Security first dating and family next

Feeling sorry?

Many SM Groups seem to be feeling “sorry” for my situation of no dating and no family … and of working on this project alone. Well, don’t be sorry … its actually an honor and a privilege. I was already shown in a dream that this is what would happen … and this is how it had to be done.

The Rhino Dream
If you see one of the first dreams that I got regarding this project was of the “Rhinos in the park”. I saw huge oversized Rhinos controlling people in a park. The starting part of this dream was that … I was sitting with my family members in a park … and I see something unusual from the West side of the park. I am curious as to what is going on and I start walking away from my family towards the West. My Dad says … “don’t go there … don’t go there”. But I was so curious that I had to check it out … I walk away from my family and move towards the West.

Here is where I am standing on a small hill and watching several oversized Rhinos in the park while thousands of people are standing in a long queue almost still. I had no idea what this dream meant … but I went to America … I understood who these Rhinos were.

I thought that this dream was about me leaving my family and going to America to see this crisis that exists in the West. But that was not all.

No family for you
I start working on this project … I get these sequence of dreams … and I am doing everything possible to stop these wars and the wars don’t stop. I was struggling to find a way to stop these wars and these dreams were supposed to be the guiding light that will give us the solutions for this crisis. I am going through all of my dreams to identify the next step that I have to take … in order to end this crisis.

I had one dream where I was standing and walking on high walls … these walls had created small rooms where tigers were enclosed. This dream signaled that … I had identified the crisis and located the main miscreants. In another dream, I was not standing on the wall anymore … but I was on the ground … the tigers were deskinned alive … some of them were walking around without their skin … and I had created a team … a coalition … that was dismantling the tiger into its individual organs. I understood that this was about exposing the Establishment (deskinning of the tigers) and breaking up of their monopoly (dismantling the tiger into its individual organs).

For the next step to begin … I had to get down from the wall … take things live … and not train only SM Groups on this crisis … but I had to start creating “political coalitions” to stop Establishment malice and dismantle their monopoly. Till date, all guidance and training was only for SM Groups … I didn’t really bother to get in touch with the White House or Kremlin. But if I had to successfully solve this crisis … then I had to start guiding and training the White House and Kremlin on this.

And this meant that … no more just SM Groups … I had to directly get involved in this project … and start creating coalitions. It means that I had to evaluate all of the risk options that I would face in this project when I go live … right from being shot dead … to being jailed … to losing clients and finance … to facing lawsuits and legal pressure … to moving from one country to another … and even sometimes facing tweaks in food products that would affect your health.

This is something that I had to manage … to take the work to the next level … to go live and involve the White House and Kremlin. I had to evaluate all risk factors that I would have to face. That’s when I looked into the mirror and said … no family for you.

I can’t do this work and also create a family. Its impossible to manage a family and manage all of these security risks on my own. Let’s drop the idea of a family … and focus on the work … and let’s see how things fall into place.

A part of me was totally pissed at myself for saying … no family for you. But I calmed down after a few months … and I realized this dream … of me walking away from my family to see the Rhinos in the park. It was not just about me going to America to see the crisis … it was literally about me … not creating a family … so that I can work on this project with minimal risk.

Already told that it would happen
SM Groups feel sorry that I am single at 45 … but I was already told that this would happen. All dreams come true … they are formulas to take things forward. They show stuff that would already happen in the future. This … me, staying single … was already told to me. It was a requirement to take the work to the next level … it was a requirement to accomplish the tasks at the next level.

If I had not decided on this … and decided on a routine path of family and settling down somewhere … then who would stop the wars? If I had not gone live with the content … if there was no coalition created among the White House, Kremlin, EU, Turkey and Iran … the wars would never have stopped. It was an important decision to take the work to the next level.

Independent Work – People and God
The fantastic thing what happened with this was that … my work was totally independent. I could independently work on the concept of keeping people first in the light of God. It gave me the liberty and the freedom … of time and minimal risk … to think freely and act freely. It helped me function independently with no pressure.

Look at the ongoing shitshows

You will get a better idea of this … when you see the ongoing shitshows since a few years. The moment my work has reached to the White House and Kremlin … this is what I am facing.

