Preventing freaking out over YouTube videos

A new place … new people … time to go over a few things. However, I like this place much better than the previous one. The people are more educated, open minded and understanding. But its better to clarify a few things … to avoid unnecessary issues.

Dreams, wars and playboy
Actually, I was myself puzzled over this in the beginning years. I am on a playboy site and I am getting dreams to stop wars. I was like … “what the hell is going on? Is this divine stuff? If it is, then why me?”

So, I did some evaluations … everything that was being instructed via the dreams … they were good things for the people that would result in good things happening for them. If I was being instructed to do something bad or hurtful for the people … then it would be a sign of Satan being involved. But since all of it was good … and it contained only good things for the people … it nullified Satan from the equation.

Genetic Talent
This work of “system analysis” that I do … of figuring out Establishment malice and its malicious systems … this is given to me as genetic talent. Doesn’t matter what I do … this talent doesn’t go away from me. I think God already knew that the Establishment would try to take away my memory or even brainwash me in order to stop my work. In fact, they already tried all of these gimmicks when I was in India … by tweaking my food products. But they were never able to stop me from the work … because this work is embedded in my genes. As long as I have a normal functioning brain and I am not in jail … the work will continue. I have to go brain dead or put in jail or get killed for the work to stop.

Minor stuff doesn’t matter
Another thing that I realized over the years was … minor stuff doesn’t matter. Your good deeds take care of your minor stuff. As long as you are not committing major crimes against humanity … then it is fine. This explained the combinations of “dreams, wars and playboy”. Playboy didn’t matter … because work on wars was far more important.

Not endorsing Porn or Playboy
This should not be taken as an approval for porn or playboy. I am not approving or endorsing any one of them. I am just saying your minor stuff gets taken care of by your other good deeds.

Dream Challengers – Establishment Gimmick
The above information is via facts. Establishment elements run a routine gimmick of “glorify and nullify”. This is how it works.

  • Glorify. At first, they will glorify you to Prophetic levels. “Ow, he got dreams! From God! He is a divine being among us! He is a prophet among us! All of us should respect and follow him.” And then they will sit there like vultures … waiting to find some glitch whatsoever.
  • Nullify. The moment they get some glitch … like some YouTube videos … they use that to nullify everything. The same guys who glorified you as a Prophet and a divine being … this is what they will say … “Ow my God! Look at him! He watched that video!! Ow, Jesus would never do that! (Lol!) A Prophet would never do that!! And thus … everything that he said is a lie … his dreams are a lie … his works are a lie and he should not be followed!!”

This is the “glorify and nullify” gimmick. This is a very old gimmick that was used in the early years of the work to derail SM cooperation with us. The Establishment noticed that I am dismantling the Matrix itself … I am turning their own employees and workers against them … they were losing control over the Matrix to one guy with a computer … they had to stop SM Groups from following me. This is the gimmick that they used to use to stop SM groups from following me.

I already won among all SM Groups … I pulled all of them on my side. I gave them a simple formula … “the dreams are for me … you just follow facts and logic … and let’s take this country forward”. They loved me and supported me … forget about being bothered about YouTube or playboy videos … they used to themselves offer me a line of girls to date with. Lol. I was like … “nah, I am not interested in dating … but thanks for your love and support.”

God in our lives – We have God all around us
If we leave the Establishment misleading, malice and gimmicks aside and look at the truth … then you will find God all around us … you will find His love, support and guidance all around you. Just having some dreams and getting some guidance for my work doesn’t make me a Prophet. I am lucky and honored to get some additional help … but it doesn’t make me a Prophet.

