The Donate and Walk Away Policy

Control Freak Donors

Some sponsors will be like … “okay, sleep with one of my girls and we will donate for your work”. These are generally control freak donors. The main reason they offer someone to sleep with is to put someone around you … to control you, to monitor your activities and to manage the cash flow. This is understandable in general businesses and general donations … where the donor is trying to see that his donation is used properly.

But unfortunately, this cannot be applied to our work. We have a “donate and walk away” policy. We do not involve the donors in our works in any capacity whatsoever. There are reasons for that.

Worst Case Scenarios
When everything is going well … then everyone is happy … but what happens when the Establishment starts creating its malice? I will give an example of Henry Ford from the Ford Motor Company. He knew about the malice from the Jewish Establishment … he even wrote papers and published them … to expose the truth about this Establishment network. What happened next? They went after his company … demonized and ridiculed his company … bringing major losses for his business operations.

Ford had to choose … either keep on talking the truth that serve the people … or run his Motor Company. He went silent on the Jewish Establishment issue because the options that he was given were … either remain silent or survive. This is what happens when one person rises against a network. Henry Ford could not handle it because he never understood the networked nature of the Establishment and he was standing alone exposing this Establishment.

Countries rattled to stop the work
Henry Ford was a long time ago … to stop our work … several countries were rattled by the same Establishment. We had chosen a few bases for the work.

  • Russia. Massive protests against Putin were launched by the Establishment. We had to activate SM Groups and help Putin understand what this is … to help him get a win against this.
  • Turkey. A military coup was conducted in Turkey to overthrow Erdogan. The next day itself, we wrote what this was about to help Erdogan win against this coup.
  • Malaysia. A major financial scandal was unleashed against the Malaysian Prime Minister involving the bankers.

Forget about individual companies … entire countries were rattled to change the governments to stop our work. The Establishment did not succeed … we exposed them and successfully stopped their regime change tactics with SM support.

Stable Donors
This is why we invite donations only from very stable countries that can manage this malice of the Establishment … countries that can be financially and politically independent. That’s why we try to work with GCC countries, Iran and European countries. Because as a country, they can easily push away Establishment malice … unlike Henry Ford.

Why do you think we are creating a central role for Obamas in this work to take America into a new era? Because now, Obamas have nothing to lose. They have the highest form of security via the Secret Service and they are politically independent … Obama is already a two time President … there is no political office that they can take away from him. They have the Obama Foundation … Obamas are also financially independent … billions can be channelized to the Obama Foundation. Thus Obamas can become a key pillar to take America Forward.

Donate and walk away policy
Now, what are we going to do if the Establishment creates any issue for the donor? Donors come and say … “hey, sleep with this girl of mine if you want our support”. But what will you do when your company will be rattled legally or financially? This is the main reason we have a “donate and walk away” policy. It is for your own security. So that you don’t get rattled and so that you don’t disturb our work when you get rattled.

If anyone even approaches you asking … “hey, why did you donate to this organization?” Then just say … “Democrats told me to. I had some political contacts among Dems and they told me to.” That’s it. They will go to Obama and ask … Obama will point to Biden … Biden will point to Bill de Blasio … Bill de Blasio will point to Pelosi … Pelosi will point to Warren and the pointing continues endlessly. They don’t get any person that they can target.

We are handling Establishment malice with a network of our own … where a single person cannot be isolated and abused. This is something that Henry Ford didn’t think of and work on. If he had connected with several countries and political leaders within America … then he could root out this Satanic Establishment from America.

Our Work Load – Security Perspective
Once our work begins … these are the different security spheres that I have to work on:

  • Family and Loved Ones. First, I need to secure my family and loved ones … from any kind of malice.
  • Company and Employees. I have not even started the work and people from my surrounding are being used for lies and negative activities. I have to monitor hundreds of employees … to keep an eye on spies and negative elements installed in the work … and to make sure everyone is on the right track.
  • US President. Our key person in the US will be the President himself. We have to continuously protect and help the President from the issues that the Establishment is creating for him … it might be Trump or Biden. Whoever it is … we have to help him.
  • American People. And then we have to make sure that we dodge all Establishment obstacles at a National level … so that, successful change can be brought about for the people.

Now, in all of these layers of works … there is no scope to manage Donor issues. If Donors come and tell me … “do this, do that … we have this issue and that issue” … there is absolutely no scope to manage Donor issues. That’s why we say … donate and walk away.

Firstly, you won’t be able to handle Establishment malice and secondly, even if issues come … it will be difficult for us to help you … because we will be over occupied. It is for the donor’s own good and for the good of the project that we have this policy.

If you want to know how your donation would be spent … then about 40% will be spent on me, my family and in the creation of real estate and businesses to provide long term support for our project. And about 60% of it will be used directly for the project. This is the information that I can give you, as of now. 

Can do great things together
We look for stable governments and entities that can donate for our project. And yes, we can work together … when we move our work in your countries. Once we start the work in America and accomplish it to some extent … we will be moving the work in other countries as well. If you are the leading government or political party from any country … then we would love to team up with you and work on revolutionizing your country. This cooperation is definitely possible and sought after.