Solution Play Big and Win

See … here’s the bottom line … we love you … we will fight for you and help you win. These are the 3 key elements that you have manage to get a win.

Element 01. Party Politics – Democrats and Republicans
This is as easy as tic tac toe. Biden doesn’t stand a chance against you … on his own he is nothing … but Establishment malice is getting him a lot of support. You have don’t have to worry about party politics … any politician can be easily hammered out.

Element 02. Establishment Malice
There are a hundred different types of malice that the Establishment can unleash. As of now, these are some of them working against you.

  • Anti-Trump Propaganda. This is the biggest issue that you have. This is what’s pushing away voters from Trump and building the support for Biden. People have zero enthu for Biden … he is not even making any speeches or conducting any rallies. But he is rising in polls. Why? Anti-Trump propaganda.
  • Coronavirus. The best tool that you had against the anti-Trump propaganda was jobs and economy. The damn Coronavirus was unleashed in such a way to destroy jobs and economy in America just months before the election. Owing to the virus you have 120K Americans dead, 40 million unemployed and trillions in economic losses.
  • Police Violence and DACA. These issues are being brought into the limelight just before the elections only to drive away voters from Trump and build support for Biden.
  • Bolton’s Book. There has been a long line of backstabbers from the Trump Administration that the Establishment pays to flip and write books against you.

If you see all of these issues … then it has Establishment written all over it. Each and every issue has Establishment involvement in it. Just hammering Biden is not enough to win the election. If you don’t hammer out Establishment malice then Biden gets unexpected support … because you are overlooking another element that is continuously working on pulling away your votes.

Element 03. Silent Majority
The best entity that hammers the Establishment and Party Politics is the SM Network. This network is basically the country. What SM is asking is … what is Trump doing for America? SM’s interest is taking America into a new era.

What you are saying is that … “we will rebuild America … we will get the jobs and economy back … we will go back to as things were in 2019”. But nobody wants to go back to 2019 … 2019 is what nobody wanted. You were given the power to change America and take America into a new era. Just getting rid of Corona and getting back the jobs is not good enough … any Tom, Dick and Harry will do that. You are a New Era President … your primary responsibility is to take America into a New Era … this is what you were chosen for.

I have to pull SM Groups in your favor … I have to show Trump as the People’s Champion. I am already promoting you as a New Era President … I also have to show New Era policies and systems for the country as well.

Solution … Play Big and Win
That’s why we are telling you … the solution is to … play big and win. If you understand the systemic reforms that are needed in America … at least in the fields of … infrastructure, manufacturing, industries and the media … this is more than enough for you to be a phenomenal leader.

And this is more than enough to activate SM Groups in your favor. They already support you to a good extent … but we have to show some key changes in the country. Coronavirus was the “third deadly disease” unleashed towards America. It came after Ebola and Zika. Corona was a complete massacre … of the economy, 120K American lives and 40 million jobs. We let the Establishment off with Corona … then will come Bolona … and then Solona … and then Golona. Why are we allowing continuous massacre of America?

First it was 20 years of loot via the War on Terror … then we had Collusion, Mueller, Impeachment and Corona. Where is the good for America in all of this? All of these are Establishment activities … this is the key reason why we are bringing Establishment independent candidates in the White House … who will change America … so that the Establishment does not have such a disastrous influence in the country. That’s the key reason for making Trump the President.

Configurations to move forward
The best I can do is … give you configurations to move forward. Moving America Forward is the SM Network’s top most priority. You can do it in any of the 3 ways.

  • Trump creates new systems. If you don’t want to break Establishment monopoly in any sphere then you don’t have to do it. At least, you can setup new systems to boost manufacturing, industries and create new plans for infrastructure. This can easily be done without touching the Establishment. Even if you do this … full SM support can be given to you.
  • Democrats lead in breaking monopoly. Democrats can do the ground work of breaking Establishment monopoly and once they build the momentum and have the votes for the same … you just nod along. Its easy … the whole responsibility falls on Dems.
  • Support from the top. If you want to do none of the above two … then let Democrats do both of these activities and you provide support from the top. Let them do all of the ground work. We have to show some key role that you are playing to change America and take America Forward.

We can show your leadership in all of these three configurations. We have to show some concrete plan so that SM Groups can align behind one candidate.

Trump already showing all of the needed skillsets
Its great that President Trump is already showing all of the needed skillsets to take America Forward. But one term is already almost over … its high time to put the skills to use.