Rhinos in the park … holding a long queue of scared White people in the West. The Rhinos were nothing but the Satanic Establishment … that had owned everything via monopoly … and the White Christian people … had no ownership … they had no capacity or resources to fight back against these Satanists.

The dream was a direct reference to the “Jewish Satanic ideology that was creating monopolies for Satanists that were holding Christian people hostage in Christian countries.”

Living Example – Israel and Jews
I will give you a living example of this to test it out in America. Just use anyone to say something against Israel or Jews … and then see what happens to Christians in Christian countries. This is an easy litmus test to check how much Jewish Establishment monopoly exists in each country.

Jewish Establishment preying on the Common Jews
The above information in general information. But here is the fun part of this “Goyim ideology” … many Jews think that Jews are the Masters who are allowed to abuse, lie, steal and kill non-Jews. But our lovely Jewish Establishment is playing “shark eats shark” with the Common Jews … while they use Common Jews for their purpose, gimmicks and systems of abusing non-Jews … they are trying to use the Jewish population and Israel as “dispensable animals” for their own survival.

Netanyahu has repeatedly tried to start wars while using Israel as bait. This ideology of using others … abusing and killing others … doesn’t stop at non-Jews. It is carried out at different levels of this criminal Establishment. The higher your status is … you use all of the lowers ones for your own benefit, profit and survival. It’s a self-serving criminal system … where everyone mislead and prey on others.

Crime in both modes – Curse Mode and Animal Mode
Some people might think that … it is about making you better … about making you picture perfect. All of that is bullshit … it is not about being nice and religious … it is open crime facilitated in plain sight in both modes.

Under the Curse Mode … it is illegal and criminal to spy on someone … to abuse someone financially or physically via drugs, water and tweaked food products … or make up lies, false evidence and witness to trouble someone. All of these are illegal and criminal activities that abuse a person.

Under the Animal Mode … just because the Establishment is facilitating it … the drugs, bribes and illegal activities don’t become legal. There are again a long list of illegal and criminal activities in the Animal Mode.

Why do all of this? Power and Money
This is not about making you a better person. They just need “better workers”. They need good sheep and cattle who can reap them a lot of benefits. These abuse and control modes … help them gain control over political and judicial systems … placing their puppets in top positions helps them control the courts and the Congress … thus helping them control the masses. It is all for power and money.

Using their puppet politicians … they mislead the country into massive war and financial catastrophes. These puppets will run disasters … knowing that they are disasters … because the Establishment has cataloged a long list of shit that they have done. These people get locked into Establishment dictatorship … and the masses get abused by the hundreds of millions. The Establishment benefits through all of these abusive systems.

Look what’s happening around
We got 20 years of ridiculous War on Terror … now we have Pandemics. We have lost 150K American lives. As per the Jewish Satanic ideology … we are all sheep and cattle. If some sheep and cattle have to die … its fine with the Masters. Its not a crime and its not a sin for them.

You think that you get more sex and money with them … but with the systems that they are running … they are breaking apart family units, turning children against parents … promoting Atheism, trying to remove God and religion from our lives as much as possible … filling our lives with drugs, crime, war and disease. They are literally turning us into animals with no moral compass, no sense of right or wrong and no power to fight back. This is what we are dealing with.

Need donors, not dicks
We didn’t have to talk about sex or playboy since a long time … because we already had brought everyone on the same page … it was already understood and taken care of. But now … we are getting new elements that will connect with the work … the donors. We have to bring them also on the same page. Some of the issues with the donors are.

  • Sleep with my girls and we will donate. You should understand that … the core part of the work is to make people independent from control and abuse. We want to create independent entities that will exist and function without any control from the Establishment and they will not face abuse of any kind. The last thing that you should try to do is … try to control my work. And no, I will not be sleeping with any of your girls.
  • Lies, false information and fake evidence. We are already dealing with a lot of Establishment bullshit. At other places, we were getting people designing their own lies, false information and fake evidence. This has been busted to a great extent … because I am myself maintaining a full video log of my time outside the room.
  • Hot Scene or Ads. Even if some hot scene or any advertisement pops up when you are watching a movie … some of the contacts placed around me were going crazy. I am like … you guys came here to help or create issues? Such vulnerable and volatile donors should be avoided totally. We need people who will stick with us in the worst case scenarios. We are about to change the entire world order itself … massive phenomenal changes will happen around the world. The last thing we need is donors who will flip at the first excuse possible.

Nobody gives a shit about sex … but we got some contacts here … who were involved in a lot of negative sex based activities. This is something that needs to be managed … until we move into the next level.