  • Thousands of people being guided. Its not just me … its possible that God is guiding thousands of other people as well via dreams and signs. Its quite common. It doesn’t make these thousands of people also Prophets. It just means that God chose to help them a little bit more.
  • God answering prayers. If you ask anyone … he might be a Christian or Muslim or Hindu … is God listening to your prayers? He will say … “yes, at so and so time … I had prayed for so and so thing … and God helped me with that. God listens to our prayers.” If God is listening to your prayers … it means that … you are talking to God and God is listening to you and helping you. If almost every comman man of any religion … can talk to God and God responds to him with His help … then why the surprise that God helped me a little bit? We are all connected to God … God is listening to us … He is loving us and helping us … then why the shock and surprise? Are all of these millions of people that God listens to … are all of them also Prophets?
  • Being unthankful – God is all around you. If you are thinking that … I am special … just because I got the dreams … and that God is not with you … because you did not get the dreams … then that’s just being unthankful. Forget about getting dreams … if you look closer … then God is all around you. This Earth that you live on … the air, the water, the mountains, the food, the animals and birds … everything around you … has been made for you by God Himself. Everything around you is from God … by God … and a sign of God around you. You doubt my dreams … but why don’t you see what is real around you … God has put signs of His greatness, glory, kindness and mercy … all around you.

Don’t think that … never ever think that … God is not in touch with you … or He is not helping you or caring for you. God is literally all around you.

Psycho Donors
Well, I am talking about this issue because we have two things to handle … donors and residence permits. Almost every pretext is being used to derail these two elements … donors and residence permits.

One type of donors that we got till date was of … control freak donors. “Sleep with my girls and we will donate”. These are control freak donors who want to control the work by putting their girls in the work. Another type of donors are “psycho donors” … they sit there and spy on you and your laptop for 24/7. And the moment they see any glitch … they will freak out and use that as an excuse not to donate. It can be anything from YouTube or Social Media content or Instagram or even movies. What we should ask ourselves is … why do we even need such psycho donors? If they are sitting there spying on me 24/7 and try to flip against me at the slightest glitch … then how can such donors be trusted after the work begins?

If these guys can’t handle simple social media content or movies … then how will they handle the real world pressure and the tactics that the Establishment will play after we begin the work in changing the world? Such psycho donors should be avoided all together. Maybe they don’t want to donate … they might be cheap and cheesy looking for the next door out. Lol. Either ways, such donors will be a headache to deal with.

Please look for donors will stay strong by our side in all scenarios, doesn’t matter what. These are the supporters that will last for a lifetime. These will be the people that you can rely on.

Residence Permit – Legal Perspective
Some donors are being problematic … most of the donors here are from the Democrat side. The purpose of the donors should be to help in the work. If they don’t want to help then … “thank you very much … nice to see you … will meet again if our paths cross in the future”. They should not sit here … trying to screw with my work and residence permits.

We are not doing anything illegal. YouTube, Social media and movies are perfectly legal. We are not running a porn business here … nor are we hurting anyone. No laws are being broken nor is anyone getting hurt. Democrats should control their donors and Residence Managers here.

Try to make picture perfect
Another human tendency is … to try to make picture perfect. Such people are not malicious or negative in nature … but that is human tendency. “Just because I am at this level of work and this kind of work … thus I should do this and I should not do this.” They try to follow the book … they try to levy bookish instructions on me.

For them my response is … “why don’t you try to be picture perfect? Why try to make others picture perfect? Let’s see how much picture perfect you are? Give it a shot for a few years … let’s see how much picture perfect you become and what is the scale of work you accomplish.”

This is actually … human tendency to try to see everything right … and they try to levy it on others. Whereas God doesn’t function that way … God of no religion says that you have to be picture perfect in every way. If man was made perfect then why would he pray for God’s mercy? God allows us to err so that we keep reaching out to Him. That’s why He created a system where minor stuff gets taken care of by good deeds. Stop trying to do “picture perfect” … its against how God created the world.

General Assumptions
The general assumption is that … “I don’t have a girl friend … so, if I watch some hot video … it means that I want to date.” This assumption is bullshit. Please don’t waste your time … don’t expect me to date anyone. Don’t have any false expectations … don’t bother testing with variants. This doesn’t mean that I will be dating anyone.