Security Malice The Whole Picture

Not anti-Trump pages

Firstly, let me clarify that … these are not anti-Trump pages. These pages are being written only to correctly manage the security issues surrounding the work as of now.

Routine Establishment Gimmick – Control or Suppress
This is a routine Matrix based Establishment gimmick … either to control the person and take over his work … and if that cannot be done … then suppress the person until he agrees to work with us. This is a very routine Establishment gimmick run via the Matrix to control key people and ideas that they are interested in. This is how it works out generally.

  • Control – We love you. It first starts off with love … lots of love. They collect the information that I am famous, cute and going to be rich soon … so, their first move is … “we love you … here are some girls to sleep with … you can have anyone … we can do anything for you” and bla bla bla.
  • Suppress – He is a sex maniac. But when they see that I am not buying this gimmick and not interested in sleeping with any of their girls … then their next move is … “he is sex maniac! Stop him!” They get totally pissed off.

This gimmick is nothing new … it’s a routine Matrix based control tactic for key people that the Establishment network is interested in. Both of the moves are hypocritic. First they say that … we love you … but it is not actually love … it is just greed for control and ownership of your work. And because, I don’t sleep with them … they cannot control my work … thus, they get pissed off. If they loved me … then why are pissed off at me? If I did not sleep with anyone then why are they calling me a sex maniac?

The truth is that … this is not about you … this is about what the Establishment wants. They try to create realities as per their own objectives … and thus their moves that shuttle from plus to minus within days … turn out to be hypocritic.

This is a very old game that the Matrix played in 2007 when I was in America itself. They offered me a billion dollar company and a million dollar salary … but I had to be a part of their Network and become their puppet. I told them to … shoved it up yours and keep walking. I chose living a life with logic rather than be someone’s puppet.

Current Security Issue
It’s a long story … of the Matrix … the Establishment and how the SM Groups isolated and hammered the Establishment. But now see how this gimmick of how “control or suppress” affects security today.

Donors – Sleep with us
The Establishment already knows that I am the guy that shoved away a billion dollars because I don’t want to be anyone’s puppet. So, the sponsors that they are sending here to finance this project … they are putting this in their mind that … “hey, this guy is famous … he will change the world … see if he sleeps with you … you get to control a massive worldwide project.” And sponsors come around … with great efforts put in by Democrats and Trump … thinking that they will sleep with me and get to control a worldwide project. Lol.

Thank God … I am the same person that I was a decade ago. I am like … “really? Such old gimmicks … again?” Interestingly, what is happening is … these sponsors who are supposed to finance our work … they are flipping against me … they are getting pissed off that they are not able to control the work and in some cases … they are not getting commissions from the project.

This is what happened at the previous residence. The sponsors that were placed around me … they were either interested in making me have sex with any of their girls or they would provide negative and false information about me to others to shove away other sponsors. It was the same “control or suppress” gimmick being run by the sponsors themselves.

Residence Managers

These donors that Democrats and Trump are sending here … they are quite influential and connected with top political parties and leaders. Since I was not sleeping with any of their girls … they used to get pissed and start creating false information and false evidence about sleeping with me. It was probably because of the pressure from their higher ups. Their higher ups might be kicking their ass saying … “what the hell … you can’t get one guy to sleep with any of your girls?! You useless fellows!!” And they would make up false information to save their ass. Probably, that’s what was going on.

Now, because they are under pressure … and they cannot control the work … and to add to that there was a competition between Trump and Democrats sponsors … they would try to use the Residence Managers in negative activities. The manager at the previous residence was being used to make false and unnecessary complaints against me. Because the Democrat sponsors hated me supporting Trump … and Trump sponsors hated the idea that I would help Democrats win.

These donors, having good political connections … would be using the Residence Managers to make up complaints against me … which would adversely affect my Residence Permit. For the most stupid reason and even with false information … they would be pushing the manager to make complaints against me.

False Compassion
To add to all of this … they would create a lot of false compassion … “ow he is missing home … he is missing his family … he is travelling since so many years … we should cancel his Residence permit so that he can be with his family.”

Deport, arrest, jail
And what is waiting for me in India … not home and family … but Team B from Trump was already working and pushing the Prime Minister of India … to create some police cases and lawsuits to put me in jail for a long time. It is not about “home and family” … it’s a long term jail sentence out there. This is another hypocritic move with false compassion where they are trying to use my family as well.

See it together now
Now, are you able to see it working together? Establishment malice, false sex setups, donors, residence manager, false compassion and Trump Team B … what does all of this result into? Long term jail.

Is this the objective of working with politicians and donors … to get long term jail? The politicians and donors are supposed to connect together … to hammer the Establishment and take America into a new era … they are not supposed to connect together to facilitate what the Establishment wants. Literally working on the opposite track.

Trump – don’t send sponsors here
This is what happened at the previous residence. It was a total shit show … it was filled with lies and false information. Instead of donors helping in anything … they were sitting there and creating problems. And one of the key reasons for that was … donor competition. Each team would create false sex based information to derail the other’s sponsorship. We don’t want that happening here. Trump should not send his sponsors “physically” at this residence. You can connect with me on the phone but no physical presence here. The moment they come here … they start running their politics … we don’t want that shit.

Sex setups were beginning on day two at the new residence. I immediately stopped that. I am maintaining a full video log of my time outside my room … just to avoid the bullshit false information created using sex. We don’t want the new residence also messed up.

About donors trying to use the Residence Managers to make complaints … this is not something that I can control. Democrats should control their sponsors … they are here to help and not to create issues. If they don’t want to help … no problem, keep walking … don’t take a shit and mess up the place. Either help or keep walking … any third options are not welcome. Donors are not supposed to come with their own personal objectives and plans … and they are not supposed to force all of that on me.

By the way, I like the Residence Manager here … he is 100 times better than the one from the previous place … but political influence needs to be managed.

Hopefully, we will be teaming up with Democrats … once that happens we will put a concrete path to take things forward. But no competition at my residence please.

Managing Security Issues

  • Trump Team B. This is an old Trump configuration … I don’t know if it that this is active yet. We have already informed Trump to manage this on his own. But what SM Groups should understand … its not just Trump that’s the issue … he was only a part of the issue. These are the other elements that need to be managed.
  • Establishment gimmicks. Establishment elements already know that I don’t sleep with anyone and I don’t allow anyone to control or own my work. And they are putting these things in the minds of the sponsors knowingly to create conflicts … instead of the work moving ahead. Such gimmicks should be understood and not followed.
  • Donors. Donors are supposed to help the work … not become a security threat to the work. Either help or take a walk … don’t sit there staring at my computer 24/7 … trying to find any fault possible and don’t try to look for the shittiest reason to create problems. That’s not why you are here. Democrats should control their donors. If they don’t want to donate … thank you very much … nice to see you … will probably meet in future if our paths cross again. But why the shit shows … why the negativity … why creating issues? Either help or walk away. We already have a lot to deal with.
  • Residence Managers. This was a major issue at the previous place … goodness gracious. These sponsors that get pissed off … unluckily they also have good political contacts and they team up with Residence Managers to create more bullshit. This adversely affects my residence status in any country. The first thing that the police or guys from the passport office do is … they contact the residence managers and ask them how I am. And if they narrate a long line of bullshit … things gets screwed for no reason … other than pissed off donors. It’s a must for Trump and Democrats to control their donors. We need support and not problems.

All of the Establishment’s bullshit is being successful crushed … we just have to stop their misuse of political power … we can totally crush them after that.