  • Establishment control … the moment I went live … the Establishment started its gimmicks of “come to America … come to America … do your work from here … why did you leave us? Come back to us … we love you.” I was like … yeah right, bullshit … its nothing but a trap.
  • Rattling Nations. The countries that I have travelled to … they have seen coups, financial scandals and mass protests to change the leadership in these countries. Imagine travelling around the world from one country to another with your family.
  • Greed and Pressure. I face a lot of lies, false information, fake evidence, a list of sex setups … because of greed of some people put around me … they want commissions from the project or political pressure. Businesses have been shut down, people have been fired, hospitalized and what not … imagine all of this happening with your family members around you. Imagine your family members being used against you via political, legal or financial pressure.
  • Donors – Ownership. Some donors come with their own ownership plans and ideas. And when they don’t get to own and control the work … they start doing their own bullshit. Imagine putting up with this with your family around you.

This mess totally destroys the family unit. This repetitive mess and pressure becomes so much that you have to either choose … family or work. In one of the very first dreams … I was told … “drop the idea of a family … you have to work on this project.” That’s what was … walking away from my family and working on this crisis in the West.

It was already told to me … I knew it … it had to happen this way. And when we vaporized the War on Terror … trust me … it was worth it.

Security first … dating and family next
So, now when is the family going to be possible … its security first … and then comes dating and family. Now, we fully understand what is going on … who is who and what shit is possible … and how it can be contained. Now, we know how to create security for everyone in the project … the leaders, for myself, my staff and everyone’s families. Now … after we put in the security shields … then comes the dating and family.

It nothing to feel sorry about … that’s how the work is supposed to be done … and we are winning.

5 major stages of the work via dreams
If your order the work since the past 13 years … then this is how it falls into different stages via dreams.

  1. Rhinos in the park. This is one of the first dreams … it says that I should or that I will move away from my family and work on this project. Here is where I visit to America and this project begins.
  2. Lioness Dream – SM Training. In this dream, I am shown that I am not working alone … but I have a Lioness sitting right next to me. She is listening to everything that I write and works on everything that I say. The SM Network is shown as a Lioness in this dream. This dream was about training SM in not only creating publicity for me … but also working in all major spheres of life of intelligence, politics, media, corporations and the rooting out of Establishment puppets from each sphere.
  3. Locked the Tigers. This dream was about me … standing and walking on high walls … while locking the tigers in small rooms. This is where we had identified all malicious systems of the Establishment.
  4. Breaking down the Tigers. This dream was about creating coalitions to stop Establishment malice and break down Establishment monopoly. This is exactly how we stopped the War on Terror … by creating coalitions between America, Russia, EU, Turkey and Iran. And this is exactly where we are right now … we are still creating coalitions under Trump and Biden to dismantle Establishment malice at the domestic level in America. All of the dreams till date have come true.
  5. Tidal waves. The pending dream that has to fall into place … this is the dream of the next stage is of the tidal waves. We will be raising massive tidal waves that will crush Establishment malice and create phenomenal change for hundreds of millions of people. This is the next stage that is going to happen … once we create the coalitions at the domestic level in America. A new era will begin for America under the coalitions that we will create.

Me being single at 45 is a teeny tiny issue … focus on moving the work into the next stage. We already know how to create security shells … with security shells things will fall into place … but even better things that will fall into place than dating are … phenomenal changes for America. Focus on taking the work to the next level … that is more important.

Avoid control freak donors
And try to avoid sending me donors … whose first line begins with … “here are some girls … please sleep with them and then we will donate” … all of this is bullshit. The issue that happens with such donors is that …

  • They will try to deal with this as a routine donation … where they will put some of their girls and try to control the work
  • I don’t give a shit about dating any girl … they get pissed off after a while and start pressurizing the girls … and sometimes fake information starts getting created
  • Sometimes they will start changing girls … “ow, may be he likes this one … or that one … or this type … or that type”. All of this turns into total nonsense waste of time.
  • You will be seeing lies, false information and fake evidence … this turns into a challenge with the donors … the donors, instead of helping in the work … they start screwing the work. They start flexing their muscles.
  • The whole thing turns into a shit show

Just avoid any donor whose first criteria is that “I should sleep with any of their girls”. This will lead to total bullshit waste of time and create a total mess. Dating doesn’t happen … until and unless the coalitions are formed … security shields are created … and work begins in the next level. This is what I have already been told … trying to do anything otherwise will be a waste of time.

Don’t feel sorry for me … I am loving the work … every single cell of my body loves and enjoys the work. I relish every accomplishment in this work. We have to move into the next stage of the work with coalitions … focus on that … that’s when the revolutions are going to begin.