The Connection between Sex Setups and Politics

Expedited Sex Setups

I moved to a new place and within two days new sex setups were being created. I am like … “Good Lord … I just moved out of hell and torture from one place … and the same thing begins at another place? You got to be kidding me. That too, out here simple girls that work with disabled children are being used.”

It was turning out to be the same repetition of lies and bullshit that happened at the previous place. That’s why I wrote the previous page.

Matrix – they know about donor movements
This is the thing that Trump and Democrats need to know. Nothing is hidden in the Matrix … they know everything about everybody. They know what is happening in the White House … what Democrats are doing … which countries or companies are being contacted for donations … every move is tracked. It’s a long topic … its technology based gimmicks.

The key point here is … they already know that donations would be fast-tracked at the new location … that’s the reason they also expedited the sex setups. On the second day itself, they started creating new sex setups here. They know about all of your movements and which candidates you will send here … and they control the information that will be given to these candidates. This is how they are controlling the decision making in this process.

You are sitting there and thinking that … “hey, I contacted the right person … I sent his representative there and it is all going to work out … the work will begin asap.” But there is another show designed around me … it is generally designed to derail this from happening. What to do about this?

Stop sharing information about my personal life
The first thing that you need to is … please stop sharing information about my personal life with donors. Stop telling them that … “hey, he doesn’t date … he did not marry … because of the security issues in this work. He is a nice guy.” Me dating or not … marrying or not … this is none of their business. Sponsors are not giving me a billion dollars to date … I don’t need someone to pay me to date. If I want to date … I will date. This project is not about me dating. Dating is not illegal … it is perfectly legal for two adults to have consensual sex. I will date when I want … but this is not the issue here … they are creating an issue out of this and creating false information because one of the things that you are saying is that … I don’t date. Secondly because, we never invited donations. There were no sex based setups during Obama, why? Because we never invited donations to expand our work. These sex setups began only after I started pulling donors and sponsors for the work. These sex setups helps in derailing of the sponsorships.

Please don’t share any personal information with them and keep their focus solely on the project’s activities, accomplishments and goals. We are the ones who helped in the stopping of world wars, we vaporized terrorism, we stopped the War on Terror, we stopped wars many times, we provided detailed information on various tracks to work on the pandemic … we are working towards a revolution in America in various spheres. All of this information is available on the main website. We are working with the White House and the Kremlin to maintain world stability.

These are the things that you should share with them … they can easily verify the content on our website. But when you send sponsors by giving them information like … “he didn’t date … and he didn’t marry … he is such a nice guy” … and the people in the environment start saying … “he banged her … he banged him … he is having sex with so many people” … then the whole thing turns out to be lies. It will be like … you are the one who is providing wrong information. This is the purpose of these false sex setups … to baffle the sponsor with opposite information and derail the cooperation.

Purpose of False Sex Setups
These are the two primary purposes of these false sex setups:

  • Derail Sponsorship. To baffle sponsors with opposite and negative information … and push away sponsorship and cooperation.
  • Affect Residence Permit. When these lies are spread locally … it also affects my Residence Permit.

Both of them are negative activities.

Some common false activities or claims
Here are some common false activities that are carried out on this track.

  • Lying. Starts off with a lie … “hey, we had sex with him”. There will be no video evidence for this.
  • False Evidence. When you ask them to repeat the activity … in the previous place … they used to just come into my room … which was a shared room with 10 people … sit in the balcony for a few minutes … and then claim that they had sex with me.
  • Use of Look alikes. When I asked for evidence for the same … some people have also created photos and small video clips … using a look alike … to show that I had sex with them. So, I asked them … why photos and small clips? Why not show the full video where my face can be seen from all angles? This is something that no one produced till date … coz it never happened.
  • Get rich schemes. In the previous place, they also hatched up … get rich schemes. They would tell your contacts placed here that … “hey, I will go into his room and sit in the balcony. But you should say that we are having sex. He is going to get a lot of money and if he sleeps with me … I will make everybody rich. Everybody will get a house and a car.” Lol. The contacts that you would place … your own contacts were being used in get rich schemes to lie along with others.
  • Intelligent Analysis. Another gimmick is … the girl lies about having sex with me … and then “pretends to be my girlfriend” in public. Cooking in the kitchen when I am in the kitchen … eating on the same table … anything and everything doing with her is seen as “evidence” of sex. This can be any act … of giving, taking, opening doors or windows, sharing food, sitting, standing … everything is inferred as sex … as per this “intelligent analysis”. Lol.

All of the above is garbage information.

Only sex is the evidence of sex
I have tried to stop any sex setups at the new location … but if anyone from the past, present or near future claim to have sex with me … then use two simple real checks to verify it.

  • Clear full video. Ask for a clear full video where my face can be seen from all angles.
  • Repeat the activity. If someone claims to have sex with me … then simply ask them to repeat it again.
  • Video Log. Lastly, I will myself maintain a full “video log” of the time I spend in the common areas here. You will be able to see in full video what actually happens when I am outside my room.

The first two are real checks for actual sex activity and the video log will show exactly what happens when I am outside my room.

Manage it and move on
When it comes to connecting with politicians and donors … I would suggest … stop expecting a picture perfect environment where … everyone will be nice … everyone will speak the truth … everyone will be supportive and it will fall perfectly in place. Don’t expect this. Our work is quite complicated and we are working on complicated bullshit from a widespread and malicious Establishment.

You should in fact, tell the donors and sponsors to expect this kind of information. Tell them to expect lies and misleading information. Tell them that we are dealing with a malicious Establishment and this is what they have been doing since several years and derailing the work. And in reality if they have to verify what is truth … then tell them to ask for a full video or the repetition of the activity. Don’t ask them to rely on anyone’s words or rely on bullshit “intelligent analysis” where everyday life is interpreted as sex. If someone is eating on the same table … then they are just eating on the same table … if someone is cooking in the same kitchen … then they are just cooking in the same kitchen. All of these are not sexual activities and they are not the same as having sex.

The same applies to Residence Permit issues. These lies about sex are spread locally and they try to affect my Residence Permit. Tell the local officials also the same … for all of this information … ask for a full video or the repetition of the activity … almost everything is false information.

This is what you have to manage to move things forward. Even Ivanka was asking … “hey, what is happening … why are things getting derailed?” This is what’s going on here. Its Matrix based malice … this can be pulled off at any location. It will be mostly false information with false interpretations.

Sleep with her and I will donate
There will be some sponsors who are control freaks. They will first demand that I sleep with one of their girls and then they will donate. Tell such sponsors to “keep their girl and money with themselves … and -keep walking”. I don’t need such idiots wasting my time. Lol. Please do not waste your time with such donors … they will be a headache and a waste of time. Just don’t entertain them at all.

Political Override of the Establishment
One thing that you should know about whatever activities it may be … from the Establishment … via the Matrix or not … politicians can easily override these activities. These guys are criminals … most of their activities will be lies, misleading and false information. They try to capitalize on their connectivity via the Matrix to run this malice. The easy way to override this malice is by seeing the real truth. Secondly, being politicians you have higher powers over security and intelligence systems in any country … you can easily pull strings and override this malice.