It seems I am a Democrat

The number of deaths last week was 30% more than the previous week. And this week it is 20% more than last week. Based on the current trajectory … the number of deaths today will be about 1200-1300 or more.

I was expecting this rise in the number of deaths to take some more time … I was expecting this in the next couple of months. But it has started quite early.

Yes, I know … it is pure Establishment malice … this will greatly impact the Trump Presidency. Now, if Trump has to work on killing this rise of cases and deaths … he has to start setting up systems to kill Establishment malice. But the issue in that is … he cannot work with us directly. It seems that I am a Democrat. This is the issue … the President has to create systems to revolutionize healthcare and kill the Establishment’s malicious spread … but if we invite him to work with us … he cannot directly work with us because apparently he has to go through the Democrats.

This is the glitch in helping Trump in this new rise of virus cases in America. At least, Democrats should work with us … so that, the policies can be channelized through them. Democrats are just sitting there and blaming Trump for the bad job that he has done … which is not true … Trump has created world records in his response to the pandemic. And Trump will do everything required to save America.

Democrats are probably trying to work on getting us the sponsors … screw the sponsorship … lets fight the pandemic first. It will show you how to put it together … it is easy.

Just like we helped Trump in the first rise of cases … similarly, Trump can hammer out this virus rise again. The question is … how are we going to channelize the policies to Trump? When Trump is not allowed to work with us and Democrats are just sitting there and demonizing Trump. Just demonizing Trump is not the solution … hundreds of American citizens are dying everyday.

Europe has wiped out the virus and America is getting screwed … and trust me, this is not Trump’s fault. Trump did not design the virus, he did not spread the virus in the world and he did everything to combat the virus. This ongoing spread is pure Establishment malice … Trump and Democrats have to come together and work on a track to end this malice for good. This is no time for party politics.