The Name of the Game is God in the Jungle

Name of the Game

Trump wants to know the name of the game. He is far ahead in the game … he is winning in some moves … he wants to know which game it is. “Is it Checker or Chess? It is not Checker … I know it is not Checker … but is it Chess?” The name of the game is … God in the Jungle.

Yes, it’s the domain name itself. The name is based upon a dream that I had … or dreams that I had. Before I came to America … I was shown oversized Rhinos and wild animals … almost 10-20 times bigger than their normal size … walking around in a public park. The animals would calmly walk around the park … there was no blood … no one was eating anyone … but the people were utterly and totally petrified. I saw them standing in a long queue … as if they were scared to move … only a very few of them would move very slowly.

I had no idea what I was seeing … I just thought of it as a regular dream. But when I came to America … I was like … Holy Moses! How can America be like this? That dream was about America … these oversized wild animals were nothing but Establishment monopoly … an overgrown … an oversized Establishment monopoly that owns almost everything in America … and the people do nothing but stand in the queue to go to work … and they are afraid to stand up to this monopoly. The American people and politicians are literally afraid to talk about the Jewish Establishment or Israel … let alone take any action against them. I was shown in a dream the entire Establishment monopoly situation in America … even before I entered America.

Game Battle
The game is about the Establishment crisis in the West … in America, in Europe and in several other countries around the world. The whole Establishment monopoly in reality is nothing but … a Satanic Establishment leeching, abusing and exploiting the Christian masses in the West. They deliver nothing but abuse, death and destruction in Christian countries. For example … look what happened with the War on Terror … and even in this pandemic … 140K American citizens dead, 40 million unemployed and trillions of losses in economy.

The key battle in the game is … divine vs evil … good vs bad … right vs wrong … goodness vs exploitation … and greatness vs disasters. We stand against evil, bad, wrong, exploitation and disasters in every form of action and policy at every level in the country. Doesn’t matter who it is … doesn’t matter which corporation is involved … doesn’t matter at what level it is being done … collective forces are created to hammer it down.

Game Formula – “Do what is right for the people in God’s light”

Playing God in the Jungle … doesn’t mean that you are God … but you can do what God wants … what God would want what is right for the people in any scenario … by this, you become a power of goodness for the people, the country and the world. The word “jungle” is used to define this self-serving wild abusive exploitation systems that have been created by the Establishment … where these massive Establishment companies roam around out in the open in plain sight … where people are scared to take action against them.

  • There is a need for God in this Jungle
  • America needs God more than ever
  • America needs someone who will stand up and fight for the American people against these overgrown wild animals
  • America needs someone who will dismantle these massive wild animals who should not exist in plain sight among ordinary people
  • America needs someone who will save the American people from these massive wild animals … namely, the Establishment monopoly

This is the track of the game.

Game Levels
The game basically has 3 levels based upon the type of works that have to be done.

  • Level One – Stop wars & disasters and don’t follow misleading Establishment advice. This is the most basic level … Trump has successfully passed level one. Warren failed level one.
  • Level Two – Setup new policies and systems. Right now, a huge section of business, manufacturing, media and other sections of the country are owned by one Establishment. New systems need to be setup to bring this ownership among the people. Trump has not entered this level … Warren has no idea about this level.
  • Level Three – Break Establishment Monopoly. Once you setup new systems … it becomes very easy to break Establishment monopoly. The new systems become a powerful force that can be used to break the Establishment’s abusive monopoly. Trump refuses to enter this level and Warren was promising to break monopoly but trying to run disasters in the country.

Trump and Dems in different levels

The difficulty levels increase from Level One to Level Three. Level One is the most easiest … all you need is good will and do what is right. The President can use his own authority to stop wars and disasters. He can easily choose who to work with and whose advice will be followed. Trump passed level one … because he repeatedly used his Presidency to stop new wars … and he also followed a huge swamp drain process … where he changed key people from his own Presidency and from the Judicial system. Trump refused to follow the Establishment misleading in Climate Change and Socialist policies. This makes Trump a winner in level one.

And if you note … Warren failed in the most easiest level. All she needed to do was use common sense and not try to run financial disasters in the country. Now, to get Biden to qualify to compete and win against Trump … they must be able to show in real time that they can pass level one. They don’t have any wars in their agenda … but they have a lot of Socialist disasters and follow radicals like Bernie and AOC. Trump does not have Socialist disasters under his hood and he does not follow radicals like Bernie and AOC. This is the most easiest level … if Trump can do this … Dems should be able to show that they can also do this.

This is not a single player game. You have to network … create coalitions … show the right team and policies … to pass through all levels of the game. The easiest level is not following disasters and getting rid of Establishment puppets from the team. This is the most easiest level. Then the difficulty increases in level two … here is where you need to network in the Congress to create new policies and regulations … the scope of the work is wider … but it is not that difficult to accomplish.

Level Three is the most challenging and difficult level … here you have to show all 3 characteristics:

  • Making the right decisions to avoid disasters and eliminating all Establishment puppets from the team
  • Having a good network in the Congress … along with good media publicity for your policies
  • Having the courage to stand up to the Establishment and break their monopoly

This is how the game is structured.

The Best Player gets the White House
The player that can show in real time … that he has the right team and the right policies to win in all 3 levels of the game … he gets the White House. Yes, if you can play God in the Jungle correctly … then you get the White House. It’s a game that not only gets you the White House but it also protects you and gets you the support that you need for every move that you play in the game.