Lockdowns and Trouble Makers

This page will be useful for Obamas and Trump. There are two major issues that you have to manage to start the work … lockdowns and trouble makers.

Yes, Russian Diplomatic Security is important for the work … but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the first step. We are in a pandemic right now … travel and working together around brickwalls is limited. And there is no change in the date for elections. Which means that … the work has to be done within the next 4 months, one way or the other.

Everything is open in Armenia … all businesses and shops … and it is a Russian ally. The work can begin from Armenia itself. As it is most businesses are operating online and we have to connect with American professionals in various fields to design the right strategies and their implementation. This can be done from Armenia, Russia, Turkey or Saudi Arabia … it doesn’t matter where we are working from … the work has to begin online.

Once the virus issue is over … hopefully by the end of this year … we will setup bigger teams that will work from concrete offices. So, don’t wait for me to travel to any country … or for any lockdown or travel restriction to be removed. Travel is not required at all. The work can begin immediately from Armenia itself. Once things open up … I will travel to put the Russian Diplomatic security in place and setup other bases.

Trouble Makers
The second issue that you will find in connecting with us and working with us is … trouble makers. There are a few people here … who are crazy for cash … and they are trying to exploit this scenario to derive commissions from this deal. I wrote about it here:


These get rich schemes were designed by the Iranians that used to live here. What happens is …

  • When you guys are about to get in touch with us … you give this information to your contacts here
  • This information is shared among other people here … that so and so date the contact is going to be made
  • And these “trouble makers” see that the contact is being made without them in the deal … which means a loss for them … they come into action trying to create a fake setup of sex or theft just the day before or on the same day to derail the deal
  • When your contacts come to know of this “sex or theft” setup … then they have no freaking idea what is going on or what to do … the deal gets derailed and an inquiry begins as to what happened
  • This turns into bullshit waste of time … where the work is derailed and we are busy doing inquiries of what happened.

This has been a repeated and cyclic problem since several months. Apart from working around lockdowns … you also need to manage the trouble makers here.

Let me give one example of what happened day before yesterday … so that you understand how total bullshit it is. Day before yesterday … in the evening, I put my clothes in the washing machine which in on the 3rd floor. I forgot about the clothes and I am busy doing other stuff.

The Lady Manager here … she is the one that designs and instructs these false setups. She saw that my clothes are there in the machine and I forgot to take out my clothes. She knew that I will go up late at night to take my clothes. Now, she is using the Iranian girl to create a false sex setup using this. She tells her to go and sit in front of me while I am having dinner.

I am wondering … why this Iranian girl is sitting in front of me and staring at me while I am having dinner? I asked her … “did you have dinner?” She says no … I gave her something to eat. After dinner … she doesn’t go up to her room … she sits there in the lobby … waiting for me to go up.

At about 12 … I am about to go to sleep and I remember that my clothes are there in the machine. Now, if I go up at 12 at night … I know that obviously some sex setup will be created. They had pulled this gimmick before. (The iron is upstairs … when I go up to iron my clothes … I am not ironing but I am having sex. Lol.) I generally do two rounds of the machine so that it cleans the clothes properly. So, I thought, lets just restart the machine and come back down … and I will take out the clothes in the morning. If I spend too much time upstairs … it becomes a perfect sex setup.

So, I just go up … restart the machine … and in the same minute … I am coming down and this Iranian girl is coming up the stairs. She sat there in the lobby till 12 at night … waiting for me to go up … and then follows me when I go up. I detected signals of a sex setup …

  • Firstly, you guys were giving signals that you will contact soon … so, I expected some false setup to happen.
  • Then this Iranian girl starts acting weirdly at the dining table
  • Then she sits there in the lobby waiting for me till the middle of the night
  • And then she immediately follows me when I go up

So, I gave an alert to keep on eye on this girl for sex setups … after I came down. The Lady Manager sees those alerts … she starts signaling to others that … “yes, they had sex … yes, they had sex”. Then I came to know that … she is the one who designed this … because:

  • How does she know what happened upstairs? She was sitting here on the first floor.
  • Was she in the room where we had sex? Did she see us having sex? On what basis, is she saying that we had sex?
  • She is saying that we had sex … because she is the one who designed this sex setup and told the Iranian girl to do all of this. That’s why she knows about it.
  • If you see the camera … yes, I went upstairs at around 12 at night but I also came down the very next minute. If the camera can show me going up … it should also show when I came down. The camera should also show that I took out the clothes in the morning yesterday.

What is this? This is a ridiculous waste of time. All I did was go upstairs to restart the washing machine … and on this one tiny thing … a false sex setup is being designed. And this Iranian girl is a poor girl … she will do whatever she is told and say whatever she is told to say … because she works for them. Instead of taking the work forward … we are sitting and deciphering stupid and ridiculous false setups.

I busted this sex setup even before it came into motion. Otherwise, they would use the Iranian girl for another false claim. Last time, they had used her to make a false claim of her phone being lost. She kept her phone on the 3rd floor and started yelling and shouting for her phone on the 1st floor in front of me.

These are the types of trouble makers that we are dealing with here. They give false and negative information to whoever comes here and try to use them in their get rich schemes. And if people are not cooperating … then they start fighting with them to get rid of them from here.

There is an old Iranian guy … they are threatening him not to get involved in all of this … because he doesn’t lie and he had busted their phone theft setup last time. He should not get involved in their malice and he should not be very supportive of me. He has family in Iran and he is being threatened.

There is a Jordanian family here. They are not lying or creating any false setups. They used one girl to create an ugly fight with them just to get rid of them from here. There is an Indian family here … they also don’t lie nor do they create false sex setups. The Lady Manager is giving them a tough time to get rid of them as well. They are literally crazy for cash … anyone who is not lying and speaking the truth … they are creating problems for them to get rid of them. The Lady Manager and the Lady with the Husband … both of them are constant trouble makers. Either they fill other’s minds with false and negative information … or sit and create false and negative setups.

To start the work … we have to manage two things … lockdowns and trouble makers.