Being a dick in the name of God

Hot Models – Minor stuff doesn’t matter

I think I have to answer some instant questions … the moment I talk about God, dreams and my connection with them … there will be some negative guys who will shout out … “hey, what about the hot models that you check out online?” Lol … I know this would be the next immediate question. So what, if I check out some models … its minor stuff … minor stuff doesn’t matter.

There will be some dicks … who will try to use every excuse however minute it might be … to demonize and delegitimize you. But this is how it works in real time … your bigger good deeds take care of your minor stuff. The minor stuff doesn’t matter. If I was killing someone, raping someone, hurting or stealing from someone … then that matters. If you check my profile … its perfectly clean from any major issues or crimes or sins.

Not required to be picture perfect
The truth is that … God is not just connected with me … but God is connected with all of us … He loves all of us. Some of us feel His presence more … and some less … for some of us the connection is stronger and more visible … and for some of us it is lesser. But irrespective of the connection … God is with all of us.

It is not required for you to be picture perfect and crystal clear for God to love you and care for you. All of us are God’s creation and He loves all of us.

Why me, Big Guy?
In fact, in the early years … even I used to wonder … why me … why am I the one who is getting the dreams? Its mainly because of my work for the people … the era of people power that I am creating … its mainly because of that. Its not because I am ultra religious or ultra perfect … the main reason is because of my people centered work.

There are more pious people than you … why not them?

Another question that was asked before on this topic was … “there are more pious people than you … why didn’t God choose them … why you?” Well, firstly … I don’t think that I am the only one in the world that is getting dreams that help and guide the person’s work. There might be millions of people around the world … that God is guiding them via dreams and signs.

I was asked this question in 2007 … but I didn’t have any real facts to show … but now, there are a few things that you can see about my profile …

  • I am a 45 year old virgin … a virgin not because I am a monk … but because I was too busy with my work and later the security issues were so high that it was not safe to create a family.
  • I wrote about 4,000 pages till date … guiding and training SM Groups, the White House and Kremlin in leading the world. Yes, not 20, 30 or 300 or 400 pages … I have written more than 4,000 pages till date on this crisis.
  • By God’s grace, I vaporized terrorism and the War on Terror from the world.
  • I stopped world wars and nuclear wars.
  • I coordinated with the White House and the Kremlin to stop wars and create world peace
  • I stopped the worldwide demonization of a religion of 1.8 Billion Muslims
  • I made Central Bankers run away with their gold from Israel to South China Sea
  • I play a critical role in who becomes President in America
  • I helped the President save millions of American lives in the recent pandemic
  • I saved America from Socialist disasters

I am just getting started … these are a few things that have happened while I am still rolling up my sleeves. All of this was done by using just one laptop. When you say that there are better people than me out there who God should have chosen … then show me another person … who is a 45 year old virgin because he fears for the security of his loved ones … who wrote 4,000 pages to expose the world’s most powerful Establishment … who coordinated with the White House and the Kremlin to stop world wars and nuclear wars … who vaporized malicious propaganda of Radical Islam and stopped the demonization of a religion followed by 1.8 Billion Muslims … who saves countries and decides who becomes President in America. Show me another person who does this. Lol.

Lol. “There are better people out there that God could have chosen” … you can’t use that line anymore … I have already broken records in saving the lives of billions of people from malice, death and destruction several times. You could pull off this line in the early years … but not now.

The interesting thing that you should see is … I did not get the dreams because I did all of these works … I got the dreams because God already knew that I would do all of these works. I was shown the dreams even before I started these works. The dreams worked like a guiding light to do these works. And every dream I mentioned … it comes true.

Being a dick in the name of God
What some Establishment puppets do is … they try to be a dick in the name of God. They try to pick the most itsy bitsy fault that they can find … and if they can’t find faults … they will create false information and evidence … just to demonize and delegitimize my work. They are not about doing what is good for the people … they just use the name of God to be total dicks … to stop the work.

This is something that even Jesus faced. They called him a mad man and a magician. Why? Because he was a threat to their power and cash flow. What do you think that I am doing? I am decimating the same Satanic Establishment … and they try to use the same gimmicks against me.

If they were genuine and honest in doing what is right … then why not support the work that stops wars? Why not support the work that ends exploitation and abusive systems? Why not support the work that makes a better world for all of us? Why be total dicks?

Its not because we are doing anything wrong … its only because it will affect their power control and cash flow … which is why such gimmicks are used. So, the only solution for this is … let dicks be dicks … move on with the work … don’t allow dicks to stop the work. Lol. Wasn’t Jesus a good man? But did everyone follow Jesus? If Jesus himself was not good enough for them … then how can I be good enough for them?

The winning tactic here is … some guys are dicks … and dicks will be dicks … don’t allow their dickery to stop your work. Because we don’t need 100% approval and cooperation for our work. We have to create new systems and laws … we just need the majority of the vote in the Congress. If we get the majority of the vote in the Congress … then we win. So, don’t bother about the dicks … just work on creating configurations that will give us the majority of the vote in the Congress.

The Lovely Jewish History – this book will stop
Based upon the Noah and Ararat signs … it means that the book of The Lovely Jewish History will stop once our work begins. Because this book was just the storm that was used to end the War on Terror. Even I mentioned this to Trump … once the work begins … within a few months … we have to stop this site and create new channels for the new work. Once we start revolutionizing systems in America … this site will not be enough … there will be several new channels that will established to move ahead with the new layers of work needed.

Everyone relates to Ararat
An interesting thing about Noah and Ararat is that … everyone can relate to Ararat … Jews, Christians and Muslims. If I went to Mecca … then Jews and Christians wouldn’t bother to recognize it as a genuine divine sign. If I went to Jerusalem … then Jews would’t recognize it … because they don’t believe in Jesus. But Noah and Ararat are something that everyone from the divine religions believe in … everyone relates to it … it’s a divine sign for everyone … (except the dicks … lol).

Victory for America under Trump or Biden
Yes, all of my dreams come true … there will be victory for America … God willing … under both Trump or Biden … doesn’t matter who gets elected. That’s why we are pulling both candidates on a positive and constructive track that is great for America.

I need SM Groups to support both candidates … and evaluate them based upon the right policies, right teams, better coalitions and better implementation of the policies. The candidate that can show better skills and talent in policies, team, coalitions and implementation should win 2020. This is right for America.