Rising above yourself

Some SM Groups Furious

Some SM Groups are fuming … “How can you move ahead so easily? Trump was trying to put you in jail! How can you help him after that? How can you support and praise him after that?!”

Ladies … relax. These are the points that you need to keep in mind.

Point 01. Everything is not about me
I might be at the center of this project … I might be the one designing the entire game and the changes that will come in America … but this project is not about me. The key focus of the work are the people and the country. The objectives of the work are the creation of new policies and systems. Its not about me … who is good to me or bad to me … this is not about personal relationship with me. Yes, to some extent good relationship with me is important … but everything cannot be about me.

Point 02. A long trail of blood
SM Groups are used to Matrix based style of working … but all you know that I don’t do revenge. There is no time for revenge in our work … even if I get an age of 100 years … then my lifespan will not be enough to do this work. Who the hell cares about revenge … just fix the situation and move ahead … that’s the fastest track possible. The Establishment throws hundreds of idiots in my path … who will be running some kind of negative bullshit … not only I don’t take revenge but I even stop SM Groups from going after them, as it will create a long trail of blood. We would be busy fighting with each other instead of doing the work … which is exactly what the Establishment would want.

This is called rising above yourself. Everything is not about you … everything cannot be about you … you have to do what is right for the people and the country.

Point 03. Its nothing new
Trump’s Team B trying to create security issues is nothing new … he was trying to do this even in his second year itself during the Mueller Investigation. He was calling Putin and Modi to make it happen. He was trying to shut down our work as a favor for the Establishment. This is not something that started very recently.

Point 04. Talked about it to fix the situation
I talked about it to fix the situation … because right now, its not just Trump … there are other complications getting involved. At the previous residence, we had donors running their own bullshit activities of lies, false information and creating security issues. The donors were creating security issues by teaming up with the Residence Managers … instead of helping in the work. To add to that … we are helping Biden … we don’t want Trump Team B coming into these complications.

Point 05. Apologized and supports our work
Trump has already apologized and he wants to be the secondary supporter for the work. He is not creating any threat nor is he obstructing anything. What more do you want? It has been sorted out … to some extent atleast.

Point 06. Trump is not a part of the Satanic Establishment
Trump is one of us … he is not a part of the Satanic Establishment … so, don’t fume. Some things can be worked out. We cannot use every excuse to turn full-fledged against each other and become sworn enemies. This plays into the hands of the Establishment … “let’s create some conflict and let them fight against each other … instead of them collectively working against us”.

That’s what they are doing with everybody … with the sponsors, with the Residence Managers, with Truump, with Democrats … creating some shitty excuses for fights … and we are busy sorting out fights … instead of anything moving forward.

Trump’s value for America
Look at the full picture … don’t look at only one or two negative moves. We are creating Presidents … people with massive power … sometimes they don’t understand the full game and how we are central to the entire change that is happening in America … and they try to make moves using their power against us. Even Warren tried to shut us down … she was pissed at Obamas for not shutting us down. This is something that should be expected and measures should be taken to manage the same. That’s the only way to manage it.

If you look at where Trump stands in the game … you will understand Trump’s value for America. Trump has already successfully passed level one of the game.

  • He has repeated stopped new wars from starting in half a dozen different countries
  • He has successfully moved away from all of Establishment’s disastrous Socialist policies
  • He has made a huge overhaul in his team … to get rid of Establishment puppets from the White House … which includes his own Chief of Staff
  • He has understood the Jewish Establishment connection and how their puppetry works and he has already changed about 300 Judges from the Judicial system

Democrats have not done any of this yet. Wars were not totally stopped under Democrats … they still have to move away from Socialist policies … they are still talking and taking inputs from Bernie and AOC … they still have to show an understanding of Establishment malice … and eliminate all disastrous policies and puppets from their teams.

Watch Democrats very closely
If we make this work about “who is good with me” … then should we allow Democrats to run their Socialist disasters in the country and ruin America? Just because they provide security for me? That’s why I am also telling Democrats … this is not just about my security … you also have to show the right team and the right policies … if you want to lead the country. This is about the people and the country.

Keep a close watch on Democrats … if they are making the right moves in real time … if their actions and policies will help America … they have moved away from Socialism and removed puppets from their team … then America can see progress under Democrats. This is exactly what we are trying to get done for Democrats via Michelle Obama. Time is a major constraint for them … but let’s see how much progress they make.

SM restructuring will take place

Obviously, there will be some restructuring in the support that SM Groups will provide. The key interest of all SM Groups is taking America Forward. Now, when I support Biden … some SM Groups will start moving towards Biden to support the options of leadership under him. This may reduce some support for Trump … which will lead to reduced protection, support and promotion for Trump. But Trump should relax on this restructuring … as all support will not move away from him.

Democrats have a lot to prove in real time to be considered for the White House. Significant support will continue to remain with Trump. Who will get the Presidency … like I said before … the candidate with the right team and policies … who will show the best capability and talent to take America Forward will get the Presidency.

Relax on personal security issues … just manage it … and move on in restructuring the country … we have work to do. Pull the right strings to manage security but don’t waste too much time on it as well.