Made a Democrat for Security Reasons

Security from Trump

This is the info we got from Pro-Trump SM Groups … it seems I have been made a Democrat for security reasons. It seems Trump takes what is useful for him from our work … but sees us as a Democrat. Democrats had launched investigations against him … the Mueller Investigation and this and that … to the extent that Democrats impeached him. And since I am a Democrat … as per Trump … my work should be stopped, I should be arrested, deported and jailed for a long time in India.

They are saying … yes, you can start the work with Trump … but don’t expect the ending to be good. Trump has setup a Team A and Team B configuration. Team A led by Ivanka will talk nicely to you … show a lot of love and support … and take all inputs from you. But then there is a Team B led by Don Jr. who are telling Modi to create lawsuits against you … telling Russia to drop their support for you … they want to get you deported and jailed.

This is the security issue that you face … that’s why you were made a Democrat. Trump has no intention of breaking monopoly and as a favor for the Establishment … Trump wants to stop your work and get you jailed. You should not work with Trump … and you should only work with Democrats. Democrats will keep you safe. Its for your security that you have been made a Democrat.

Changing Relations
The above configuration was before the pandemic … but during the pandemic, we showed Trump a lot of tracks to work on … to save America and American lives. The relations changed and became better … to the extent that … even if we work with Democrats, Trump was ready to channelize sponsorship for our work as well. We would work with Democrats … but Trump was also ready to help our work. At least, one good thing came out of the pandemic.

Issues in Security

SM Support for Trump Falls

We are trying to work with Trump … but Trump says … no, no, you have to work with Democrats. I am like … “okay fine, if that’s what you want … I will help Biden.” But the moment I move my attention towards another candidate … SM Groups start moving towards that candidate … and SM support for Trump falls. This leads to reduced support, protection and promotion for Trump … because we are configuring another candidate to lead America … now the support, protection and promotion increases for the new candidate.

SM Groups follow me … and they work logically on the configurations that I show … because all of the configurations, tactics and policies that I have shown … it is bringing phenomenal change in America and the world. Now, Trump fumes that I am showing Biden how to win in 2020 and the support for him is falling. I literally told him … “excuse me, you can’t have it both ways … you don’t work with me for 3.5 years and keep pushing me to work with Democrats … and when I show some options to Democrats … you are fuming. Either you work with me or let me work with them. You can’t have it both ways”.

Democrats should realize that … asking to help Biden is very easy for you … but you should consider my situation as well. I already have a lot of Establishment assholery around me … who create false information, false evidence and try to create legal issues for me and my residence. To add to that … Trump is fuming at his falling support and Biden’s options for a win. Who is securing me from the Establishment malice and the President of the United States?

Security comes first and then change for America comes next. No security … no work … no work, no change. First secure me fully and totally … and then we show you how to move fullscale in favor of Biden. One guy with one laptop … with SM Support … we are successfully managing Establishment bullshit. But we cannot manage the US President calling the Russian President and Indian Prime Minister to stop our work … managing security from Presidents and Prime Ministers is not within my scope. First create proper security … and then ask for help. Try to understand what you are asking from me.

Socialism among Democrats
The security nightmare doesn’t just end there. Now, when it comes to actually helping Democrats … they are running a shit show of their own. God knows for what reason … Democrats have embedded Socialist disasters in their policies. When I have to successfully bring Democrats on a winning track … where they can actually get a win … the first thing that I have to do is … show where all of the flaws exist. If they can remove the flaws and form the right team with the right policies … they can win.

But when I show the flaws and if they remain in the old conventional hierarchy party based political system … where they think solely from power and authority based perspective and tell me … “hey, we are the ones protecting you … why are you talking against our policies? Support us and help us win!” I am like … “Good Lord … what am I dealing with? The guy that is far ahead in the game … he doesn’t want to break monopoly and doesn’t want to work with me … and guys that are far behind in the game … they are stuck in an old conventional power based system. How am I supposed to take America forward in this scenario? It’s a shitty situation.”

Its People First
As of now … we already have the Establishment malice against us … and then Trump is pissed off at his falling support and chances of Biden’s win … and then Democrats can fume at my criticism for their Socialist policies. I would have everyone against me. The people would have to face the Establishment’s malice … Trump’s stagnation or Democrat’s disasters. So, I turned to my base formula … “do what is right for the people in God’s light”.

Security Solutions

  • I have to maintain security for myself
  • Don’t pull off support for Trump since he is the one in the lead
  • And also help Biden move ahead and improve his chances for a win

Trump should stop the Team A and Team B stuff
Creating security issues against us backfires for anyone … the same applies to Trump. Trump is the one who setup the Team A and Team B configuration … he should get involved and end it. You can play your political moves … no issues with that … in policy, design and campaign … you can run all of that … but you cannot be a security threat to us. These are the key reasons for the fall in support for Trump:

  • America stagnating under Trump with no new reforms or policies created … we are going twice more in debt than before.
  • Opening options for Biden … the moment we show options for another candidate … groups start moving towards that candidate.
  • To add to that … if you create security issues for our work … it greatly impacts the support that you have. SM Groups will say … “what’s the point for supporting this guy when he himself is a threat to the core part of the work?”

The good news for you is that … you still have 60% of SM support … you still have a higher chance of victory. Doesn’t matter the options and support we are giving to Democrats … it is all theoretical until and unless they work on it in realtime and realize it. It is then that you expect Biden to be a key competitor for you.

Michelle Obama – Removing Socialism from Democrats
We talked about Warren’s socialist disasters … she flipped against us … didn’t change anything and also got pissed off at Obamas for not stopping us. That’s why we are not telling Biden anything directly. We are keeping the information and guidance channelized via Obamas. We don’t want a Democrat flip via Biden. We cannot manage a security issue from Democrats in this scenario.

This is one of the key reasons we are pulling Michelle Obama in the scene … she can help Democrats get on the winning track without us having to put up with a conventional power based thinking. Obamas literally have an upper hand over all Dems … going via Obamas helps us against manage this conventional approach.

Solution for Both Parties

Now, the current track that we are working on … it helps both parties. Since we are Democrats … we will be working with Democrats. When Biden will launch the right policies … Trump will also get to know the right policies. The best guy that will show the capability and talent in implementing the right policies for America … he will get the White House. This is a very fair and balanced approach. It gives both candidates a fair shot … and this is right for the people and the country.