Terminate the Puppetry Time to push the record button

This is how the sex setups and false setups work out.

Level One – Starts off with one lie
This person who lies about sex or something being stolen … she doesn’t know that she is being watched by 10 other people. I expose it … she gets busted and gets admonished … seeing the pressure on her … she starts covering up her lie with a hundred other lies. “No, no … it really happened” and bla bla bla. But 10 other people bear witness that it never happened and they never saw it happen.

Level Two – Intelligent Analysis
Since nobody saw it happen … the investigation moves to a second level of verification. Now, all 10 people are involved in this verification … the verification techniques used are … “does he talk to her … does he walk to the left or right? Does he open the window? Does he open the door? Does he lift his arm? Does he give or take something?” Lol … all of these are supposedly acts that can used as “evidence for sex”. Lol. Sex doesn’t necessarily need to happen … but almost everything that you do in daily life … walking, talking, giving, taking, standing, sitting … everything is evidence for sex. Lol … as per this “intelligent analysis”, that is.

Level Three – Show clear video evidence
When they enter in Level Two … I pull them in Level Three … asking for a clear full video evidence of the activity where my face can be seen from all angles. None of them were able to produce any evidence of sex or theft because it never happened.

Check Two. The above is check one … the second check is … other people are sent into the environment to verify this activity. They tell the girl or guy … “okay fine, if you two were so close that you had sex with each other … then go ahead and do it one more time. Let’s see if it is true.”

For this, what the women in the other locations would do is … come into my room and sit in the balcony for sometime … and then say … “hey, we had sex with him again”. Then it would be reported about this girl that … “she has no evidence of the first time … nor is she able to do it again. She is sitting in the balcony and lying about it.” And then such lying people get hammered.

At so many places, cities and residences … the same activity has been repeated. Because this is how the Matrix functions … it functions out of a similar knowledgebase. But at none of the cities or residences they were able to show me in a full video in the act … because the information itself is bullshit.

Pulling the same gimmick in the new environment is disgusting
Writing about this now … because they are trying to pull the same gimmick in this new environment. Yeah, I am like … “within two days sex setups? Are you kidding me? I just escaped this non-stop bullshit from the previous place.” What we have here is … simple girls of the age of my nieces … who are working as volunteers with disabled children.

This will work out in two ways.

  • Guilty if I remain silent. If I remain silent on this … girls of the age of my nieces will be saying that … “hey, he had sex with me” … which is disgusting.
  • Hammering simple girls. If I activate the Matrix on this … then the Matrix is a system that we use to hammer Satanic Establishment elements, Central Bankers, warmongers and create revolutions in countries … if such an entity is activated on simple girls … then that is also disgusting. They should not be hammered but they should be protected from this trap.

Solution Objectives
Something that has to be done where we address these issues:

  • Protect the girls. No way in hell we should allow the use of simple girls who volunteer to work with disabled children … they should never be pulled in such false games. They are young and they have all of their life ahead … its simply not right to hammer them in any way. They should be protected.
  • Save my time. I need to save my time as well … from this repeated bullshit activities that have no truth to them. I have more important things to do … rather than talk about stuff that never happened.
  • End the puppetry. The best way to do the above is to end the puppetry. The puppeteers must be controlled … not just the puppets. 

Don’t play the game … end the game
The best way to handle “malicious gimmicks” is … don’t play the game … just end the game. If you play the game … it turns into a rabbit hole … it goes on and on and on. It will turn into non-stop waste of time. The best solution is to take measures to end it.

Time to push the record button
Here is some interesting information on Matrix based malicious gimmicks. All you need to do … to end these gimmicks is … push the record button. The moment you push the record button … in video or audio … they run like chicken. They wind up the whole gimmick and run like chicken. All of the puppetry vaporizes and people normalize at an instant of a second.

Why is it like this? Because this entire system of the Matrix … it is a criminal system … of spying, lying, misleading, create false information and false evidence … all of these are negative and criminal activities. The moment you push the record button … you are literally recording the evidence of the existence of the Matrix. This is the last thing that any element from the Matrix will want. They would never want the Matrix to be exposed to the normal world. They never risk the existence of the Matrix system for anything.

So what happens is … the need to trap me in malicious gimmicks vaporizes and a major requirement of protecting the existence of the Matrix takes a much higher priority.

Learnt this in New York
Learnt this trick in New York … they would convert the people around me into barking dogs … and it would be so difficult for me to work at any place. The way to stop this was … pushing the record button on my phone … and record all of the garbage that they would be saying. The wondrous thing that would happen is … the moment I push the record button … everyone would be immediately transformed into angels and excellent gentlemen. Lol.

Yes, a massive entity of tens of millions of people … put into control using one simple record button.

Chill when the record button is on
This has nothing to do with the current simple girls here … just chill when the record button is on. This is only for your own good and safety. What happens next in these malicious gimmicks is nothing but trouble. The recordings save you from the negative puppetry … no negative activities means no trouble for you. Nothing much has happened yet … but its for everyone’s best interest to push the record button. It will keep you safe and also save my time.

What is documented is the truth
Not everyone in the Matrix is bad … its just one or two bad apples here and there. The Matrix is a massive entity of tens of millions of people in each country. In this entity whatever is documented is the truth … so, some malicious elements who know how the system works … they try to misuse the system for their malice. They try to create false information and false evidence to support their malice. When I push the record button … all of this gets controlled to a great extent.

There are lots and lots of good people also in the Matrix … they are doing phenomenal works in America and around the world.

No explanations required

Don’t mind the record button … its for everyone’s good. It shows exactly what happens in a recorded manner in “full video” … and no one’s explanations are necessary. No lies required, no intelligent analysis required and no hammering required for anyone. It shows the truth and keeps everyone in the safe zone.

Be happy and stay safe!