Support your leaders based on facts and logic

Don’t believe that Trump apologized … okay fine … keep an eye on him. I know Trump Team B generally tries to shut us down … they try to go after my clients … they try to block my payments. I don’t think that they are doing that right now … but if you don’t believe on what I am saying … and if you are thinking that I am saying this only to protect Trump as he has passed level one … then check him out … see what they are doing. You guys have the tools to check anyone and anywhere … so check them out.

The formulas that I am putting out there … they are not designed to decimate Trump … they are primarily designed to go after the Establishment. And these are mere “theoretical formulas” to uplift Dems into the main game … Dems have to show all of this in real time action. If they don’t act on it … then nothing matters what I say … my support and guidance for Dems will not matter. It will be the same like Warren … we talked a lot of positive things for her as well … but since she did not act on any of them … nobody cared to support her.

Yes, you can track Trump … but you also have to track Dems … as to how much they are following in terms of policies and teams. Dems will cross the main threshold to gain victory … the moment they show at least 3 things:

  • Coordination … direct coordination with us
  • Change in policies … moving away from socialism and disastrous policies … to the right policies that are good for the country
  • Change in team … moving away from Bernie and AOC … and removing all Establishment puppets from their teams … and forming an Establishment independent team.

It is then that Dems will be ready to lead America. “Coordinating with us with the right team and the right policies” … is the victory formula for Dems.

I know Trump may fume … but he is the one who told me to work with Dems … we waited for him to work with us for 3.5 years. He can’t ask me to work with Dems and then fume at me for working with Dems. Its ridiculous … he can’t have it both ways.

However, he doesn’t need to fume. He has already passed level one of the game. Dems have to still organize to pass level one. When Dems campaign with the right policies … then he can simply copy paste and compete with them for better implementation. But this phase will begin only when Dems rise to that level. They have just 3 months and they have the basic 3 steps to show of coordination, right policies and the right team … then this phase will begin. Until then Trump is still ahead in the game.

I think he is fuming not because we are helping Dems … but because of the support and protection that he is losing because of the redistribution of the SM Groups. Trump will still retain a considerable section of SM Support. Dems have a long way to go to pull the majority of SM support.

Always work via facts and logic … be practical … see the facts … see your leaders in action … and then support them based on their actions. If their actions and policies are good for the country … then support them otherwise don’t … this is the basic principle … doesn’t matter who it is … Trump or Dems.